A new Eisenhower against Trump?

Voltaire Network — April 14, 2016

President Eisenhower

To evacuate the Donald Trump hypothesis, members of the Republican Party are seeking a new candidate for the US presidency. It could be General James Mattis.

This great intellectual, dubbed the “monk soldier” as he has never married, was head of CentCom. He has a reputation among the troops of looking after everyone and in particular the lower ranks.

A group of billionaires has assembled a team of seven experts to study both the possibility of launching the James Mattis campaign and the reactions of voters. It seems that in the event of a Donald Trump victory at the primaries, only the General would be able to assemble both Trump supporters and party apparatchiks in order to avoid the implosion of the party.

In 1952, General Dwight Eisenhower had not participated in the primaries because he was still commander of forces in Europe. He had slipped into the competition near the end and was overwhelmingly appointed by the Congress of the Republican Party to represent it.

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This Man Can Save Us From Trump—and Clinton

John Noonan — The Daily Beast March 26, 2016

US Marine Corps General James Mattis. Click to enlarge

Former US Marine Corps General James Mattis. Click to enlarge

He’s retired Marine General James Mattis. He’s an extraordinary American. Yes, it’s a longshot. But he is exactly what we need.

As the inevitability of a Donald Trump nomination grows, many Republicans are moving to the acceptance stage of grief. Trump’s unfavorability ratings are historic for a presumptive nominee. Some reputable polls have him as high as 60 percent negative, many others have him losing by double digits to Hillary Clinton. Retention of the Senate, already an uphill climb in an election year swelling with vulnerable Republican incumbents, is an equally dim prospect.

Not all conservatives have given up the ship. The presumptive Democratic nominee is a hair away from federal indictment. The presumptive Republican nominee is a reality-TV lunatic who has run multiple business ventures into the ground. Never before has a third-party candidate looked so viable, even the odd duck 1992 election that saw Ross Perot earn a generous share of the popular vote.

This third-party option would need to thread a needle. The candidate would have to be conservative, enough so that non-Trump conservatives —keep in mind this is a strong majority of traditional Republican voters—have reason to show up and pull a lever for him and the party’s Senate candidates. The candidate would also need to be sensible, experienced, and respected—not a demagogue like those who have so excited Republican voters this cycle. The name would need to be recognizable, but not in the garish celebrity sense like Mr. Trump. The candidate would need to convey strength in a year teeming with voter concerns about ISIS, cybersecurity, a rising Russia, and Chinese shield-thumping in the Far East.

So who better than retired Marine General James Mattis?

Mattis is a battle hardened warrior, renowned for his humble leadership style and aggressive pursuit of America’s enemies. Nicknamed the “Warrior Monk,” Mattis is something of a cult figure in the Marines. One such tale had the general relieving a young Marine captain of sentry duty on Christmas Day, taking up the post himself so the young officer could be with his family. He’s known for his excellence in both the arts of combat and diplomacy alike. Mattis led the First Marine Division in an aggressive thrust into the Euphrates River Valley in 2003, but also skillfully managed the kaleidoscope of conflicting diplomatic relationships as Commander of U.S. Central Command.

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