Tony Blair: west must be ready to deploy ground troops against Isis

Introduction — March 27, 2016

Tony Blair’s call for a more extensive Western military deployment against Isis is entirely predictable. That was why it was created in the first place.
Just as al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden were created with the assistance of western intelligence to justify military campaigns in the name of fighting “terror”, Isis (otherwise known as Islamic State, or ISIL) is the latest embodiment of this ruse.
It could be defeated overnight if its sponsors in the western aligned Gulf states decided to stop funding the militants. It would likewise be rendered totally ineffective if covert Western assistance were withheld.
However neither is likely to happen because Isis was created to help oust President Assad. Russian intervention has prevented that and Tony Blair’s calls for more direct Western involvement should be seen in this light.
Remember this is the man who warned of Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction and called for military action to neutralise the threat they posed. No matter that Saddam never had any WMD, the episode illustrates how Blair is ready to twist the truth in order to further the New World Order’s agenda.
In short he’s a consummate con artist and he’s not calling for boots on the ground to fight Isis. In reality he’s calling for more extensive military intervention to finish what the Russians prevented the militants from accomplishing — the ousting of Syrian President Assad. Because that is ultimately what any such campaign would morph into if Blair’s calls were to be heeded. Ed.

Tony Blair: west must be ready to deploy ground troops against Isis

Nicholas Watt — March 27, 2016

blair_admissionBritain and its western allies must be prepared to send ground troops to defeat Islamic State forces or risk a terror attack in Europe of “such size and horror” that draconian security measures would have to be introduced, Tony Blair has said.

In a lengthy article on the Brussels bombings, the former prime minister said local forces could be used against Isis in Iraq, Syria and Libya. But he said western ground forces would eventually be needed to defeat Isis as it sought to create a caliphate.

Blair wrote in the Sunday Times: “We must build military capability able to confront and defeat the terrorists wherever they try to hold territory. This is not just about local forces. It is a challenge for the west. Ground forces are necessary to win this fight and ours are the most capable.”

The allied countries which are carrying out airstrikes against Isis targets, including the UK and US, have so far not deployed ground forces beyond unannounced special forces to guide the bombers and troops that train Iraqi forces in combating Isis.

But Blair believes that David Cameron and Barack Obama need to go further. He wrote: “We can use local allies in the fight, but they need equipment and where they need active, on-the-ground, military support from us, we should give it.”

Blair, who dispatched ground forces to Iraq and Afghanistan, acknowledged the challenge of deploying ground troops to the region once again. He wrote: “The pain of the casualties in such engagements weighs heavy. Western armed forces are mainly volunteers. We need an open and frank discussion with them about how to create the conditions to go and conduct these campaigns. There will have to be new methods of coalition building and cooperation between nations.”

The former prime minister issued a stark warning of the dangers of failing to defeat Isis. He wrote: “We will have periodic but increasingly frequent acts of terrorism that will result in many more victims and start to destabilise our political and social cohesion. Eventually the terrorists will commit an act of such size and horror that we will change our posture; but by then the battle will be much harder to win without measures that contradict our basic value system.”

He said the military fight against Isis should be part of a wider strategy to confront what he called the “perversion” of the Islamic faith by the ideology of Islamism. He sad people should be careful talking about tackling violent extremism because Islamism was a “much broader problem of ideology”, whose supporters run into the millions across the globe.

Blair wrote: “The reality is that the adherents of this view of Islam are numbered in many millions, have, in some countries, elements of official support, and are systematically teaching it to millions of young people across the world … This ideology is not interested in coexistence. It does not seek dialogue but dominance. It cannot therefore be contained. It has to be defeated.”

He said Islamism could not be defeated if the “paralysing grip of the present political discourse” on the right and left continued. In an apparent dig at Donald Trump, who has spoken of denying entry to the US to all Muslims, Blair criticised the tendency on the right to trip into bigotry towards Muslims.

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