Illuminati Encourage Men to Cross Dress — April 12, 2016

Subtle promotion of transgenderism

When society is under attack, the illuminati want to ensure that men do not take up arms

When society is under attack, the illuminati want to ensure that men do not take up arms

Whether it’s our national borders or our bathrooms, society is under relentless attack by the Satanist traitors in power.  A reader, Donald, looks at an organization which uses domestic violence as a pretext to feminize men.
“The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.” (Deuteronomy 22:5)

by Donald — (

Last weekend, I decided to watch a program about US military expenditures on a news channel. I wasn’t paying much attention to the program until it shifted to waste in the military. To my disbelief, the interviewee talked about an incident in 2015 where Army ROTC cadets at Temple University were ordered to march in women’s high heels to raise awareness of sexual assault against women. I wasn’t sure if this was an April Fool’s joke so I looked it up.   (Also this YouTube)
I found that this march was connected to an organization called “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” created to raise awareness about men’s sexualized violence against women.
While I am totally against any sort of violence towards women or men for that matter, I am also against the increasing trend to feminize men. A masculine reaction to domestic violence is to protect women, not imitate them.
I also don’t view marches and similar events as effective money generating efforts. Car washes, bake sales, etc. raise money through real work and give people who donate to a cause something useful for their money. I went to the organization’s website to find out more.
The first thing to catch my eye was that they sell shoes. They have a partnership with a company called Le Dame Footwear that provides women’s styled shoes in large sizes for men. There you can order the official “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” high heel called the “Natalie” for only $84.99 in men’s sizes up to size 15.

I have a couple of problems with this. First of all, wouldn’t that much money do more if donated directly to the cause? Second is the choice of shoes. Why high heels? I don’t see women wearing them at work, shopping, etc. More likely women are wearing comfortable shoes and high heels are renowned to be very uncomfortable and bad for your feet and back.
Men and women are built different and walk differently. High heels exaggerate a women’s hip movement. According to a study in Psychology Today, “The results indicate that the female walk is perceived as much more attractive when wearing high heels than not.”
So high heels actually garner women the kind of unwanted attention that leads to the abuse this organization supposedly opposes.



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