In-House Memos on Television And Print Media News Presentations

(October 24, 2003)…the policy now on North Korea is to lull them into a less belligerent mode, persuade them to disarm their nuclear arm in exchange for “recognition and guarantees of security” from the US and then strike at them if they are stupid enough to go for the Bush razzmatazz…

(October 25) The political and military problems in Iraq are rapidly becoming hopeless. Bush cannot and will not let go…we are being urgently requested to play down the growing successes of the resistance…we are asked to call it “minor” actions by “a very small group of rapidly dwindling Saddam supporters..” and that US troops are “quickly getting a handle on the sporadic (stress this) violence” while “winning the hearts of a grateful Iraqi people.” …actually, the ranks of the partisans are growing…sources indicate that Syrians, Egyptians, Iranians, Saudis and Yemeni activists are now pouring into Iraq through borders that are as porous as Swiss cheese…much, much more trouble ahead…huge quantities of Russian weapons are finding their way into the hands of the rebels along with timely intelligence intercepts of “secret” US military messages…probably from Russian sources who do not want Americans threatening them from their southern borders…

(October 28) there is complete chaos in Baghdad tonight and the whitewash brushes are out in force. “This is a stunning victory for our policy. The more of our troops they kill (and the real death toll is about double than the one officially released so far) the fewer bombs they will have for future attacks….reminds me of the old boxer who told me, after he was thrashed in a fight, “did you see the way I smashed his fist with my nose?”

Note: The Sunday last massive rocket attack on the US command hotel in Baghdad was aimed at Wolfowitz and news of his impending arrival in Iraq was quickly learned from these intercepts.

From Arab sources, it is learned that the Iraqi resisters are determined to kill Wolfowitz, whom they view as the chief architect of their continuing oppression and occupation. It also very clearly appears that the partisans are now beginning to target senior American military leadership and their headquarters and residence buildings.

There is no effective way to prevent such attacks from achieving success unless all the American commanders take refuge in deep concrete bunkers. Attacking an incoming US military jet with high level officials aboard is a piece of tactical cake for the weaponry now in the hands of resisters and the best hope is that shooting down transport aircraft will stay limited to Iraq and not spread to international airports

It is interesting to note that every time a successful commando raid happens and many are killed, the Bush administration issues idiotic statements claiming that the end is now in sight for the three ex-Saddam cousins that represent the entire resistance movement.

They can readily be expected to make the same identical comment upon the occasion of the next successful explosive outrage.

During the Vietnamese disaster, the frantic Lyndon Johnson once said, after a disastrous Viet Cong attack, that there was light at the end of the tunnel. It turned out to be an oncoming train.

Lyndon had the sense to get out of his high office before he was thrown out.

Others are neither as perceptive or pragmatic.

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