Corporate Media Abandons Washington’s Sinking Ship-of-Fools

The real story in the New York Times article (1) about Paul Bremer’s complaints about the media is not just about a political bum moaning about a great media-watchdog – as the NYT would have us believe.

Quite the contrary. Lest we forget, – this same media about which Paul Bremer bitterly complains – is the media that supported the war on Iraq until the destruction was complete. The Neocons in Zionist “think-tanks” who served as advisors to the Bush regime – engineered the war (2). The corporate media garnered and maintained the support of the flag-waving U.S. population for the war.

The U.S. economy is weakened. The media is reporting a surging stock market to be enjoyed by the rich. – while the national debt grows to burden future generations of young American taxpayers and joblessness, homelessness, personal bankruptcies, home foreclosures and living-on-debt become a fact-of-life for the bourgeois and poor. Funds have been diverted from education, healthcare and support for our poor to war on others. The assault on civil liberties in the U.S. is now institutionalized in the “Homeland Security Act”. U.S. soldiers are being critically wounded and dying in Iraq in increasing numbers. And U.S. citizens are enjoying the status of the most hated people in the world.

Ordinary Muslims and Arabs have been successfully villainized by a new, virulent, media-driven racism. The Zionists have been given the greenlight for escalated atrocities, destruction and land-theft in Palestine. The guns are cocked in other Middle-Eastern nations and Russia (3). The Middle East is now destabilized. Israel is prowling the seas with submarines equipped with America’s nuclear warheads. Israel has cash-on-demand as never before at the U.S. Congressional ATM.

$$Billions are tucked away in the coffers of the corrupt “Rebuild Iraq” corporations and the industrial military complex. Iraq and Afghanistan – whatever their prewar conditions – have been destroyed as a nation with tens of thousands of Afgans and Iraqis dead and maimed, their infrastructure in ruins, their way of life turned to chaos and anarchy, tribal wars, chaos and heroin thriving in Afghanistan, Iraq’s antiquities looted by foreigners and their proud
history – as humans – our history – the cradle of civilization – devastated.

Now this same corporate-media – distances itself from the war it wanted all along, burning it’s U.S. and U.K. lapdog-governments along the way – with headlines that scream about the injustice of this ill-conceived, criminal war against the sovereign nations of Afghanistan and Iraq. Justification for “pre-emptive wars” has been established as a valid way of dealing with conflict for all
nations. The world may be skirting the edges of thermonuclear war and anyone who says so is marginalized by the media as a “conspiracy-kook”. In the article cited above, the New York Times has it both ways – preserving it’s status as a watchdog, victimized by Bremer and Bush-administration, but also selling the propaganda for the regime in Washington that things aren’t as bad as they seem to be in Iraq.

So I ask, – What did Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rumsfield, Ashcroft, Bremer crowd think? – Were they really stupid enough to believe that the media who helped them get appointed by the U.S. Supreme Court – would remain on-board and go down with the sinking ship-of-fools in Washington? Throw the Bush regime out of Washington in 2004? Of course! But make no mistake, whatever regime takes their place – Republican or Democrat – it will be owned and operated by the same neocons and their media backers who managed the Bush regime.

Do we really want to address the atrocities of the U.S. government in the Middle East? Are we willing to pay the price for real change? If our answer is “Yes!” to these questions, we will not have it by voting for the next corrupt politician offered to us by this corporate-owned “democracy” in 2004. We will only have it by turning out en-masse on Pennsylvania Avenue. Watch for the next national protest and march against Washington. Even if you have never participated in a political demonstration before, make plans to be there.

You want real change? Vote with your feet! Vote on the street!

Les Blough, Editor
Axis of Logic
Boston, MA





Courtesy APFN