Autopsy Report: Eerie Similarities Between Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney Houston’s Deaths

By VC — Vigilant Citizen March 8, 2016

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Other than the fact that both Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown were found face down in a bathtub, a new autopsy report concludes that they both found with the combination of drugs in their bodies.
The more the investigation on Bobbi Kristina’s death progresses, the more it bears the classic signs of a ritualistic murder covered up by the authorities. While this might sound like an outrageous claim, all of the facts concerning this case strongly point in that direction and conversely, one must attribute too many things to pure coincidence to conclude that both deaths were accidental.
As I’ve highlighted in my previous articles about this case, Whitney Houston’s last years were those of an ex-star who found herself at odds with the higher ups of the entertainment industry and who got stuck in its dark and toxic underbelly. As drug problems merged with a total mental breakdown, a spectacular downfall ensued. Countless reports of odd behavior surfaced as Whitney was found to be trapped in living conditions akin to mind control. In a rare interview with Oprah, Whitney described her life with Bobbi Brown:
Oprah: Did you think something was gonna happen in those drug-crazed, drug-filled days where you’re sitting for hours and days?
Whitney: There were times when he (Bobby Brown) would smash things, break things in the home. Glass. We had a big, big giant portrait of me and him and my child. He cut my head off the picture. Stuff like that. And I thought, “This is really strange.” So I figured, cutting my head off a picture, that was a little much for me. That was one sign.
And then there were other things like he started to paint in my bedroom eyes. Just eyes. Evil eyes that were looking at every point of the room.
Oprah: He started to paint on the walls?
Whitney: Yeah. The rugs. The walls. The closet doors. If I opened the door, there would be one picture. Then I’d close them and there would be another picture and eyes and faces. It was really strange. …
Oprah: What are you doing with all of that?
Whitney: I’m looking at it going, “Lord, what’s really going on here?” I was getting scared because I felt something was going to blow. Something was going to give.
–, “Whitney Houston Tells All
In short, she was a classic case of an industry pawn who paid dearly the price of fame. Not unlike Michael Jackson, Whitney’s life was cut short just when she was gaining a little grip on her life and right when she was becoming a little more vocal about her ordeals.
Whitney’s death was apparently not enough and, as if struck by a multi-generational curse, the her daughter lost her life in circumstances that are exactly similar. Leaving both mother and daughter face down in a bathtub is the kind of “signature” a serial killer would leave to link both murders. New information now confirm that the similarities go beyond the setting of the crime scene.

Same Fatal Cocktail of Drugs

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