It’s just a lot of Bad Feng Shui

Reflections in a Petri Dish — April 28, 2016

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
It just keeps on coming, as opposed to the other use of that word where ‘o’ becomes ‘u’ (pun intended). I have wondered on occasion whether I am intolerant but… that is impossible because I tolerate myself (so that you don’t have to- grin). If I can tolerate myself, I can tolerate just about anything. Some people might think that I am sick and twisted but that is usually some kind of long distance lack of t’ai chi, reverse feng shui, that results in conclusions reached with little data; just like the big corporations use and usually a lack of data allows whoever is behind the skewered survey to come up with whatever results they were after to begin with, or… am I not hitting the nail right on the head? Of course, they create whatever data they were after in the first place.
Dr. Makow and I have been on opposite sides of certain things now and again but one thing you can’t fault him for, he is clearly transparent about where he is coming from and he cares deeply about what he has to say and he has all the courage in the world about that, as evidenced here. One thing I will say about Henry is that he is always gracious in our private exchanges; willing to let bygones be bygones. To me, that is the mark of a real man so… though we differ on occasion, we always kiss and make up; metaphorically speaking, which is more than I can say for Jeff Rense who doesn’t even have the class to tell you what is… or appears to be wrong in the first place.
The more I have to deal with the so called, alternative media, the more I smell the sulfur of George Soros all over the place, like the fewmets of Shere Khan hunting Mowgli. I suspect tigers in the underbrush these days. It’s like the whole planet has been changed into the Sundarbans. For awhile there was this confusion about how the tigers had developed a taste for human flesh at a certain point and then they discovered that during some of those terrific cyclones that hit India and other places in the East; many… many bodies washed up in the swamps of the Sundarban; free meat and all that.
This sexual revolution that is going on and which targets and earmarks ridiculous percentages of the population for ‘more than equal’ status, is getting sicker than the lifestyles that they are promoting, the way Coca Cola sells battery contact cleansers and McDonald’s sells pink slime. There is no way that this kind of a manufactured revolution serves the larger public at all. Now… another Soros financed revolution is taking place in the area of abortion. There was a big headline in the mass media about Poland and The Coat Hanger Revolution and now that just disappeared, to be replaced by one about Italy. It is being made to look like the Catholic Church is on one side and all the freedom loving dim witted chicks who never heard about condoms are on the other, along with their cro-magnon boyfriends who insist on the right to impregnation as a statement of ownership of something or other. I can’t really say what it is they are after owning, since they are not even in possession of their own minds but… I digress.
I am no fan of the Catholic Church.
I hate to have to restate, over and over that I have nothing against alternative persuasions of sexual expression. We all go through these things in our spiritual infancy as we seek to express affection for literally anything, on our road to self discovery. Everyone goes through this in one lifetime or another. It is part of our journey to the secret heart of all things. There are ironies in abundance that accompany all of these things. Some people get into making love to the dead. In my experience, I often wished I had jumper cables for the living, if that is what they call themselves.
One doesn’t get very far in life by getting caught up in judgments about how others choose to express themselves. The way I see it, we’ve all been there once or twice. I like to think of life as a spiral staircase. One should never piss over the railing because they are pissing on themselves as they were. You could get sent to the back of the line for that.
It is only when these things become political that I start caring about these things. In Henry’s article he makes some very good points and I am in absolute solidarity with him about them. It is the same communism that killed tens of millions of Russians that is seeking to claim this land we are on. I will not suffer communism period, nor any of the Max Headroom exponents like Bernie Zio Sanders of the same and for some reason this is all a Tribe construct. It was then and it is now. Lie to yourself if you want to. Hide your head in the sand. Pretend to be indifferent or ignorant. Sometimes that worked with the Khmer Rouge but usually not as per The Killing Fields.
The unfortunate truth about materialism is that it makes people ever more increasingly stupid and unaware. I just have to have that new microwave blender that mulches everything into a puree and then turns into a waiter that serves me at my dining room table and takes me to bed after I’ve had enough cocktails to put me in the mood. I think most of that happens after you fall asleep; not that the majority of us were awake to begin with.
The problem is that ‘they’ are on both sides of the equation with their Hegelian sideswipe. It’s like falling asleep at the wheel and then waking up and trying to steer out of it and finding yourself on two wheels. It doesn’t always turn out well.
They engineered the Occupy movement in the first place because it was only a matter of time before the public would revolt and they closed it down the same way. It never existed in the first place and now it is no longer around and Goldman Sachs is still rooting for truffles, lives, souls… who cares?
Actually, I care. I care deeply because I have to live in the mix and the more it goes off the road the more all of us suffer the consequences. We are all in this together, whether we like it or not. To use John Donne’s phrase, “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.” Whatever impacts on another, in some way, also affects me because I am in the midst of it. I have to live with it. I have to live with you, however apart we are, we are in unison because there is only one mind and we all share in that.
My friends, we serve wherever we might be. We hold the candle that makes the darkness back off. We do not have a candle if we are serving the force of our own servitude. Thomas Paine was one of the greatest lights of the revolution but once the revolution was accomplished, in some sort of an agreement with the English banks that it looked like we had become free of (bullshit), Paine was marginalized and sent on his way. Under no circumstances are those who brought us there allowed to continue once the whole thing gets compromised.
I suggest reading biographies. There is a reason for this. Read about Voltaire, Montaigne, Montesquieu and others. They had a lot more to do with the American Revolution than the ones you think did. There was a reason Benjamin Franklin spent so much time in France and it wasn’t just the easy women. The things that happen in a larger sense take a great deal of preparation; as far as the ineffable is concerned. It may look like it happens out of nowhere or all of a sudden but… it does not.
What is happening now has been in the planning stages for awhile. Whether we let it happen is up to us. First they tell you where to go to the bathroom and who with… and then they tell you whether you can go to the bathroom at all. Sooner or later you have to go somewhere and then they arrest you for public exposure. Wake up!!!
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