Dark Forces: The Day the SAS Visited Me

Rixon Stewart — May 4, 2016

The writer shortly after the encounter. Click to enlarge

The writer shortly after the encounter.

This website is a one-man operation run from a small town in southern Scotland. In fact with a population numbering little more than 1,500 it is hardly even a town, more like a big village.
As a result it doesn’t have any Internet cafes or public venues where wifi is readily available. It’s also three-quarters of an hour from the next big town with a sizable population and more than an hour from Edinburgh.
In short it’s rural and fairly isolated. That’s why I choose to live here but this does have its drawbacks.
Of course the upside is that life here is very quiet and I can focus on what I want to focus on with little in the way of distraction. Moreover, if I want bright lights and pretty girls Edinburgh is little more than an hour away.
As with everything else in life there is a downside to this and I’m feeling it particularly right now.
My Internet access went on Tuesday morning. I don’t think that this is a consequence of shadowy agencies trying to restrict my access to the web. Rather I think that this is a genuine technical glitch, although if this happens again I might not be so assured.
Make no mistake: if they had their way the powers that be would silence me – by whatever means necessary. I’m under no illusion about that.
I know because I’ve come under their scrutiny before. In late 2000 I published a small periodical featuring news and views that I felt the corporate media were deliberately avoiding. This was before the Internet became as pervasive as it is today.
Although it had a relatively small readership the publication had an impact beyond its few thousand readers. Amongst other things it featured Richard Tomlinson’s sworn affidavit on Princess Diana’s murder and an examination of what the corporate media was avoiding in its coverage of Stephen Lawrence’s murder trial.
I had expected the attention of the powers that be and it wasn’t long in coming. I was living in Wiltshire at the time and while preparing the fourth issue of the Truth Seeker periodical I heard a knock at my front door.
Now I served in the Rhodesian Army Special Forces during the height of the war there. So I am familiar, personally and almost intuitively, with the sort of men who end up serving in Special Forces.
In the past few decades British Intelligence have employed ex-SAS men to do their dirty work. This may have involved reconnaissance, surveillance or outright assassination but whatever it is the authorities want a veil of secrecy drawn over it; together with an air of plausible deniability.
As the main focus of their attention are law-abiding citizens, they are forced to work in the shadows because to maintain their power the authorities now have to resort to what is essentially criminal activity.
So apart from former Special Forces members, criminals are often employed so that the authorities can credibly deny involvement; even though they’ve been orchestrating events from behind the scenes. So murders and assassinations are conducted in the guise of random crime or accidents or, a favourite modus operandi of theirs, suicide.
The guy who pitched upon my doorstep wasn’t on a lethal mission, however. He was an ex-Special Forces man on a simple reconnaissance mission; I could almost smell it. Slightly below average height but very fit looking, smart but casually dressed, he looked the way my mates and I did on a night out in Salisbury, now Harare, over thirty years ago.
It didn’t strike me immediately but as he walked away from what he said was the “wrong address” he’d been given it began to dawn on me. Although I couldn’t put my finger on it there was something strangely familiar about this guy.
Fortunately for me he was on a simple reconnaissance mission; but had he encountered what he was looking for and a hit team may have followed. What he discovered though completely threw him but that, as they say is another story, which can wait for some other time.
Let’s just say that our unseen friends – the REAL POWERS BE – were watching over me that day.
All of which brings me back to the Broadband problem, which will be attended to early next week. Or so I’ve been told.
So until then updates to the website will not be as timely or as frequent. That’s because each time I want to update the website or even just check the Internet I have to walk a mile, there and back, as I don’t have a car.
That’s no hard task, particularly in early spring, but it means that things move at a slightly more pedestrian pace.
So apart from asking regular visitors to the website for patience, I would also ask contributing writers to bear with me. Rest assured that all contributions will be assessed in due course. However, given my fitful access to the web this might just take a little longer than usual.
I would also ask the same of those who regularly forward articles they’ve come across on the web.
Hopefully the problem will soon be resolved. Until then I just ask for a little patience. Ed.

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