Iran preps for war games

Iran will test some of its air force fighter jets in night missions and use reconnaissance drones for the first time in upcoming war games, officials said.

Iranian air force Lt. Cmdr. Mohamma Alavi told the semiofficial Fars News Agency that forces deployed at air bases in Tehran, Bushehr, Isfahan and several other cities were to take part in war games during a 7-day period starting Saturday.

“The drills will for the first time include overnight bombing exercises by F-4 Phantom fighter jets and Sukhoi 24,” the commander said.

Plans include the first test flight of Iranian reconnaissance drones, he added. More than 40 types of military aircraft are expected to take part in the drills.

In early July, Iranian pilots tested a renovated MiG-29 at an airbase in the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz where it sat idled for several years.

Alavi said pilots would conduct night bombing raids during the weeklong drill and unveil a new series of air-to-surface weapons.

The Iranian military during war games launched off the southern coast of Iran in May tested two medium-range cruise missiles