Chain the Exit Doors, the Party is about to Begin

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Well, the party, hosted by Pinhead and the Cenobites begins today. Here’s a lively dissertation from someone of possibly questionable influences but… then again one should keep in mind this from Zaikis who says “First of all, can astrologers finally update themselves to where the planets are in reality rather than using the tropical/outdated system that keeps us in ignorance of where the planets TRULY are? Second, a Grand Cross featuring the Moon is so temporary it is practically inconsequential. Although the day preceding and after may be driven by emotional reactions and results, they will still be temporary regardless of the eclipse. Finally, The energies set up in REALITY would be Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces opposite Saturn in Virgo square Pluto in Sagittarius. The key here being that our natural resources (Pluto in Sag) need to be redefined based on the health of the planet and humanity (Saturn in Virgo) in a way that bring our greater consciousness and human connection together in an expanding and revolutionary way (Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces). this is a T-Square that has the potential through our emotional and intuitive state to guide us to becoming more empowered the fleeting energy of the grand cross. After all, a Grand Cross 3D is a power pyramid not a “Christian” cross to bear. May the human & divine truth be revealed for all.”

Now, this from me; Pluto is just about smack on the ascendant, making it the rising power/influence and the Joker in the mix. Pluto, Lord of the Underworld is the perfect regent of the period, given that this is The Apocalypse. People are saying a lot of things but the way I read it, this means that all the hidden dirt is going to be shoveled into the public view and given the presence of certain other planets like Uranus, this revealing is going to be surprising and having a will of its own, manifesting in unpredictable (and negative for the elite) ways as it is in tandem with Jupiter, the planetary lord, adding the will of heaven to the mix in Aries ( and conjunct the ascendant) which is the sign more bikers are born under than any other; yeah, a ram’s head with the ram in rut and all the power in the world on a chopper. You throw in the conjunction with Pluto conjunct the midheaven in Capricorn and Mars and Saturn with some small soprano in the back of the choir named Venus banging at the Aries cluster and all I can say is that… it has officially begun today and no one can accurately predict the shape it will take.

Also, as far as Pluto goes it also means that those who thought he was their benefactor are in a whole lot of trouble.

I apologize for my two cents worth; I’m an esoteric astrologer and not a very useful one at that. I just wanted to give some speculative material to those who may know what I am trying to talk about without me actually knowing what I’m talking about.

My read is that TPTB are going to be a ‘chicken dancing on a hot griddle’ and they will be torn between trying to hold on to what power they think they have as it slips away or (most likely) opt out for their survival instincts but… wait a minute, their survival instincts tell them to hold on to the power but… but… it can’t get bad enough for them to suit me, all my compassion and mercy is operating in support of the dolphins and other creatures as well as the indigenous people and that small core of sensitive people scattered on the wide material prairies of a fucked up culture, filled up with violent dreamers trying to protect their toaster ovens.

Let’s think of Pluto, for the moment, as the classical devil. The basic interpretation of diabolus is, ‘slanderer’ but there is another quality of the devil that is much overlooked and that is the ‘betrayer’. Yes… that’s going to be one of the central elements of the destruction of TPTB and their minions. The operative image is of rats deserting a sinking ship and simultaneously unmasking the deeds and intentions of their former employers for all the world to see and hear in hope of leniency. Remember my mutated Norwegian creatures, the first rats get the clemency and the rest are made examples of.

Here’s another thing for your perusal that I don’t think anyone has said anything about yet. What is that area known as where the poisons of the Gulf are not only destroying livelihoods but also threatening to kill the population as well? It’s called The Bible Belt. Why is this all sorting out like this? Those war cheerleaders and most rabid supporting cast of MagogkeNazi Nation, as well as the mass murdering of members of the other biggest religion in the world, are having their hypocrisy and violations of all they profess to believe in turned upon them with a vengeance. The image here is of John Hagee and his potato head followers being turned into steak fries; these being seriously wide potatoes.

No one has pointed this out because the irony speaks to the operations of Nature and the real divine ineffable in respect of- or lack of- those who have sent their children to die in the Rothschild banking war machine for Ersatz Israel and the Zionist imperative represented by the mass consumption, single voting block, of flexible hood ornament, bobbing flamingos on a drinking glass, glazed eyed, six hundred foot gay Jesus, mincing through the Promised Land, with all the little sheeps and chattering chipmunks whose feet can no longer touch the ground courtesy of their massive bellies. Somebody doesn’t like that section of the world, not to mention that all of the Eastern and Western seaboard are in the on deck circle facing The Big Train, Walter Johnson on his best day and… here comes the hurricanes looking to lift all those oil dispersal chemicals and rain them down like death from the skies upon the unwitting who expect to see the face of Jesus at any time. Jesus doesn’t like you. Jesus likes the people you’ve been mistreating.

As the stars so vividly portray, this is a time of rash and ill considered actions and you can count of that Crime Syndicate of a Nation, Israel to be the biggest actor from that distorted and self-destructive position. Iran is more than ready for you and you’re not the only one with a Samson option.

Lest it be thought that I am looking forward to any of this, or taking pleasure from it or engaging in shadenfreude, I am not. I’m calling them as I see them and if you’ve got a problem with that, talk to my Seeing Eye dog. I am looking forward to what comes out of all of this and I’m sorry it has to come about the way it’s going to but it is only intransigence and ignorance that demands it be so.

I would speculate that in the coming days you are going to see such unexpected actions coming out of the Gulf area and around the world that you won’t know what to make of any of it because there is so much more coming on its heels there …and all over the planet. Meanwhile, the never ending cruise of the S&MSM is serving up its unchanging menu of tits and ass, sports, two dimensional? That’s a compliment; let’s say one dimensional …and of course the tireless efforts of world leaders for the good of the planet.

That which so many don’t believe in or believe is supportive of their vile and indifferent behavior is walking unseen on terra firma. The ringmaster is in the center court. The clowns; I’ve never seen so many clowns in on circus, are doing what they do best. This time the clowns are not going to be laughing and neither is the audience. I suspect it will be worse for the clowns than for the audience but maybe not.

All we need now is for that giant submersed whale of a methane bubble to surface in the most dramatic of ways and we’ll hear a voice audible around the world crying, “thar she blows!”

Well, I don’t know do I? I hope I’m wrong but that would mean a massive world awakening took place prior too and since that is the point of the whole affair then maybe that would preclude the noise and planetary upheaval necessary to wake them up. The odds of that as of this moment is about the same as the odds that Jesus Christ really is what these Nimrods say he is and that he actually approves of their behavior along with those manipulating them. Those are not good odds.

The rest of you should take comfort that all of these signs and wonders as well as fixed astrological conditions and moving aspects are part of the program that is bringing you your new world. For you this is all a good thing, for everyone else it’s what it takes to make them see it, one way or another.

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