Vultures watch over us in black robes, Hyenas dance and cavort

Reflections in a Petri Dish — March 25, 2016

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One of my favorite writers is Kevin Barrett. I love him for his truth and courage. I don’t know what he thinks about me or even if he knows that I exist but… I like him. I can tell when people know what they are talking about. It rings in my inner ear. So it is that when I read this article this morning, I never questioned its accuracy. I also knew it was a false flag because all of them are these days. Kevin is a Muslim so he knows all kinds of things you can’t know otherwise.
The shitheels know that the world is waking up and they are trying to get it done before this happens. All they are going to accomplish is to head themselves off at the pass. Evil destroys itself and regardless of how fundamental a truth this is, they never catch on, due to the intoxication of their own fecal products in their nostrils. Everything is some kind of a drug and in this case, I don’t even have to say anything about irony.
When I say he knows things because he is a Muslim, I am not promoting that religion. If that sort of thing works for you, fine. I represent another tradition. It’s just how it is. Personally, my feelings on religion, truth… all that God stuff goes much further back. I don’t think it matters which creed you pick, so long as you find what you are looking for and I have.
One has to admire Kevin, as much for his brevity as anything. If you are speaking the truth you don’t have to take up too much space. Lao Tzu proved that. I’m not convinced about Veteran’s Today. It seems to me these days that everyone is co-opted. Rense and Rivero are drunk on Trump Wine, which means they were drunk on something else before that. A lot of people are drunk on Trump Wine. I can understand that. People want something or someone to believe in. Regardless of what liars politicians are, people are always going to believe that this time… this time …maybe they are not lying but they always do. No one knows more about self promotion than a politician, except for the people spending all that money to get them elected in the first place.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
I don’t have many people to admire anymore. As far as I know I am one of the few left that calls The Holocaust bullshit. Just about everyone else likes to skirt the edges. Just about everyone is afraid of the ones who are destroying themselves in front of our eyes. It is a conundrum. Look… anyone who has looked into it knows that certain things are complete lies.
The Red Cross documents say all that needs to be seen. Their own almanac shows that their population increased over the war years. They themselves shot down the 4.5 million dead at Auschwitz and turned it into 1.5 million and we still have 6 million somehow. Even Chinese algebra is easier to understand but somehow the whole world buys into this garbage. Even the Iranians are afraid to come out and say it. I am not afraid. I will therefore say what everyone else is afraid to say. The Holocaust is a LIE!!! No one takes my life unless the ineffable says it is okay. I do not live by fear. You shouldn’t either. They can’t get all of us but they surely can if we do not stick together. Someone once said something like, “gentlemen, if we do not hang together we shall hang separately.”
What is the problem with people telling or seeing the truth? I am okay with going down with any label they want to put on me but I am not going to go down convicted by my own conscience.
Now they are accusing Iranians of hacking. Then you see that garden slug, Chuckie Schumer appear into the article. Nothing is real anymore and they want Iran bad because Iran is becoming more and more difficult to take down. Everything is wheels within wheels. As much as I appreciate Putin putting it on the line the way he does; that he doesn’t address The Holocaust troubles me. They all bend over for the bankers at some point. I, personally don’t care about money. Money is sniffing around me these days and I still don’t care. I love the ineffable. There are no other options for me.
I wish I could communicate more effectively. Something is wrong with me but I don’t know what it is. It is like I have been skating on thin ice my whole life. If it were not for the resonance with my readers I would probably be toast already. I don’t think I have ever told you folks how much I appreciate the support and friendship you have given me. Let me address that now. With every ounce of my being, I want to say, “thank you!”
I can’t believe how I miss important clues, or miss things going on right in front of me. You all know that I watch movies while I am writing. Now I am watching The Revenant again. It appears that I missed the entire movie the first time. It is much better done than I thought. Maybe life is much better than I thought. I am going to see some old friends I have not seen in many years now and they are as good as I ever thought they were. How did I stay in the shape I am in after all these battles which, most of the time, were against myself? One thing I have never had a battle with is the truth. No one wins that one.
The lies we have to deal with. They are carved in stone. They sit above the temples that we have constructed to them. Vultures watch over us in black robes. Hyenas dance and cavort. The barbarians are inside the gate. One thing you can depend on is that those things founded upon words that speak to individual liberty will always wind up in tyranny as the most seemingly favored among us protect their interests.
The good news is that people are just on the verge of waking up and new technologies are coming into play. The bad news is that Atlantis was in the same place once and they would rather take the whole thing down if they can. This is a different time zone however. Sometimes it works out for the human race and this is one of those times and even though there are only a few of us invested in this project, it is the quality of the commitment and not the size of the indifference or opposition. It all works out in the long run and this is one of the critical demarcation points of the long run. It is a watermark. It is halcyon when halcyon was just a word. It comes from the Greek word, Alcyone …she was one of the players in one of the more complex myths, if myth it be. There is always a certain amount of truth in any of these tales, just as lies account for the currency in any age where materialism has taken over the environment… as it has in these times.
We are going to be okay though. I am convinced of this; not all of us, of course and we all have to live and die in the scheme of things so… when I say, ‘okay’ I mean relatively and selectively. If you have been doing good, please continue to. If you have been doing evil, my suggestion is you catch yourself in freefall (cue Tom Petty) or hope someone catches you; paraphrasing again.
I truly wish I could hold all of you in my arms, in a sibling and fraternal way, of course. This isn’t possible at the moment, or maybe it is. I have no way of knowing the meaning of things but I try.
I don’t know if any of you know John Pilger. I am sure you must be familiar with James Perloff. I want to throw these names into the hopper before I go today. I have no way of knowing if these cats are frauds or not but I like their style. I admire the combination of elegant syntax and the creative working of the truth… however it comes to pass. The world is waking up and all of us who have labored in the vineyards so far are getting a promotion. Let’s hope that counts for something.
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