Al Qaida warns of new attacks deadlier than before

Much of modern journalism is no more than disinformation and what follows is a prime example. Read it through to the end and you’ll find no mention of who Adam Gadahn really is, his origins or his background.

So who is Adam Gadahn? Well, what the following Associated Press report doesn’t mention is that Adam Gadahn ‘s real name is Adam Pearlman.

Instead of examining his background and his real agenda however, the Associated Press instead focuses on his threats and his “mocking tone”. More significantly it also ignores the fact that he the son of musician Phil Pearlman and the grandson of prominent urologist Carl Kenneth Pearlman.

Even more notable is the fact that Adam’s grandfather was a prominent member of the Anti-Defamation League and that Adam converted to Islam while living with his grandparents.

According to the Washington Post:

“While living with his grandparents in suburban Santa Ana, he made his first trip to the nearby mosque in 1995. He introduced himself as Yahya – the Arabic name for John the Baptist, revered as a great prophet in Islam.”

So here we have a genuine Bar Mitzvah boy who, under the auspices of his grandfather – a prominent member of the Anti-Defamation League – converts to Islam and becomes a spokesman for a Muslim terror group.

Even the photo below of Adam Gadahn/Pearlman is suspect. Released by IntelCenter, a terror information service that is run by Ben VENZKE, who is suspected of being a Mossad operative.

Further references:

Al-Qaida warns of new attacks deadlier than before
Paul Schemm – Associated Press June 20, 2010

Al-Qaida’s U.S.-born spokesman warned President Barack Obama Sunday that the militant group may launch new attacks that would kill more Americans than previous ones.

In a taunting, 24 minute message that dwelled on Obama’s setbacks, including the loss of Massachusetts Senate seat to the Republicans, Adam Gadahn set out al-Qaida’s conditions for peace with the U.S., including cutting support for Israel and withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Gadahn said that if you compared the number of dead Muslims “with the relatively small number of Americans we have killed so far, it becomes crystal-clear that we haven’t even begun to even the score,” he said, dressed in a white robe and turban.

“That’s why next time, we might not show the restraint and self-control we have shown up until now,” he said. Even if al-Qaida was defeated, “hundreds of millions of Muslims” would still fight the U.S., he added.

Al-Qaida offered the same conditions for an end to hostilities to then President George W. Bush in 2007, including the release of all Muslim prisoners and cutting off aid to Middle East governments.

Gadahn’s statement was notable for its mocking tone, in which he described Obama as “a devious, evasive and serpentine American president with a Muslim name,” and seemed to delight in his setbacks.

“You’re no longer the popular man you once were, a year ago or so,” he crowed, ascribing his drop in popularity to the escalation of the U.S. wars abroad.

At the time of Obama’s election, many analysts said al-Qaida was worried that his race and Muslim family connections would make him more appealing to Muslims and Arabs angry at Bush’s foreign policy.

In its statements since his election, al-Qaida has taken pains to show the continuity between Obama’s foreign policy and that of his predecessor.

Gadahn is wanted by the FBI since 2004 with a $1 million reward for information leading to his arrest or conviction. He is also known as Azzam al-Amriki, Arabic for the American.

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