The Real, Encased in Light, Encased in Light

(Last weekend before I left for the solstice I tried to do a radio show but the breakout box for my M-audio sound card was missing. I tried on my consort’s new Mac, recorded the show but couldn’t get it to leave the computer. It was a day of confusion and enemy action from the inner planes. Then a reader was supposed to meet me for the solstice. I went through a lot of trouble for him and then he turned off his phone. This is the time of the weird. I might find a way to get that show up this Sunday but if not, there will still be a show because I got another breakout box. In any case, I will present the essence of that show here today as it touches upon the single point of any importance in respect of anything, no matter what it is.}

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I am getting a lot of letters lately from people who are in various kinds of trouble and who cannot discover what to do or are oppressed by the hidden forces in their environment or by fears and confusions appearing within.

Let’s reduce everything to a single compelling fact. Even if it’s not a fact for you, it is a fact for me and those others who need no further convincing. The divine ineffable is real. It is more real than anything else. One might say it is a light of such brilliance no one can look upon it. It is sheathed in another light of lesser brilliance and that is also sheathed in a light of even lesser brilliance. Outside of that falls some degree of shadow. The more one departs from the presence of that light, the greater the incremental intensity of the shadow.

Shadows are a mirage. They suggest the presence of something else but in many cases the shadows are taken for the real and life becomes a recurrent hallucination. They are the shadows on the walls of Plato’s Retreat (grin). Look it up. It’s not that off the wall (inside shadow joke) because it deals with sex and everything is sex. This is where we primarily get screwed up, which may or may not be better than getting screwed down. Either way, you get screwed in the shadows, which is how some people prefer it. There’s the idea that it’s kind of romantic and the moon which casts the shadows and the wine that creates the shadows in the mind, all conspire to give the impression that you are actually with someone.

One doesn’t need to know anymore than that there is something which is real. This realness generates all things, both real and unreal. It generates the real by intent and the unreal by its presence in comparison with what appears to exist in the shadows. We could play with all sorts of ideas related to physics here but such games, like anything else that requires complication for the purpose of intriguing the mind, are only more of the same distractions that have set us against ourselves and each other for lifetimes and which account for so many lifetimes in the shadows.

True cosmic love, which is that light encased in light, encased in light, exists unto itself within all things and apart from all things and is a conscious thing. It should not be confused with anything we call love here except for, perhaps, the love of a mother for her child. This mother, in a cosmic sense can be viewed as the mother of the divine ineffable, insofar as it is birthed into manifestation for whatever its purposes may be. It also remains unmanifest in its greater portion forever; never coming into manifestation to the degree that there is ever more in manifestation than there is in reserve. This love was in existence before anything and out if it everything emerged. It is also the ultimate result of the sublimation of the sexual force as it wends its way in the lives of exceptional people who will not rest or settle until that occurs. It is the bridegroom of which Christ speaks; the final result of the alchemical marriage and it has been defined in many ways by many faiths, all of which are the same.

When one is troubled one has departed from the real into the shadows. There is no other reason. One may have been attracted, pushed or lured there but that is the case. In these times there is a powerful sense of confusion and fear and people will think that there is something wrong but cannot place the cause. The truth is that the forces of the shadows are broadcasting to the separated self. It is happening ‘to you’ and to all of us as we handle and understand it according to our understanding.

The light is Christ, Krishna and other permutations, encased in veils of light. The shadow is the tempter or the left hand of God. It is the fulfillment of the spirit in search of experience. It’s all a play of light and shadow for the purpose of entertainment for the divine ineffable, who plays hide and seek with himself in the uncountable changes presented by the female counterpart who is the energy of appearance in all things. Generally the sex force is directed outward and that is why the gut is sucked inward and the back bent as the aging, which accompanies an outward directed sex force, marches on its relentless quest for the comfort of the grave.

Inwardly directed sex force results in ever greater stages of illumination, until the light is revealed within the shadows of the self deceiving mind; it results in intuition and revelation, self realization, the Philosophers Stone, the Pearl of Great Price and the completion of The Great Work which is The Operation of the Sun as described in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. The Sun accomplishes this work entirely in the person of the willing.

You are having difficulty right now because of your state in relation to your higher destiny and because active forces are radiating into the environment and into your mind because a crisis point is being reached in the battle for souls. The whole of the drama of life is a battle for your soul. Your soul is already safe if you would have it so and that is the terrible irony of the thing, like the mouse hiding behind the refrigerator who is safe from the lurking cat but is compelled to seek a greater safety despite the security of the moment and then places itself in danger.

There is only one thing anyone must do and that is to practice the presence of the light, of the real. Nothing else is required. No mumbo jumbo, rituals and routines besides this are necessary. No external condition can inform or protect one; no power, no money, no army, no fortress, nothing. Only the real can protect you from the unreal, period. All the distress in our lives comes from our avoidance of this one simple fact. It is a matter of faith, which is the link between the real and our souls, as well as every other component. Life tests and makes strong this faith in those disposed to the tempering and trial whose sole purpose is this, unless your purpose is all the other things besides what is real. This is the reason for the all pervasive materialism and disorder of the times… to see what we prefer and to see how bad we want it. Those pursuing the real have ‘everything else added unto them’. Those pursuing the unreal lose the real and everything else as well. That’s it, period.

No problem, no difficulty, no confusion, no fear and no anything is anything more than an opting for the shadow over the real. The whole purpose of life and all of its vicissitudes and sufferings are based upon leading you into the light after being lost in the shadow to the point where the attraction for the light is more compelling than anything else. Every problem, difficulty, confusion and fear can be resolved by seeking and practicing the presence of the divine ineffable; the light sheathed in light, sheathed in light. There is no other solution or sanctuary. It’s that simple. Even if you are taken away in the process of this you attain it.

Think of the various similarities in all religions where the mind is fixed upon the divine ineffable, in the life, at the gates of death, in the final moment. You attain it. You don’t go anywhere. You are where you are. Those who intend to enter the Kingdom of Heaven are already there before their seeming departure and Heaven, as has been many times stated here, begins where your feet touch the ground.

Walk in the presence of the light as the light. Walk through everything and every moment as the real in the presence of the real. Make the real your best friend and constant companion. Make the real the single focus of your every moment while engaging in whatever duty, which is also only a part of that focus on the light, on the real. If you are shaky in this then up the intensity. Your intensity must be like that of lungs deprived of oxygen. In this case, the result is very quick. Study your life as it occurs and observe to what degree you perform this task. See everything in this context. Walk and be and live in your life as the living force, without which, you would have no life and you will have no concern about anything else. Your concern about anything else is the reason for all of the conditions and states already mentioned. The one real is the one goal. Make it more important than anything else and it will let you know it is present.

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