Another Step In The Right Direction?


So the Bank Of England is to take over the regulatory powers of the Financial Services Authority? This might help the international banks manage their parasitism more effectively but it will not help us.
Our system is fundamentally skewed in favour of financial oligarchs in a manner that no ‘regulation’ can fix.
I have tried, quite hard, to find out who really controls the Bank Of England. One might as well try to paint the sky. We know that central banks and international bankers co-operate internationally. They say so. The BOE is controlled by these bankers, not by us nor our ‘representatives’, in spite of its ‘nationalisation’ in 1945. If the BOE really worked for us it would have created the £1 trillion or so given out during ‘quantatitive easing’ itself, at no interest, rather than borrowing it from the banking system.
…..and it could easily have done just that.
Now we must ‘repay’ this debt. In fact the bankers did not “pay” out anything at all. They created this debt out of thin air. The only people who do any paying are ourselves, the debtors.
The nature of the scam at the very heart of our culture is breathtaking. This cannot be emphasised often enough. Look at what ‘quantitave easing’ really is.
In 2008 the banks were skint. Not because of faulty loans but because of the thousand trillion dollars or so of (now valueless) toxic derivatives they created in their casino ‘markets’. Individually, bankers created these derivatives primarily so that they could scam a commission every time a trade took place. Overall, this process was sanctioned to serve a larger strategic purpose.
The usual one.
Next, globally, we give them trillions of pounds to put them back on their feet.
Where did we get this money?
Why, from the very same skint banking system that had lost everything, holding worthless ‘assets’ nominally valued at approximately ten times the value of everything on earth.
Now, having given them trillions (that they don’t seem very interested in sharing with the rest of us, by the way), we owe THIS VERY SAME MONEY TO THE PEOPLE TO WHOM WE HAVE ALREADY GIVEN IT!!
PLUS EFFING INTEREST!!! (that could and will multiply this money by whatever number they choose… it is the banking system, here the Bank of England, that sets the interest rate)
These people are wolves devouring a flock of sheep (that’s us).
Let us see what happens next (the cycle seems to work the same every time round). Our currencies are heading for collapse. The derivatives reality ensures this must happen. There are two possible outcomes in the short term:
1) These are the conditions that precipitate war, as the financial powers recharge their system and save their asses. In the aftermath, shattered countries are desperate for money for reconstruction and the debts created always inflate banking power to a new zenith.
2) We will experience a currency crisis. While this is occurring the banks will probably close for a few days. After this (if the capitalist system if allowed to persist) massive financial chaos will bankrupt millions and the possessions of the broken will fall into the hands of (who else) the banks. This is what happened in Germany between the Wars. At this time the bankers might be waiting with a big new idea. The replacement of the global capitalist system by a managed global economy….a kind of global Soviet Union.
Whatever they offer us through ‘our’ politicians, be sure that THEIR control will be hugely enhanced by whatever new mechanisms are put in place.
This will happen one way or the other.
These people CANNOT FIX OUR SYSTEM. THEY are the problem. They ARE the enemy……..not Muslims, not terrorists, not the BNP, nor any other demonised group. Just remember who is doing the demonising…..and why.
Our enemies are the oligarchs (and their international partners) at the top of our own ruling class !
Here is one simple argument demonstrating that we can know definitively that the banking interest controls every last corner of our society.
Surely we now know that debt, or usury, is the basis of our entire culture. It defines everything else about us.
But……the mechanism at the heart of this reality, the money creation at interest by privately owned corporations is NEVER discussed within our schools. We are not told how this system came about nor what came before it nor any of the alternative systems that have existed over the centuries. The same is true of universities. Business Schools educate their students within a sole invented (bullsh*t) economic paradigm that is the Keynsian model (i.e. THEIR model).
Likewise in the mainstream media and in the British Parliament (and Congress and the U.S. Senate). Never a suggestion that realistic alternatives and solutions to our current debt enslavement are perfectly possible.
The hyper-successful author, media darling, friend of the Rothschilds and Harvard Professor of Economic history, Niall Ferguson, wrote a best-selling history book recently called “The Ascent Of Money”. I bought this book to see what he had to say about the struggle been successive US governments and the central bankers for control of America’s money creation (and hence, control of the country and its politics). This is the real, vital history that has defined America at every stage of its development over the last two centuries.
Eight times the banks have been kicked out by the politicians. Eight times they have rallied, bought politicians and re-established financial hegemony until their final installation of The Federal Reserve in 1913 (JFK’s Executive Order 11110 returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency in June 1963, but this activity lasted as long as the remainder of his life, about 4 months).
The not-so-amazing discovery you can make for yourself on inspecting this ‘top-notch’ academic’s highly-praised and ‘definitive’ history is that NOT A DETAIL OF THIS FUNDAMENTAL STRUGGLE APPEARS IN HIS NARRATIVE.
Everybody in any position of influence seems to know what is good for them (and, perhaps, how to prosper).
This man is a fraud, a professional liar and a traitor to the interests of his own people…….and see how he prospers.
He is no exception, but rather represents the rule. Venal servitude and a lack of integrity are the passports to success. Politicians, businessmen, financiers, media persons, academics……it works the same everywhere.
The entire system is under the total control of the money power.
How can anybody deny this?
Raise these questions with your elected reprasentatives. Raise them with your work colleagues.
Educate for change.
Promote non-cooperation with authority and division among the ranks, particularly the higher ranks. How long would soldiers continue to fight in service of bankers, corporatists and drug-traffikers if they became aware they were fighting and dying, not to prevent terrorists from attacking their country but to further enrich and empower the super-rich and to more deeply enslave their families at home?
We, our brothers and our sisters are serving this beast by our participation in their systems. We may feel we have no choice but there is much we can do.
A most brilliant article by Ellen Brown, “Deficit Terrorists Strike In The UK Is The US Next?” on this subject is well worth reading:
Also please watch ‘The Moneymasters’ on Google Video (3 hour 35 minute documentary) to see the real history of money, its undermining of political systems, its financial collapses and wars. A brilliant exposition.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.