The Clock Is Ticking (on the western money-as-debt system)

Moeen Yaseen has been doing great work with Global Vision 2000 since he founded it.

Below is a short but absolutely fascinating talk given at a recent Global Vision conference by Muhammad Rafeeq, a banking consultant, who addresses the moral as well as political consequences of our money-creation system.

He tells of the Turkish government’s efforts to introduce money into the Turkish economy by spending rather than debt i.e. creating the money themselves rather than borrowing it (before introducing it into the economy) and the consequence of this attempted initiative…….the promise of a military coup from a majority delegation of generals of the Turkish army.

Britain created over 80 of the world’s central banks and the exchange rates between these currencies are decided in London.

This system gifts monstrous power to London.

Here, within these mechanisms, operates the heart and mind of the beast.

The City of London/Wall Street/European Central Banks dominate all, so it should come as no surprise that this is the coalition that our young people are sent to fight and die for.

It is fascinating and a bit scary to understand the threat that may be about to emerge as a challenge to the western money-lending monster (this issue arises towards the end of the talk).

Is quelling and neutralising this threat what all the lying, psychopathic, lunatic aggression (we see from the US/UK/Israel war machine) is all about?

……because the bottom line is obvious. In our venal, dumbed-down, unspiritual, reckless world, whoever controls the money controls everything else (or, at least, think they do).

However, one look at the the Government Revenue/Debt ratio for ourselves (about the same as Greece’s, 8:1) and the USA (about 16:1) and the whole house starts to look extremely unstable. J.P. Morgan’s Derivatives/capital ratio runs at a staggering 2000:1

Is this system ****ed or isn’t it?

End floating exchange rates, establish a global minimum wage as the basis of foreign exchange……fraudulent government statistics exposed…..the utter shiftiness and obsessive secrecy associated with the Bank of England……..and more besides……

……much food for thought here:

Perspectives of Moral Political Economy – Muhammad Rafeeq – Global Vision 2000

Video Part I

Video Part II

Video Part III


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