Bringing the Extremes into the Middle

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

I tell myself I’m not going to write anything today. I’ll take the day off …but this is what I do with my days. If I take the day off then that’s probably what I will do for recreation. It’s important to me to communicate with you because I’m always being communicated with and it has to go somewhere if I start to overflow. This relationship of mine isn’t easy a lot of the time. I keep forgetting my main focus because my main focus keeps focusing me outward when it shows me the things it wants me to see and I wind up riding the phenomenal wind until I get back to where I was again.

It seems like that is the main problem for any of us who are trying to be present in the presence. We get six kinds of creative in ten different directions and often forget that we need to keep our minds on the source or we go flying out with the water. It’s like dancing and celebrating the power that commands us to be free and we get a little detached from the vibration that found its way into the drums and sooner or later the drums will stop but the vibration that set them vibrating won’t.

I wasn’t happy about something today because I thought I hadn’t done enough to make it happen, as if it were up to me. I asked my angel if there wasn’t something I could do about it and she told me I could ask directly because whatever I asked her only meant she was going to the same place that controls everything that happens. I was cleaning the toilet at the time; the fact that what I heard, came to me as a surprise, was a surprise. I keep catching myself at this, over and over again. I set out to make something happen and it isn’t up to me. You would think I would know by now and I do but I don’t. I do but I don’t.

Sometimes when I am trying to explain something I have to use illustrations and language that doesn’t sit well with button down, dogmatic types. They must get something out of coming here but then I go foul of St. Paul and don’t bend over for the church, as if what I really need to do is please them, which would actually put me in the position I am about to mention. The beauty of the truth, in those rare moments when I have some relationship to it, which allows it to appear here is… it makes sense to everyone; buttoned down or dancing naked before a bonfire or showing up by what appears to be an accident and running right into it.

I notice that my relationship to the divine puts me in a sort of surrendered state that is probably a lot like a submissive bottom as I understand it in the sexual end of it. This has its counterparts mentally and emotionally and all the parts fit but no matter how you sort it out, you are under it. This makes me wonder about a lot of things because I am pretty sure the divine is not far off, no matter how one may be trying to give up, let go or put themselves into a position where they have no say in the matter. Now, without even saying it, I can feel button down minds trying to run away from it, as if there were any other option than to become a slave to it or beg it to write on your metaphorical or actual ass… “Property of it”.

Whenever I find myself being free about trying to explain something and wandering into what button down minds consider dark territory, I can sense the curiosity and speculation that makes some wonder if visible is into some dark shit. This comes from separating the parts of one’s self and immediately assuming that everyone else has to be just as separated which means they are practicing it. No, what that means, regardless, is that button down minds are already thinking of it. This is why captains of industry and lawyers in suits find themselves under the whip of a dominatrix or dominator, whose purpose is to effect release and anyone who is seeking to blot out their own resistance to the omnipresent, controlling force can pretty much understand that …without the necessity of getting into it… like that. Not many people watching someone jump off a cliff say to themselves, “Hmmm, I wonder what that feels like?”

That’s actually not a good example for the point I want to make. What I am trying to say is that, no matter what you are doing or into, the divine is right there waiting for you to name it as the one who is doing whatever you put yourself into the position to be receiving and the whole thing will suddenly transform into an unexpected serendipity. It doesn’t matter where or how you are looking for the divine. What matters is that that is who you are looking for. In other words, it is only us that define anything as good or bad because seeking the divine under any circumstances is good and not seeking the divine in every circumstance is bad.

What I am trying to say is that everything everyone does is an effort to reach the divine. The Zionists and others who torment and murder people are trying to reach the divine, they just don’t know it or their hatred intends to outrage it according to their understanding of how it reacts or does not seem to react. There are those who cause one horror after another to prove to themselves that the divine does not exist which is also an effort to reach the divine if you think about it.

You can think of the divine as a kind of brimming mirror- brimming with force- although we would be the mirror in reality because it is original force. Either you do mirror it or you do not but whatever you bring before it is judged and processed according to the variation between the truth of yourself and whatever is concealing it and whatever is concealing it has to be acts of some order that depart from the clear mirror imaging. This is why the judgment of the divine is impartial. It knows its own and none of what stands between it and its own. If something is hidden, it is hidden by us. It sees through everything because it does not recognize anything but the essence of what we are. This is a partial explanation of our suffering as we seek a reunion. It is not that the divine is indifferent to our suffering but that it knows the immortality of our being as part of it and our suffering is a personal affirmation, on our part, of the same understanding.

Do I actually ‘know’ anything I am writing down here now? I do not. Do I know what I am going to write beforehand? I do not. How can that be defensible or logical? The only means I possess to determine that is in whatever resonance occurs in the reader and then… and then, the automatic nature of delivery is vindicated if it strikes a chord and we together vibrate like sympathetic strings.

As I have said, everyone is seeking the divine but… the conditions you find it under and the reflex action that follows can be terrible beyond my capacity to communicate, because the judgment of your state is placed in your own merciless hands. If you think this is hyperbole then look at what you see happen in the world around you and remember that lives can be infinite depending on the ignorance that fuels them. It’s not an accident that these efforts are unfunded and free of solicitation, besides a means to donate. It is not an accident that this effort continues, without apparent mediums of support. What it is, is a point being made, which should inspire whatever reader gets it, to incorporate it into their own schematic of action in the world of their moment of being and give yourself away and you will get back a much better version. It is useful to know that the weight of time exists in direct proportion to ones indifference or unconsciousness of their freedom to ‘be’. This might be why you are working at the Motor Vehicle Department.

Everyone is familiar with people crying out “Oh God!” during the sexual act. I bring this up because the hungers are preeminent now under the pressing hand of the material world. Pressure creates heat. Anyone in any state of sexual bondage or slave-master interplay can immediately recognize their master and escape should they wish to. It may not come in an immediate way but it will predominate in you with each overwhelming escapade. I say these things because I have some idea of the human heart and imagination as it wars with itself between renunciation and depravity. I don’t need to bring up Rasputin or examples you may have never heard of. I ask you only to look at your own propensities and natural disposition of positioning of self in relation to what you visit upon yourself through the medium of others. These are easy things to demonstrate and indicate the wide range of the divine’s presence in the thick of it.

The button down mind believes in a Velveeta Jesus or some Balm of Gilead that spreads on the bread of life and tastes like some forbidden act. It’s no surprise that the taste is familiar. It doesn’t get the real meaning of the ‘publicans and sinners’ and those called ‘whores’. Those who demean women in these positions will soon be thrusting up in tired mimicry from some anonymous floor. I use the words I use advisedly as allegorical presentations of things I hope will free you from these possibilities but these things are not in my hands, they are in yours and if you are buttoned down then probably so is something else as well

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