“White Privilege” or “Jewish Privilege”?

BY PAUL — (henrymakow.com) April 19, 2016

Yet for fear of the Jews no one spoke openly of [Jesus.]   John 7:13

Yet for fear of the Jews no one spoke openly of [Jesus.] John 7:13

 I stared at my co-worker’s arm. “What happened?” He had taken off his jacket. A deep furrow indented the forearm. He had been part of a demonstration in Ethiopia, he explained, when he was young. His tribe had been discriminated against. There had been Jews in the government. “They looked like us.” A bullet had grazed him.
Fifteen years ago, I arrived in Toronto from the west. The most I had ever heard of Jews was from a European immigrant who spat out the words “dirty Jew” after describing a businessman.
Then there was the Jewish senior from Russia who upon being asked about long bread lines said, “What lines?”
And, of course, in religious circles I heard over and over again of Corrie Ten Boom saving “God’s Chosen People”. And pro-lifers always include anti-semitism as the culmination of a society going to hell in a hand basket after abortion and euthanasia have run their course. I had rarely met Jews themselves or heard the stories before; since arriving I have heard stories weekly.
Once in Toronto I started taking more education and a teacher told me of all the university job offers she was receiving even though she only had a Masters degree. This was funny because I knew of other teachers with the same degree who had to teach in private schools at minimum wage. This was my first encounter with Jewish privilege for she was Jewish and had many Jews in different universities willing to give her work right away.



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