Prepare for a false flag attack – get ready for the Amero

Richard Russell, who has published the Dow Theory Letters for over 50 years, recently made a rather chilling statement: “By the end of 2010 you won’t recognize the United States.” He has also told his clients to get out of the stock market completely and sit on the sidelines with cash in hand. When asked in a recent interview about holding gold as opposed to cash, Russell stated, “Gold is the ultimate cash.” And gold you will certainly need in order to financially survive the horribly frightening days ahead as the powers-that-be plan another false flag event and throw us headlong into the Amero.

The closed door session

To come to a more complete understanding of Russell’s shocking statement about the United States and the possible false flag event coming soon, we need to take a look at a little known event, the March 13, 2008, closed-door session of the House of Congress. It was only the fourth time in our history as a nation such a session was held. The proposed agenda for the meeting was to discuss “New Surveillance Provisions,” but that was just a ruse. The fact that there was a March 13, 2008, closed-door session of the House of Congress is an established fact. The real agenda, according to information leaked after the meeting to alternative media, were these issues:

1. The imminent collapse of the US economy by September, 2008

2. The imminent collapse of the federal government finances by February, 2009

3. The possibility of Civil War as a result of the collapses

4. The advance round-ups of dissidents and insurgents into concentration camps

5. The flight of government officials into “safe facilities” (US underground cities)

6. The formation of the North American Union (NAU): the uniting of Mexico, the United States, and Canada into one union

7. The issuance of the new currency, the Amero, of the NAU, to replace the dollar

Even though there is no way to prove that these were the issues discussed at that meeting, all we need to do is look at the chronology of events since then. The government’s intent is obvious: tip off their own people of what is coming, and provide a way of escape for them when the riots and destruction comes, and leave the rest of us in the dark to be blind sided and destroyed.

A chronology of events

The first issue discussed was the imminent collapse of the U. S. economy by September, 2008. That happened just as they predicted. At the beginning of September, 2008, the 5.6 trillion dollar government mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac folded, and we now have no economy left. The second issue was the collapse of the U. S. banking system by February, 2009. That obviously didn’t happen because the government and Wall Street bailed out the too big to fail banks. The fact that most of the 8,000 banks in this country are insolvent now is also an established fact. The official crash of the banking system will be coming soon.

When the banks finally collapse, riots and civil war will erupt, martial law will be put in place, rioters will be hauled off to concentration camps, the government officials and the banksters will escape into their two-mile underneath the ground cities, while the rest of us will be trapped up here on the surface trying to deal with the bloodshed.

They’re planning to take your money

So what’s ahead? As a little background for those who have not been following my writings or listening to my radio shows, I will try to highlight some events for you. For about the last two years I have been talking to a man from the west coast who is a part of the global elite. He is a corporate pilot who flies some of these elite around from time to time, and he also sits in on most of their meetings and is privy to their plans.

About a year and a half ago he told me that the government was planning to declare a banking holiday in December, 2009. At that time they were planning to devalue the dollar by 50%. Logistically, they were planning to accomplish that devaluation simply by raising retail prices on goods, products and services by 100% the day following the banking holiday. In simple terms, whatever would cost one dollar one day would cost two dollars the next day.

By February, 2010, when that devaluation didn’t happen, I called the man back and asked him why it didn’t happen. He explained to me that their plan hadn’t changed, but as he put it, “The slaves are still asleep,” meaning that the public hadn’t figured out yet what the government was doing to them. Then, on February 25th, 2010, I heard an Alex Jones’ interview with Lindsey Williams, a Baptist minister who had been in Alaska in the early 70s with the global elite as they were drilling for oil there. At the time they found the largest oil reserves in the world in Alaska, enough to supply the United States for over 200 years. They basically capped the wells, not wanting to flood the market with cheap oil and destroy their own mega profits.

Since then Williams has been in contact with one of these men who is now 87 years old and in failing health. One of the things that this man told Williams was that in 2010, the global elite, through our government, plans to go into everyone’s bank accounts and investments and take 50% of whatever is there. And don’t forget, it is pretty simple for the government to take your money in the stock market because your money is in the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) money pool and the Fed legally owns it. Unlike the dollar devaluation that the other man was talking about, they would just take 50% of what you have there and accomplish the same purpose much more simply.

A false flag attack coming soon

About a week ago, June 13, 2010, I called the man from the west coast and asked him what he knew was coming from here on in. He told me that the powers that be were planning another false flag attack like 9-1-1, and the target date was July 8, 2010. He said that the July 8thdate was not set in stone, that it could be any time this summer. He said it would be equal to or greater than 9-1-1 and would kill thousands of Americans. He also said that they would use the event as an excuse to collapse a huge number of banks, and those banks would never open again. This event would also set the stage for the collapse of the dollar and the switch over to the Amero in November of this year.

From the dollar to the Amero and the North American Union

I asked him many detailed questions about the switch over from the dollar to the Amero. He told me that the government would require people to exchange actual cash for Ameros. I told him that would be impossible as there is very little cash in people’s hands these days, and the banks don’t hold much cash either. He said that that was just the point. They want to make the switch over in currencies as difficult as possible. Their intent is to decimate the public financially not help them. If you think about it, if the government wanted to be human all they would have to do is just change the words from dollar to the Amero in bank accounts and investments, and it would be a smooth process.

Not so. These New World Order people (I call them demons in human bodies) want to eliminate 85% of us “worthless eaters,” anyway, and how better than to collapse the currency and prevent us from switching over to the new one. The man also told me that the exchange rate from the dollar to the Amero would start out at one on one at first, but that wouldn’t last long. Then it would go to two to one, five to one, ten to one, and so on. The longer you wait to get your cash to the window the less Ameros you will get.

Obviously, when the panic for cash starts, there will be massive runs on the banks and on Wall Street as people in desperation try to liquidate their investments. And, of course, the knee jerk reaction of the government will be to close financial doors as they can’t possibly supply the cash the public wants and demands. The knee jerk reaction of the public at the financial institution closures will be rioting, followed by the government’s intervention with the police and military establishing martial law.

I will say that there is no way that I can verify this information I have learned from this man over the past two years. However, he is not the only one saying these things. The inside information that Lindsey Williams has been privy to from the elderly gentleman he met in Alaska has certainly proved right on over the last several years. And you have many other people saying basically the same things, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Richard Russell, just to mention a few. These are not idle remarks from quacks. But these events have been lining up for quite a while. Two other things are also important in the formula for the coming chaos, the recent US Northcom drill in the Gulf and the President of Mexico visiting Obama and the Canadian Prime Minister over the past month to solidify relations among the three countries.

Operational Readiness Inspection already complete

As I mentioned, and not coincidentally, according to an article entitled “US Northcom Gears Up for Potential Attack on U.S. Soil,” authored by Shepard Ambellas, on May 16 – 23, 2010, US Northcom performed an Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) in the Gulf area using three US Air Force units. One was the Kentucky Air National Guard’s 123rdAirlift Wing unit which was the lead organization for the ORI. The second unit was the 317thAirlift Group from Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, which provided active security forces. The third was the 70thAerial Port Squadron from Homestead Air Reserve Base, Florida, which contributed Air Force Reserve members and equipment.

According to the article, Colonel Greg Nelson, the commander of the Kentucky unit said, “This inspection (drill) marked the first time that any Air Force unit has been wartime validated in support of the security and defense of the United States of America. That’s huge.” Colonel Dan Dagher with the Texas unit stated “that the very survival of thousands of Americans rests on our now-tested ability to immediately respond and perform mass-casualty medical evacuations after a chemical attack.” In addition, thousands of UN vans are currently sitting on the runways on a Florida Air Force base, ready for mobilization when the time comes.

Never let a good crisis go to waste

It is also not a coincidence that US Northcom held the ORI in the Gulf area as the BP oil gusher is now out of control. And from what real scientists and BP insiders have indicated, the well cannot be capped. The pressure from the well hole is between 20,000 and 70,000 pounds per square inch, according to Lindsey Williams who talked to two BP insiders. The real danger is not the oil coming out of the well but the huge volume of lethal biotic gases. It is only a matter of time before those biotic gases erupt through the surface, potentially killing thousands or millions of people along the coast.

There is currently a huge media block on information coming from the Gulf, all conveniently lending itself to the creation of a false flag event. As Rahm Emmanuel once said, “Never let a good crises go to waste.” I could envision a few planes flying over some big cities along the Gulf coast, dropping anthrax or some another lethal chemical out the window and killing thousands, and then the Air Force would have to perform their mass evacuations and deal with mass casualties. All we have to do then is find another country to blame it on and we will have the justification we need to bomb another country that had nothing to do with the carnage. Isn’t it great to live in America?

As far as the North American Union is concerned, (combining Mexico, the United States and Canada), also not coincidentally, the president of Mexico, Felipe Calederon, visited President Obama about a month ago to discuss further ties. After Calederon’s meeting with Obama, he flew to Canada where he met with Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper to discuss further ties among the three countries.

My opinion about the North American Union and the currency change is that they won’t be able to switch over from the dollar to the Amero and form the new Union. Why? A new currency won’t solve anything, especially if Americans can’t get cash to exchange for Ameros. In fact, when they see the trick the government is pulling on them demanding they bring cash, and they can’t get the cash, they will riot. In contrast however, in 1999, when Europe switched over to the Euro, every country took a hit on their individual country’s currency to do the switch over, but because the economic times were good in Europe and the governments cooperated, it all worked. That is not the intent here, to make it work. On the contrary . . .

It’s not going to work – prepare your exit

The United States is in the midst of a severe depression with massive unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies, 40 million on food stamps, and we’re not even close to hitting the bottom. In my opinion, what I see coming is the total collapse of the dollar, and then the United States, without a currency, is ushered right into the cashless society and the mark of the beast. Sounds apocalyptic. I hope I am wrong.

But there is still hope for individuals if you do something about it while you can. In one of my last articles I talked about getting out of the financial glue trap. Here are a few suggestions of what to do to accomplish that. Get at least six month’s or a year’s worth of food for you and your family. Take all of your electronic money out of the bank and liquidate your investments in the markets. At this juncture in time you can’t worry about the penalties or tax consequences, (which aren’t due until April, 2011), from liquidating your IRAs or other investments. Just get everything out and in your hand as soon as possible. To preserve your wealth buy gold and silver coins and get on the side lines. Remember, the age old adage has always been true: Possession is 9/10s of the law: If you don’t have it in your hand in tangible form, you don’t own it, and it’s not yours.

In addition to food, gold and silver, have a cash cushion for the possible switch over to the Amero or for emergencies. If you live in a big city, plan to get out into the country where it will be safer, and you will have a better chance to survive. If you are looking for information on how to buy gold and silver you can call me at 414-234-8267 or go to my website www.goldandsilverexchange.infofor more information. To preserve your wealth the 5,000 year old way, remember what the old sage, Richard Russell had to say, “Gold is the ultimate cash.” The time is short.