“Helmand Afghans Want To Be Governed By Taliban” says the BBC News (in a moment Of madness?)

Kevin Boyle — Aug 1, 2010

Top story on the BBC news tonight (30th July 2010)was from Nad-e-Ali in Afghanistan’s Helmand province.
It was about the British Army’s surge to clear this area of Taliban.
There was much talk about difficulties and where this new initiative falls relative to overall coalition strategy, but the astonishing part of the report came when the reporter interviewed a large group of local shopkeepers.
The reporter’s voice-over reported content as the shopkeepers’ spokeman delivered his opinions.
“This man says that the problems should be addressed by negotiation, not war. When I asked the group who they would like to be responsible for running this area they answered, to a man, Taliban.”
When I saw this report on the 6 ‘O’ Clock News I was astonished that these words had made it past the editor.
At 10 p.m. there was (surprisingly) the same report, in full, again.
The thing that made this breathtaking was the knowledge that the BBC is so often, indeed almost invariably, a mouthpiece for government propaganda and lies.
Credit where credit is due.
Fair play the BBC News!
For once.
Miracles never cease.
Mind you there, in a word (from the horses’ mouth, as it were), is the reality on the ground. A reality that demolishes most of the government’s endless witterings about the War in Afghanistan……the improvements we’re making in the economy, the increase in education prospects for girls etc., etc.
The people we are protecting from the Taliban and their tyrannical Islamic agenda…..
Let nobody say again that this war has ANYTHING to do with the wellbeing of the Afghan people.
Michael Hoffman talks about us living through the age of The revelation of the method, an occult methodology whereby the outrageous truth is allowed to be put before an astonished world in order to deepen our despair and sense of helplessness. Most who see the truth either don’t care or simply refuse to believe it and there are too few of the (disorganised) rest to do anything to effectively challenge the criminal power.
This may well be true.
Anyone who wants to understand the crime of 9/11, for instance, can go to the evidence and see through the provable lies very easily.
There is also the possibility that reporting a fact that is very damaging to an official narrative adds real credibility to the next bunch of lies to be sold to the masses.
However, let us applaud reporters when they really do their jobs properly.
If they behaved in this way always, the fact that the war will continue would be our fault alone and not theirs.

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