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Here we are at Origami, ostensibly for something spiritual. Then again, everything is spiritual isn’t it? Well, it is and it isn’t which is why I have a problem with absolutist and relativist and any ist or ist not (grin) because nothing anyone says is exactly what it is. What is is beyond the possibility of words to define. Anyone who doesn’t know that is trapped at a certain level. Until they do so the best thing is just to accept that and adapt because sooner or later you are going to have to accept that because that’s what you find out when you realize you can’t move any further and are willing to let go of the vanity and ego of words that are used to define the world according to your personal limitations which are no different from anyone else’s in being incomplete.

The key point is not to be trapped anywhere longer than you have to. And every plane you leave leads to a more subtle plane which still contains traps almost all the way to the highest heavens. People get stuck all the time because they think they’re in control of the solution, ironic given that they are the problem. That’s the problem with intelligence and knowledge and why walking the path of the heart and seeking the presence is the only sure way and quickest way. You get everything in one shot. The other way, if you are one of the very few, through having developed the requisite qualities, who actually make it you still have to come back for the wisdom of love as you extinguish all you think you know and this can lead to some surprising scenarios in which you have to do some pretty bizarre shit in order to burn out certain things. There’s no telling.

The whole thing is simple and only complex for those with intricate structures. Those intricate structures are real but incomplete, that’s how it is on any plane. The only place it is complete is in the consciousness that connects all of the planes. Even if you knew everything about the universe and all the planets and stars you still wouldn’t know because all of that is limited and the only thing that isn’t is what maintains them where they are. It’s the only thing that remains when they are not, in those periods when dissolution occurs before some version of the same thing comes back.

There are basic problems to life that have to be surmounted. One is the need to find cosmic explanation in complexity of any kind. The other is attachment to any sort of action that brings a reaction that results in the perpetuation of experiences similar to a dog chasing its tail. Any action not committed with love is not immune from the results that follow the motive. Any intention that doesn’t involve immersion in Love or the divine is going to result in something short of the greater understanding, even if it is useful for any period of time. I could go on with examples but those should be obvious.

People will read what is written here and their mind will tell them it is not so simple. That’s what the mind does. The mind’s business is to distract the awareness from a certain singularity and operates like a monkey. People will, ‘Yeah but’ this to death because they can’t let go of the faulty defense systems they have become familiar with using. Even when they know they are wrong, they are still familiar. They are familiar because they keep repeating. All they protect you from is not needing them.

What the Hell… let’s just make this the rest of the post as if the thing I was after wasn’t my last failure disguising itself as bad timing. You know bad timing that’s when you forgot that the whole point of convincing someone that they should get naked with you was so that you could define the conclusion.

It’s all sex and either it’s with some equation of time space need karma and all the things that make people think that the answer is hidden in the problem they become or you just decide to let God fuck you and then you can do everyone. Of course, you have to get his attention.

You’re only fucking yourself. If you knew how to do it you’d have solved the necessity to prove that it still drives you crazy and the whole world would be horny to help you if it weren’t that getting off meant not thinking they were the vehicle.

You know what you know and you demonstrate it. As long as you’re happy with it I don’t care.

There are other ways to go. You just tell people that sure they can hammer you for their own pleasure if your are persist enough to make you willing to do anything just to show them that you are the thing they can’t accomplish on the thing showing them precisely because they don’t appreciate your willingness to do it and to the point that they’ve had a moment of triumph since someone took the opportunity to prove that they gave enough of a shit to be whatever you needed or… …you could ask them why they were willing to do whatever you needed just to show you that the reason love endures is because it does let you do whatever you want. It just doesn’t seek you out to perform it’s perfection. It’s just willing to let you fuck it. Anyone who takes the trouble to understand why love would do this will learn that love always says, “Yeah, you can do that to me. Is that all you want. I don’t care. But wouldn’t you rather learn how to really make me want you? Wouldn’t you rather learn how to make me submit? Love says fuck me or learn how to make me chase you down and get the whole town to watch what I will let you do cause you took the trouble to let me show you how to be the master. I really don’t get it but then I don’t hit myself over the head with a hammer every day just because it’s familiar. Of course it’s familiar… never mind.

The trick is to go fuck yourself and have everyone else wishing they were a part of it. Or you could let everyone fuck you but it’s no fun unless they are deceiving you into something you wouldn’t necessarily give in the first place just to see if you were willing to do something they felt was wrong in the first place. Then they’re out looking for it again. Like I said, it already wants you to not only have it dreaming of you but to go out of its way invite the whole world in to watch how it will let everyone mistreat it just because you cared enough to available to let it use you to be what anyone wants in order to show that you understand how it’s done to begin with. I guess you don’t learn that anywhere except from the force that gives you the power to represent it. One thing I do know is that all anyone has to do is to call anyone on it to see whether it shows up in defense and the reason its claimed habitations are not tested and proven is that no one wants to be thing they are presenting when they have to get out of the way in the first place.

You can’t explain this to anyone who isn’t already aware of what traps them into feeling guilty about wanting people to be free enough to practice anything because of the guilt of feeling anything wasn’t worth doing in the first place. Something’s wrong and I think it has to do with something being wrong and that is what fucked up the situation in the first place… uh…; uh huh.

I know why people want to do certain things to begin with. I just don’t understand why they think their own confidence in making a bad performance is the best you can get. I can personally show you that is not so but no one is going to chance the fact that God actually performs this stuff if you go to the trouble to get his attention so that he uses you as the vehicle of whatever. Apply this to anything. No one has any problem making themselves cum but it’s more fun when it happens with other people. Well. Why would you presume that you could make someone experience something they would have no trouble performing if you just let them do it in your presence?

It doesn’t matter what it is. Any problem has to do with the perpetuation of something that left people abasing themselves in the pursuit of what was okay to begin with so long as it was just a matter of allowing people to celebrate their freedom because you were more important than it happening.

There isn’t anything that isn’t easily solved by not making it a problem to begin with. Think of the industries that are based on things going wrong and which thrive on new permutations.

Tell me how you want to do it and how much it has to give way to prove to you that its okay to want it and I’ll show you what it is that gets out of your way and which you should have been following to begin with. This isn’t what it’s about. This is why it is what it is when what it is isn’t doomed to be something else just cause you changed the way you fucked up. I’m still waiting for all those people curious enough to get my attention so that I break through their shyness and guilt and say… you want that? Let me help you find it. Why the hell would you want to attract someone’s attention if you didn’t want them to help you find something they thought you were by being willing to understand the need to actually enjoy what you’re looking for. I guess I could go on saying the same thing. It appears that I do.

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