Sunlight alone does not cause skin cancer

We’ve all been told that sunlight causes skin cancer. This message has been drilled into our heads for so long that most people actually believe it. But what if this “truth” was actually a medical myth? What if dermatologists and health experts didn’t know the whole story? What if their explanations about sun exposure and skin cancer were too simplistic and outdated?

Today, I’ve released a new tell-all video that exposes the lies of dermatology and the cancer industry while explaining the truth about sunlight, vitamin D and skin cancer. That video is available now on the new video site NaturalNews.TV:

Here’s what you’ll learn about sunlight exposure, skin cancer and vitamin D in this free video:

• Why tanning booths can be GOOD for your health and actually prevent cancer!

• The origins of the term “red neck” and what this teaches us about the true causes of sunburn.

• Why sunlight alone does not cause sunburn: There’s another variable that’s just as important!

• Why sunlight exposure could reduce cancer rates in America by nearly 80%.

• Why the cancer industry continues to propagate myths about sun exposure and skin cancer.

• How to build up your own “internal sunscreen” by changing what you eat!

• Why sunscreen products are terrible for your health and may actually cause skin cancer.

• Why dark-skinned people need far more sunlight exposure than fair-skinned people to prevent cancer.

• How to spend more time in the sun without getting burned, even without using sunscreen.

• Why cancer tumors grow during the winter months (and how to stop tumor growth in just minutes a day).

• Why Asian women are endangering their health by avoiding sunlight exposure in order to keep their skin more fair (pale).

• Why cancers are more serious in African Americans than Whites. (And why they’re not being told the truth by the cancer industry…)

• Why working (and living) indoors will turn you into “a ticking time bomb” of disease.

• Why the effort to censor the truth about sunlight as medicine is a dark, evil scheme dreamed up by for-profit cancer institutions and drug companies who profit from the suffering of human beings.

• Why the cancer industry wants you to live in darkness and be afraid of light, knowledge and illumination.

Vide the full video (free!) on NaturalNews.TV:

And then do your own research! Verify everything for yourself, and you’ll see that everything revealed in this video is true.