New JFK Book Provides Comic Relief

Authors Brian David Andersen & Mark Samuel Anderson claim:

Assassination was faked. JFK lived out his years in Russia.

“Whereas so many JFK books fall short on presenting indisputable physical evidence, “My God, I’m Hit!” picks up the slack and delivers the solid facts and realities directly to the door-step of the reader’s intellect and awareness. The tsunami of never-before-published factual information in “My God, I’m Hit!” raises the question: Will the reader’s emotional state allow them to assimilate the blunt and stunning truths in our book or will their fear and judgment reject the once hidden but now obvious realities?”


The Kennedy Assassination remains the most investigated conspiracy of all time. The latest offering is “My God I’m Hit: A Sherlock Holmes Approach To The Kennedy Incident On Elm Street“, by Brian David Andersen & Mark Samuel Anderson.

The book reads well initially, suggesting it contains new information. The authors present their case as if the reader is the jury. My interest was even piqued by the first implication that the authors would show that the famous Zabruder film was tampered with by Hollywood animation specialists.

“This book exposes the Zapruder film as a manipulated fraud, hoax and literal cover-up by citing five- point/multi-dimensional observations by key eyewitnesses and others on Elm Street.”

Making note of that I read on, but the author’s tease on the Zabruder film would have to wait as I found myself reading this:

“The text and photos are primarily for persons born after 1977 because they are detached from the emotions, prejudices and brainwashing that their parents and grandparents experienced as the Kennedy saga unfolded and evolved.”

This statement was the first red flag for me, because it’s a circular argument. We’ve seen this before. “eye witness testimony isn’t reliable because they’re emotionally involved, so the the only credible witnesses weren’t there”.

No big deal. I continued with interest to learn what new information the book could reveal regarding this tragedy. Then from page 5 to 10 I realized the author wasn’t kidding – he expects readers to believe the Kennedy Assassination was faked! I had to re-read pages 5-10 to be sure I hadn’t misunderstood. After dropping this bomb on page 5, the authors spend 4 more pages of empty rhetorical arguments; “The question to ask is: Why does disagreeing with the premise of the “Kennedy Assassination” make people so incredulous or hostile?”

Why? It’s one thing to say that 9-11 was a conspiracy, and people can debate endlessly ‘whodunnit’. It’s another to say the World Trade Center destruction itself was faked! The same applies to the Kennedy Assassination. The difference is motive. Cui bono? There’s plenty of motives behind these two atrocities, but where’s the motive for faking either of them?

“My God I’m Hit” doesn’t really provide any motive for the author’s assertion that the ‘Powers That Be’ made President Kennedy “an offer he couldn’t refuse: abdication by fake assassination, or real assassination”.


I was only ten pages into this thing and already feeling it was an insult to the reader’s intelligence. But the second chapter “The Two Core Reasons” promised to explain why the bloody murder of the popular young President would be ‘faked’.

Instead, the authors took me down a new rabbit hole. This chapter begins with the affair between Jack Kennedy as while President and Mary Pinchot – the estranged wife of CIA big shot Cord Meyer. These details are lifted from the 1984 autobiography of Dr. Timothy Leary – the LSD ‘guru’ of the 60’s psychedelic movement.

“My God I’m Hit” twists this account to say that Mary Pinchot had President Kennedy “tripping” on LSD frequently, and that it was Leary providing her with the drug to do it.

The authors stampede ahead with conjectures such as, “Besides all his legal medications for his pain and suffering, JFK began “tripping” with Mary on LSD (declared illegal in 1966) provided by Leary.” “JFK’s LSD trips totally revamped his approach to his sexuality and women and especially his relationship with Jackie.”

So ‘core reason one’ that the Kennedy Assassination was faked (according to Andersen) is that LSD ‘therapy’ made Kennedy a workaholic.

“After beginning his therapeutic LSD sessions, JFK stayed in the White House while working 10 to 16 hour days. Because the therapeutic LSD sessions transformed his sexual attitudes, JFK funneled all of his physical, emotional and intellectual energies to creating legislation and Executive Orders that benefited the United States of America and not the Global Elitist agenda. The Powers-That-Be took notice of and exception to JFK’s real, true and threatening “New Frontier.” JFK’s intentions shifted from the Global Elitist agenda of taking away the rights of common American citizens to supporting the rights and privileges of the common American citizens.”

And if my mother had wheels she’d be a car.


Fact is, the authors skirt around giving a credible scenario for why in the world Kennedy’s death would be faked. The second ‘core reason’ Andersen presents is Kennedy’s Executive Order 11110 which initiated US Treasury issuance of Federal currency backed by US Treasury silver. Andersen did that part right.

“Once the power was transferred, however routine that action may have seemed, a Treasury Department official appointed by Kennedy named James J. Saxon put Executive Order 11110 into dynamic action. What Flaherty, Griffin, Zarlinga, Wikipedia and others craftily do not address is immediately after this power was transferred to the Treasury Department, over four billion dollars worth of $2 and $5 United States notes were circulated throughout the world.”

Yes indeed. Those bills were called ‘silver certificates’, and were blue-green. As a kid we knew to collect them for one of the first things Johnson did as President was stop Treasury from printing any more of them.

Never-the-less ‘core reason two’ for faking Kennedy’s murder is simply just another reason for killing him. Andersen gives “More Reasons” at the end of the book in Appendix I. I could see why he reserved them for the end — I think he figured only those dumb enough to read the whole book might believe them! One reason he supposes casts a prominent American Catholic Cardinal of the early 60’s as the ‘Black Pope’ – and of course the Black Pope in Andersen’s theory is the top head of the ‘Powers That Be’.

Before reaching that brilliant conclusion Andersen puts the reader through nearly 400 pages of fantastic assertions. He spends a whole chapter explaining that the President was specially fitted up with a concealed “pyrotechnic device” rigged to explode fake blood and brain debris. This device was to be triggered by Jackie Kennedy, who would then put on “the acting job of her life” pretending to be traumatized by having her husband’s brains splashed all over her. Which of course was all ‘fake’ *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*
If this doesn’t insult the reader’s intelligence enough to toss it in the nearest trash can, Andersen proceeds to detail a hidden panel in the back of the limo to the roomy trunk, in which JFK’s ‘body double’ is concealed, ready for the REAL Kennedy to be switched with the dead body of the double.

To complicate matters the REAL JFK has actually been shot in the shoulder just to make it look good.

I’ll fast forward past the parts about the FAKE Oswald and FAKE Jack Ruby who have doubles who also are killed.

Where does Kennedy go? He’s secretly transported to a luxury compound on the Baltic coast courtesy of the Soviet Union to live out his days with his alleged mistress – a famous socialite whom Andersen says faked her own death in 1965. According to Andersen, JFK had a terminal disease and didn’t have long to live anyway. He spent out his final days swimming and playing tennis in a wheelchair, and presumably tripping on LSD.


You’d have to be on LSD to believe this book. Every few years some new Kennedy Assassination disinformation hype comes out to add confusion to the evidence so that new generations won’t even know what a serious atrocity was done to the people of the United States. So I get a bit angry when somebody is in that business.

I can endorse the book as an entertaining satire of Kennedy conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, the book isn’t supposed to be satire! This outlandish premise reminds me of a cult classic movie “Bubba Hotep,” which did satirize American quasi-reality mythologies by portraying elderly Elvis Presley and John F. Kennedy incognito living out their lives in a shabby nursing home somewhere in the South USA.

“The film version also stars Ossie Davis as Jack, a black man who claims to be John F. Kennedy (explaining that he was patched up after the assassination in Dallas, dyed black, and abandoned by Lyndon Johnson).”

Given a choice between reading “My God I’m Hit” and watching Bubba Hotep on DVD, I have to go with Elvis. Bubba Hoptep is closer to reality.