On the Trump Town to Sundown and Sunrise up Ahead

Reflections in a Petri Dish — March 11, 2016

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People who come here are familiar with our thoughts on the Trump Town Escapade. We have maintained for some time that the Trump Train is running on the tracks to Clinton Town and that Trump is a stalking horse for Hillary Clinton. Trump has made many donations in that direction and worked certain actions of support in that direction over the years. Now it comes out that 67% of the Democrats and Independents would not vote for Trump under any circumstances and that is the larger segment of voters.
This is the sort of thing that the Trump campaign is generating. Apparently that is no anomaly either. Where are the Rodney King soundbites when we need them?
Sure… I could be wrong. All kinds of things are going on that indicate some kind of Strange Brew, like Ben Carson’s endorsement of Trump. His commentary concerning it is a bit unusual. He says that there is another part of Trump’s being besides his public persona and that is that Trump is, ‘cerebral’. What the Hell does that mean? Trump’s reply is even more strange but you can find it on the mainstream news if it means anything to you.
But the world is strange in any case these days. Maybe this is one of the reasons. Maybe Ben Carson will endorse this too. Then again, maybe he was the attending physician here. It is a bizarre thing for me to walk the streets and boardwalks (a little early but the weather is bringing them out) of Middle America and to see the theme of normal, cruising by, amidst all the other things being trump-eted by the media. The Protocols of Zion are inching and sometimes running toward the fulfillment of their agenda and the world just tries to adapt or stay on course. It’s touch and go but there seems to be more fiber to the content of bedrock America than one might think. There are many tens of thousands of Americans who still have something like a moral compass and who are trying to shepherd their families into a decent and productive existence. I like the look of it. In many ways it seems like all the twisted change that the Worldwide Zionist Media is trying, lights out, to usher in, or to convince us is actually happening and which is only going on in certain limited enclaves, which they also control, like academia and the educational system and it is one thing to get the complicity of administrators and another to compromise all of the teachers.
It could be that the long term plans of the Satanists and Zionists… who are indistinguishable are not going to be as easily achieved as they think. We see so much of what is evil, bankrupt and perverted because that is the conditioning and media massage going on along the information highways but there is all kinds of good taking place too.
We hear endlessly about the illuminati and the Masons and sundry but we hear little or nothing about invisible fellowships that are not corrupted and which are beaming out high end vibrations that resonate with our better nature. It has been said that the world would not even exist were it not for the ineffable’s ceaseless meditations upon it and ourselves. There are light workers who act as delivery systems for all kinds of archetypal force that gets translated into the positive behaviors that many of us exhibit …and are often unaware of the source of the inspiration for them. I try to remind myself that dark and gloomy is simply a manufactured appearance and that boundless light is operating behind every manifestation of darkness in the phenomenal world. For me this is less an act of faith than a certainty of the presence and industry of ageless wisdom. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
I have this hope… this resident belief, that it is altogether possible that things will work out in a surprising and serendipitous fashion, against all odds and against all the evidence of appearances. It could be that some wonderful epidemic of spontaneous goodness might occur at any moment, confounding all the pundits and experts and sweeping the reluctant world into that promised golden age that has for a long time been right around the corner, if only in my mind.
I cannot accept the dark and desultory atmosphere that is being generated upon the common mind by fabricated lies for that purpose. When you can kill the idealism and faith of the mass of us, it is only a few short steps to the brink of despair and they assist in this effort with all the economic chicanery and the generation of billowing clouds of uncertainty that they produce to put us into conflict with ourselves and each other. One of the offspring of this is to also produce selfishness, which is a byproduct of fear… that fear has become palpable as people struggle with ever greater difficulty to stay afloat and take care of those who depend on them.
I’m just not going to buy into any of these things. I am convinced that all of the negativity that we see or hear about is created to give the impression that it is larger than it is and that is the thing with shadows. Often times, what casts the shadow is far smaller than the shadow being cast and shadows are, after all, insubstantial things. They take on a greater power by inducing our belief in them but they are shadows… only shadows.
What can be clearly seen is that very weird things are going on in the corridors of power. People are losing their minds in the rarefied air of their own celebrity. Celebrity, like power and wealth, can be toxic to the mind. It is as if they were all breathing some kind of gas that affects the way they think and feel.
I found a copy of Town and Country in one of those baskets people have in their homes where they stick magazines and newspapers and I looked through it yesterday. I didn’t realize you could spend near two thousand dollars on a shirt, hundreds of dollars on a tie, over a thousand dollars on ill fitting and poorly designed jeans, four or five thousand dollars of a jacket that looks like it was made for a much smaller person. I saw jewelry that was grotesque and the faces of the models were all arranged to show a calculated indifference and contempt to anything in the neighborhood, be it human, animal or divine. The looks on their faces was seriously dramatic, if one is capable of seeing them from an objective standpoint. Surely the glitter and glamor in so many minds, places the idea of romance and a mysterious sense of having arrived upon these features but what I saw was the look of the damned. It is a kind of instilled decadence that speaks of one directed toward a desolate end.
I saw children dressed up in outfits where the ensemble ran to thousands of dollars. The children had the same look on their faces. This is the world of fashion, the place where clothes are designed by men who hate women. It explains all the music videos and their constant themes of excess and depravity. There is little difference to be seen in any of them. It is true I haven’t seen that many because I only come across them accidentally but everyone I have seen is composed of the same message. Human awareness is being shaped and modeled to a particular end. In some cases it takes and in some cases it does not. It is possible that it is not taking to the degree that the perpetrators of it all imagine it is or intend for it to.
Lately I have been consumed by such a sense of optimism… I suppose I can account for it by finding myself in a much more positive atmosphere and circumstance than I have seen in quite some time but I do not think it is only that. Something is in the air and traveling on the wind. Something is coming out of those cloisters of light that are seldom spoken of. Yes… something else is coming out of those other venues and we spoke of it in the last posting. I think both of these coming transitions, be they windfalls or calamities, are specific to the souls awaiting them; whether they know what they are waiting for or not. For many… they have no idea of the metaphysical implications of their course. They do not reflect. They do not inquire. They operate within the parameters of a dream that is orchestrated by the one who sums it all up and which is populated by the manufactured products and ideas of those turning a profit on it all and who imagine that they are the ones in control of the dream. I assure you they are not. I’ve heard it said that, “thinking makes it so.” Sometimes yes and sometimes no.
Until one comes to terms with the incredible limits of their own ability to know anything as it really is, it is impossible for one to know what really is. What happens is that we wander in a world of seeming instead of a world of being. Seeming is temporary. Being is eternal.
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