West Complicit in Saudi Rape of Yemen

henrymakow.com — April 26, 2016

(Above: Fatima Noman 17, begs the world to take notice of the travesty taking place in Yemen)
More than 8,900 people have died in the year-long Western-backed Saudi onslaught against Yemen which is motivated by a desire to control a new oil route and acquire Yemen’s riches. Western complicity is another example of its moral bankruptcy, greed and hypocrisy.

Saudi Arabia’s Slaughter Of Yemen Fueled By Oil Interests Not Democracy

by Catherine Shakdam — (abridged by henrymakow.com) 

By continuing to sell weapons to a known violator that has done little to curtail its abuses, the US, UK, Canada, Israel and France risk being complicit in unlawful civilian deaths.
Over 8,900 Yemenis have died in the onslaught, according to Sheba Rights.
Schools, electric grids, water towers, factories, hospitals, cultural heritage sites, NGOs, and residential areas have been levelled by the fury dispensed by Riyadh, earmarked for destruction so Yemenis would be made to suffer absolute destitution.
Adding insult to injuries, Riyadh arranged for Yemen to be completely sealed off from the rest of the world — an isolated political pariah which had to be broken and starved before being allowed back into the kingdom’s fold as a pliable vassal of the House of Saud.
Dr. Riaz Karim, the director of the Mona Relief Organization, one of the very few truly independent NGOs based in Yemen, attested to the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Yemen as a result of Riyadh’s aggression.
“Yemen is a veritable humanitarian black hole. I have witnessed firsthand the destruction and the despair civilians have been put through under al-Saud’s draconian siege,” Karim told MintPress News. “Hospitals have long run out of medicine — no antibiotics, no anaesthetic, no pain relief in any form.”



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