Maybe they are Right, Despite the Evidence, Is that True?

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I guess I’m hopeful that I can play a role in things that have to happen in concert with other writers and human beings, working in one area or another who have the courage to say it, that some things need to fall apart. I think there needs to be a free will effort that works with cosmic force that is moving to create the state, where the institutions and systems lose their hold on the lies that keep them together because the power they’ve employed is going to be withdrawn. It’s a borrowed power that has made it possible for the period in which the progression of a particular temporal template went from wherever it started, into this total corruption that requires it to be changed. This is a cyclic thing that repeats in patterns from age to age.

I’ll digress for awhile. Yesterday I was feeling this intensity. It got a little strange, I had already been feeling the intensity to leave the house and I would start to sing. It developed into this tale about the world I was in and began defining the environment and conditions taking place here and how I was sitting a small park and being free and didn’t care about anything around me, except for being free in the midst of the human struggle to acquire and hold all they had to work to have which was somehow going to make them free and how these things confined them and made them fearful and suspicious about their property. It was about how they worked to be independent for when they were old and how they spent their force in bondage so that there was little left, for them to express whatever they thought they might say or do when their freedom came at last.

I was singing about how when that happened, all they could do was to change the way they spent their time, inside their mental cage and how freedom doesn’t come unless you risk your false ambitions to find something real inside and look for some way to express it and all the dangers that might entail, looking for something you couldn’t see and hope it might be found and I’m not the only one who can tell you, that not only is it there, but unless you set out after it you are going have that empty life, that is precisely what surrounds you and I hope you are okay with that. The song just went on the whole day. I had to keep leaving the house and I was back and forth on the streets and at a park bench or an outdoor pub. I might sing a little lower there but it would continue about what I saw and how that would relate to what else might be possible. There would be parts about why I was free and didn’t have any of the things the people around me had and how I was smiling and looked drunk or mad and the people watching were thinking maybe thinking something like this and none of them were smiling on the streets or in the pubs. I don’t really get drunk but you may be certain I am mad. I wasn’t loud or anything but you hear me as I went by. I was singing in English and they are German, except for the Christians from the Jantz Team missionary group. There are hundreds of them around and some other groups too.

They live on either side of my house in apartments that they rent from the tenants. For some reason, none of them, at any location, ever speak to me but they know I’m there, given the singing to myself in the streets or certain occasional behavior of a public nature that I have to demonstrate because I am damn well not going to let this shit confine me. It appears they think I work for the devil. That’s the impression I get. It must be because I am rich and prosperous I guess. It’s funny because my freedom to be singing and smiling is supposed to be an expression of the one they follow, right? I sing about that too

At some point I went down into the garden at the back of the house and I sat on the veranda of the unrented apartment there and I started singing about Christianity and Jesus Christ and that led to the conflicts in the message and all the things that went down through the centuries into present time and the millions dead Iraqis and everything else and insane hypocrisies that justified it all and the actual connection that some people, outside any of these systems found, that made it possible to speak the truth about what most people couldn’t see. That got very esoteric. It blew my mind and for some reason, I didn’t think about the Christians on either side until around then. This is a whole new development that been coming for a few days, when I began to be compelled to go out of the house at all hours, even late at night, to this little park a short distance away. No one’s ever on the benches but people with dogs sometimes walk by. The singing is a usual thing, so that was already happening, but it didn’t jump into this new thing until yesterday. It’s freaky and amazing to me the way it captures all the inconsistencies in this existence and I can’t really present all ways that it interplays with so many things.

This experience was amazing for me, because even though I am naturally extemporaneous for some time now and have done this in a more limited way, I have never had things like what is in the blogs and even things I hadn’t seen before just leap full blown into rhyme and express the seen and the unseen and a lot of the mysteries between the two and well, maybe you can imagine. This just went on until I had to go to bed and it was hard to stop it but I did achieve it long enough to fall asleep and Susanne said I was singing a number of times in the night, I guess when it briefly surfaced from a dream. It’s not forcing me right now but I can tell it’s just waiting me to finish this and fly out the door, even though its raining, there will somewhere to go and it’s really difficult to write this because it keeps wanting employ a rhyme or changing rhythms in the words and I have to work against it cause it wants to go back into what it was which is the same thing as this but different in certain ways, that do not serve the intention of this posting because it isn’t about this except I will certainly begin to record and apply it to what the first paragraph says.

The one thing that was glaring to me is the wide differential between myself and everyone around me here in the way I am in such a good mood and singing and sometimes, if there is a rare public event with music, I might start to dance and you can imagine the reaction but nothing hostile, just surprise. Susanne’s mother is from one of the more prominent families here so everyone knows what my connection is. The difference is profound in the sense that everyone here has spent their time in acquisition of the things of this world and in submission to the force of it and I have been mostly in unfortunate intentional and accidental conflict with its blanketing power to suppress the freedom it promises to offer but doesn’t let you freely express, except in the kind of way people do inside the limitations of what they accept to keep their stable face. There’s a difference between us somehow. That’s a kind of living proof, that you have to take the risk and one way or another, life will reward you with the ability to live outside of the repression of everything else.

All through my time here, I run into people and they will tell me about some problem or something they want and I’ll say here’s what you do and it’s provable even in the explanation, it’s what I do. There is no doubting it is possible, once it’s been explained and there are even certain practices I might give them and tell them to do, simple adjustments in attitude or awareness. No one ever does it from what I can see. There’s only one thing I talk about in my encounters, which has to do with the relationship between anyone in the world, what they get here and the varieties of opportunity for some passage into something else. No matter how the conversation starts, that is always where it goes. People, in one way or another, do not want to hear it, even when all their arguments fall flat against, so I tend to keep to myself. That’s fine, I’m not the one who’s lonely or unhappy or whatever the problem is and there is always a problem. Why aren’t they satisfied and showing it otherwise?

I should get to what I want to say before I run out of space. Things have been happening to me that are more and more startling and that is saying something, given what that takes to surprise me anyway. I know it has something to do with what’s coming and its impact on all of us in different ways and I get the sense that everyone who is working for positive change is going be experiencing something like this and that this is a partnership between us and the universe and it helps somehow that we are sharing in the effort. There’s not that many of us. I think our greatest way of helping is in reaching other souls who might be inclined in their own way to join and conspire to do the same and something exponential could add to what’s coming anyway.

It could be that our personal destinies are improved by doing this and I tend to think, 100%, that this is true. It’s also time to speak courageously and directly about the oppression and control of the world’s people by the forces in concert with the Zionist Jews and those that serve and assist them and whoever else is in it too and call them for what they are and tell the proven truth, about transparent lies concerning fictitious exclusivity and events and not be in fear of the consequences when the truth is evident. We need to publicly demand that no politicians anywhere be elected who supports Israel, period, and declare who owns the media and what that means and how they came into control of that and everything else by controlling the money and printing it and providing it to themselves and then loaning it out to everyone else to control what they have and what they do and then playing with the financial system to destroy the value of their efforts and properties to control and enslave them. This is what they do.

It’s time to take this slur of anti-Semitism and say it’s a badge of honor and say that at least you’re not a slave to their obvious lies and only a fool or a coward cares what anyone calls them, when you can prove the truth that you don’t care what they pretend they are, you just care about what they do …and that they are not Semitic anyway that the Palestinians are the original inhabitants of the land and that the DNA tests prove it so call me what you like and that power is on the way to being turned against them and nail them on what is provably true and write and sing and say it, because what use is your life anyway, if you live in subjugation to them? Is it going to improve for you? Is that their intention? That’s not what they do. Look at what is inescapably evident and tell yourself the truth. It gets very clear, very quick what is really going on, when you take the time to look.

I’ve seen some people lately who say it. They probably don’t know why. There’s been Mel Gibson, Helen Thomas, Oliver Stone and others and then they apologize. That’s a cringing cowards way to sell your ass to protect some employment, or whatever you think you might lose. Some of these people quit their positions or were forced out regardless and still apologized when what they said was true. I don’t even have to prove it but I damn well can. It’s demonstrably evident and time and destiny have got your back. Is this what you want to see about yourself? Do you want to see that you defended a lie whose intention was to destroy you? What are you saying? “Kill me anyway but let me provide you some cover when you do”? Isn’t this getting through? Is your life worth living in any case?

This gets back to the rotating cycle of slavery to forces that seem to rule the temporary world. It gets back to that Christian thing where they talk about who they serve and then make some deal with the world to pretend to be an example of someone who spoke against this very same thing. Ask yourself what you believe in and whether this actually means anything. Ask yourself if your integrity and honor are worth sacrificing to survive under the heel of your oppressor so that you can stay alive? Is it really in their hands?

Is there some kind of arrangement that guarantees that you are going to get eternal life if you spend this one on your knees, before the one’s who do not have the power to grant it, whether it exists or not? Do you hire a burglar to protect your house? I look at the multitude of obvious, in your face, realities that are all examples against every argument that is used to defend your cowardice and lack of faith in yourself and what is supposed to be motivating you. I can prove it from any perspective. I can explain your condition in respect of everything and have you agree it’s absolutely so. If you’re not asleep then what must you be thinking? You deny the truth to save your life? Why do you die in their wars? You want to be free? Why do you deny your right to express it? What the fuck is wrong with you? There are centuries of examples. This tiny group of whatever they are has been thrown out of every country for the same reasons. Was this all a mistake?

Who caused the Bolshevik revolution? Who killed so many Russians?” Who declared war on Germany because he did something about their money? Who controls the banks and politicians? Who finances all the wars for economic profit? Are there other forces too? Then call them on it. Don’t work for them. Don’t vote for them. Don’t pay taxes. They use that money against you. What the fuck is wrong with you? Their system cannot work without your compliance. They cannot exist without your support. Don’t give them another dime. How many of you have lost your jobs and homes for no reason except so that they could squeeze all that was left in you into more obscene profits? How much do they need? That isn’t the point is it?

Is this in question? Is this something else? Are really secret puppet masters controlling them from some unknown sphere? Does that matter? Shouldn’t you start right here with the ones you can see, if that is true? Won’t that affect the puppet masters? What the fuck is wrong with you? Well maybe you don’t think there’s a benevolent creator that controls all the power and maybe you don’t know that this whole thing is a test to see what you will do, to see if you have the courage and conviction, to challenge this charade in order to realize that you have to prove you deserve the freedom by risking seeming dangers that might appear, when you look past the appearances and actually check and see. What if nothing is outside it or inside you? What if this is all an accident? At least you know …and dead and gone or free at last, is it really worth the price to have lived as if you didn’t live and never even try? What the fuck is wrong with you? You bring me to tears on occasion. Sometimes I have to go somewhere and do just that. I have to go and weep that I live around all of you. You serve the thing that mocks you and no matter what it’s up to you.

You had better start speaking out. You had better stop cooperating. You had better start acknowledging what you take so much trouble to hide from yourself that it is ridiculous; and you can’t see it? Are you smiling about some private understanding that makes you want to dance or sing? Do you laugh without reason? Have you made a connection with something inside you that compels you to express a behavior and awareness that is ignored by most of the people around you?” Is part of you missing because you shut is out? It must have been telling you something you didn’t want to hear. I wonder what that might have been. You had better get a clue.

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