Are the “Tiao-Kiu-Kao”(TKK) Jews Running China? — April 14, 2016

Netanyahu and Xi Jinping, President of PRC. Click to enlarge

Netanyahu and Xi Jinping, President of PRC. Click to enlarge

The “Library of Political Secrets” series raises the spectre that an ancient  network of crypto Jews of all nationalities are behind Communism and the New World Order. 

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In the book seriesLibrary of Political Secrets #4 – Chinese Communism and Chinese Jews (1969)” written under the pseudonym Istvan Bakony, there is a chapter dedicated to the clandestine Jews in China, usually referred to as “crypto Jews” throughout the ages and throughout the world. These jews converted to various religions but in secret many of them worshipped the Kabbalah (a satanic heresy of Judaism).  One such example are the “Marranos” who spread across Europe and South America.
After the Jews lost the battle of Jerusalem in AD 70, which was said to be divine retribution for crucifying Jesus Christ, they spread across the globe in their diaspora. Many of these Jews married local people wherever they settled. Hence it is impossible to identify a Chinese, Tartarian, African or Indian Jew by his looks today.
Jews entered China already during the Han dynasty about 1800 years ago and then spread everywhere. The mixed Chinese Jews belonging to the ultra-secret sect practicing black magic are called “Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou” Jews. (This roughly means “those who remove their tendon” during ritual slaughter.) It is believed that these jews exerted a great political influence in China since ancient times. Since many Jews were busy with international trade they could maintain an international network of rich and influential people across the world, something very useful if you have global ambitions.
Netanyahu and Xi Jinping, President of PRC. Click to enlarge

Netanyahu and Xi Jinping, President of PRC. Click to enlarge

To get a picture of the hidden historic process of the Chinese Jews we note that in the 13th century book “Travels of Marco Polo”: “Some accidental observations…show that jews were sufficient enough to be able to exert political influence in China and Tartary”.
The Chinese jews usually converted to Confucianism or Buddhism over time but they worshipped satanic Kabbalah in secret and they passed on their secrets to their  sons when they were 13-years-old. Every Friday they held ceremonies in their local secret fraternity to update the progress of their schemes to take over political, religious, military or commercial power from the gentiles or “goyim” as these people refer to “non-jews”.
Jews were expelled from China already in AD 845 during the Tang dynasty, indicating that they were scheming already as elsewhere across the globe.
Bakony writes that no outsider knows how many TKK jews there are in China today. The number is a well kept secret among the international Jewry. Someone claimed they had more than two million TKK Jews in China while others think that the number may be many times higher. What is clear in the book is that the TKK jews have infiltrated the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at the very top levels since 1949. What is also known is that the whole setup of the CCP was arranged in cooperation with Western Jews.



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