Satanist Insider Responds to “Disbelievers”

Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known.

[In response to readers:]

“How many of the Sheeple have become spiritual warriors, through prayer and sacrifice.”

A lot. I love Xtian [Christian] spiritual warriors cowering on their knees in prayer!

“It is a also war on the spiritual level…”

Yes. We appreciate that far more than you ever will. Perhaps you should re-read my posts.

“The true arrogance is the Satanists who ram everything down our throat and get angry when we won’t just eat it up.”

Denied. We give the sheeple what they want. No need to ram (pun intended).

“[Satanists] get insulted when we don’t readily believe their lies.”

You bought 9/11, didn’t you? If not, you did nothing about it, did you? You engage in pointless politics, attend our churches, work harder and longer for less and less, die in our wars, use our banks, follow the curriculum and enjoy modern media. We can’t ask for much more.

As for the “King of Liars”, I refer to Genesis 2:17, Matthew 16:28, Mark 13:30 and Luke 21:32. Like father, like son. The fruit never falls far from the tree. Jesus is coming! Will you spit or swallow? It must be remembered that this “King of Liars” title was given by God’s sale manager on Earth; the Altar Boys’ wet-dream. His miracles were events described by those to whom these were told by people who did not see them. Moreover, to prove the gospels and their ‘hero’ by miracles is to prove absurdities by things contrary to nature, experience and reason. Sure Jesus lives – vampires never die!

“As Christ told the Jew who wanted to put away his wife: “If you put away this weeping woman, her pain will end at death. Yours will then begin, to last forever!”

Any scriptural reference for that quote John, or did you just make it up yourself in the heat of the moment?

Finally, the god you worship wants to hand out eternal punishment for temporal crimes. Hardly just, is it? The scriptures you never really study are propaganda pieces full of murder, weeping and gnashing of teeth. The inspiration of your bible depends upon the ignorance of the person who reads it. Hardly edifying stuff, unless you’re a slave. It was Saul who first gave the filth their tongue! The world grows more humane as it discards Xtianity. If god had wanted to send us a message and ancient writings were the only way he could think of doing it, he could have done a much better job.

Satanism as a spirituality recognizes and revels in the here and now physicality of existence – the ‘evocation of the open cheque-book’ so to speak. The only thing that money can’t buy is poverty! We also know that there is a non-physical reality and we work with that as well. Ours is not a faith based pipe-dream. Ours is knowledge and action!


The economic collapse will be this year – 2010! I’m still awaiting word as to whether it will be sooner or later. When it happens we’re talking days, not weeks. Kazuhiko-san (our little Queen Himiko: “the double-wanded one” Liber Al III:34) has contacts who have advised that the Japanese economy is doomed – bet you didn’t hear that on your free, independent media. When I last spoke to Nicholson he told me that the Bank of England has huge investments in the banking systems of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. You work it out.

We have our global currency ready. We’re about to move. It’ll be micro-chipped just like New Zealand drivers’ licenses. (And if you doubt me, just give your NZ drivers’ license a few seconds in the microwave, sit tight and you’ll have a replacement license sent to you in under two weeks.) Sheeple aren’t ready for electronic cash cards just yet. I’m pushing for it to be named the Novo, but we’ll see.

And after the culling, you will lick the hand which feeds you.

Give Us this day Our ecstasy…for We are Your kingdom, for aeons and aeons…


Editor’s Note: Fozdyke gave us his friend’s testament: “Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control”)