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Good day, good readers; presently engaged in the longest comments thread so far, at these blogs over at S.M. This will be long, probably at least two entries and I will endeavor to make them happen quickly so you’ll have to come back on your own because the follow-up won’t be linked at other locations like this one is.
Most of you are aware that I just passed through some life changing and consciousness changing events. Most of you, like me, are aware of the transformative power of the times and some few, as always, have graced us from the sneer and jeer section of the world audience from scattered locales in places where weeds prosper and flowers struggle for the sun (grin). Their numbers are less than the fingers on one hand. All are welcome.

As I’ve chronicles in the ‘travelogues’ published here in Origami a few years ago, I met someone of great power on a beach whose identity was unknown then but lately revealed to me. This led to a massive Kundalini experience in the same year; my 21st. Many events followed with nothing of similar force until recently. I’ll focus on the recent exclusively. These started around the time I acquired the property in Southern Italy but did not become consistently active until around 3 years ago.

Prior to that a hunger began to develop in me for my walled garden and, as far as I can remember the spelling (this will not be correct) was based on the meaning of the Pakistani word ‘para deez’ from which the word paradise evolved and which translates as ‘walled garden’. Near the same time (on my second visit to Italy) an intense desire for contact with The Devic Realm emerged and I encountered the Hindu Deity, Ganesha, who is the ruler of that realm. The active phase of events began 3 years from this coming August in the early part of the month when I traveled with my Indian (India) friend Roy down to the house in Italy.

This began a period of suffering that lasted until the recent events that will be illustrated here in these postings. This was set off by an Ayahuasca experience that covered several days and shook the ground both actual and virtual in my world and which occurred shortly after Roy left.

During this experience, God had several interactions with my female nature that were choreographed to show me something of the true nature of God’s personality; some of this I have commented on recently at S.M. and in other ways. A significant part of this treated with the sexual nature of the divine and related back to things I was told on the beach when I met the astounding presence I encountered there. The other significant feature was God telling me that he was waking up and thanking me for doing so. I took this to imply a personal aspect rather than a cosmic all pervading one but that cannot be discounted either (insanity alert). I have recorded this event elsewhere and do not remember when or in which blog. I’ll give a brief summary.

God repeated over and over, in many different ways, some permutation of the following. “I’m awake now visible and thank you for that. First I’m going to stretch (yawns accompanied all of this all through. Those familiar with Ayahuasca know the yawn I am talking about.) and come up through the planes, say Hello! and have my morning coffee. Then I’m going to confer my blessings and you, visible, are going to be included in that.” This is when I first started hearing, “You have no idea” which has continued until now and still continues. God then continued and as a constant component, would start over again with, “I’m awake now” etc. Sometimes it would take some time to actually complete the statement due to going back and starting over again. As I said, then God would continue from the blessings to say that he was, after the blessings, going to open a small window of forgiveness and that everyone on the planet would be informed. That window would remain open until it closed and would not open again. After that, God informed me, he was going to, “kick some ass”. He was going to show up right in the middle of ‘them’ and expose them to themselves and the world. He was going to mess up all of their operations. He was going to kick their ass and send them to Hell.

People would be safe and far more than that, based on their trust in him and the distance covered in pursuit and search of him. Many times I found myself laying on a futon couch and slamming my leg and knee into the side as punctuation to the force of the statements. After this until about two or more months ago there was a seldom interrupted period of discomfort and outright pain for me and a wonderment at not seeing what had been so profoundly impressed on me and ‘where the Hell are my blessings’? I have learned that God’s time and my time are not the same. This time is speeding up until divine and human time are soon the same. We are in the initial phase of the blessings period right now.

Around two months ago, a voice came alive in my mind and began to take me through various stages of belief in comments like the following; “It’s about to begin and it is inevitable, no matter what you do and do not do. The only variant is your comfort in the process”, “Rely on me in everything, open, surrender, and realize that I am causing everything that happens ”,“ I am here now. I have always been here but now I am really here, right here, right now”. There were other statements and extended conversations that had to do with variations of this and also, well… a lot of things.

This intensified and intensified until is was happening almost all of the time and which finally led to the first event in which I found myself entirely in another world where what happened was also taking place in this one. I first found myself standing in my yard near the road, apart from and inside of a God named Wesak who was of a certain tribe. He was standing next to Berlusconi and the property was his. He was talking with Berlusconi about Italy and what he did for Italy and about ten grams of Cocaine that authorities had stolen from him ( I know how weird this sounds and should state that no cocaine was ingested by anyone through the whole affair.) . I now know the symbolism of this but it’s not important for the tale. The tale from this point; about 25 days ago in genesis is extremely complicated (covering most of the time between then and now) and I have to be brief.

Berlusconi said he would replace the coke. Wesak was complaining about how he received no respect from Italy and that the Italian people were completely unaware of what he did for them which amounted to a lot; power, money, protection and so on. This led to a twelve hour or more adventure which went up and down my street and all the way (over a kilometer) to the main road. People who lived there surely saw and heard the spectacle of Wesak destroying CIA agents, discovering them hijacking one replacement after another. Out of well over 10 shipments of the drug, Wesak got none and wound up waiting for 3 hours at my front gate until darkness fell. He was swearing he would not go in until he got what he wanted. On the way, parasites that lived in plant life everywhere were destroyed along with many other things. Finally Wesak got angry and started destroying portions of the Earth; all CIA headquarters, Chicago and New York, Paris and London and other things. When this part ended he threatened to destroy whole countries. He didn’t get what he wanted. Do you see the classic paranoid implications of this? I did and I was there at all times. This destruction is being held in completion on the virtual plane and requires only a command to cause it to become actual.

The next morning I woke up and Wesak and I had merged into one person. He was what you might call the subconscious and I the conscious. For four days this accelerated while neighbors went about their business and were right there while I acted out in ways that would have brought an official response many times but brought nothing. I was invested as a certain cosmic character that shows up every 2,000 years or so and elaborate ceremonials occurred. I should add that a close friend of Tony Blair’s lives only a little over a hundred meters down the street and was at home with his family. Quite some action involved his yard. Further up the street is an immense spa under construction and near completion, which is so exclusive that none of the features; restaurant etc; are open to the public. It is being built in a remote area with no conceivable justification for expected success but, on it goes. In the last couple of years some very wealthy people have built some serious living spaces all around. When I got here, none of this, except the spa, was going on.

It was through this and right outside their gates that this whole drama was taking place, night and day and not a word. When Susanne arrived a few days ago with a friend to get me, because she thought I was in severe danger, the neighbors were very friendly and insisting that she come and bring me to some large dinner taking place or something else and were very disappointed, as only Italians can be, that she did not. There was no mention of events which got a lot more frisky as they went along.

I’ll stop here and continue shortly, backtracking on occasion to diagram things I will surely leave out. This part is nothing so you can understand my reluctance to do this. I suggest you look on this as entertainment unless it brings about some other reaction. More to follow.

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I should add that, unknown to me, I was given my own section at Rense entitled ‘Dog Poet Transmitting’ and at one point 3 on my essays were listed one after the other at the top of the page as well. This has been going on for a month or two. A few days ago I disappeared entirely from the page while everyone else remained. Nothing has been said or done here or anywhere else connected to me that would have generated this. I mention it because it gets explained a little further on and also to point out that alternative news sites, just like Mass Media are all under the power of the collective reality control with very few exceptions. Some of you may be finding this on one of them.

Part 2

This first sequence continued for four days non stop and impacted on me to the point where I believed it entirely. The night before it ended I was up throughout, in conversation with images of Lord Ganesha, an Avatar twin, Ramana Maharshi and Babaji that came to life and provided me with one of the most memorable evenings of my life until dawn. I should mention that at various points I did not sleep or eat for long periods.

On the afternoon of the third day I was talking to a world leader and sundry in my kitchen when Susanne called on the phone. It was all so real to me by this time that I began recounting it and disturbing her pretty good. I asked her if she wanted to talk to the world leader (yes, you can imagine) and she became even more distressed. I went into the kitchen to find the world leader gone. I came back outside and almost immediately the entire scene dissolved while I was talking to Susanne on the phone. I said goodbye and confronted the nothing that remained. For the rest of the day and until the next morning I was disappointed and depressed beyond anything I had ever experienced and that is saying something. I had known that not only was I who I was told but that I would get to do certain things (long desired) and there were also the elaborate rituals. At this point I thought, “Man, do I have a powerful imagination and Man oh man how could this not be true or at least divinely influenced”? I had never been anywhere near something like this before.

I was destroyed and very unhappy and I was saying so. Suddenly, the man on the beach appeared in my head and this resulted in a twelve hour period of me sitting in my chair and interacting with him. Halfway through, it all looked like a fraud because of a sudden change in the exchange and my bullshit meter ringing off the hook. One thing I don’t do is work over time to convince myself of anything when it looks wrong even when I want it very badly. Then came the reappearance of the real again and several hours of even more convincing exchange in which things were said that I could not have known. This ended in my driving into town and having the whole thing made to appear a charade after being reconvinced that I was who I was told I was in the preceding segment. Imagine my disappointment now.

In the space following this I went to a club frequented by a younger set who were aware of my music and other things and had not seen me in a year. The owner, a young Italian man closed the club, packed up all kinds of drinks and he and some number of those present, male and female, followed me up to the house. The owner could not stay long at all. Something was freaking him out and he had to leave. Several people left with him and then returned and a bacchanalia resulted that I won’t diagram but will say was unlike anything I had ever engaged in and which consisted on me having powers to make near anything happen, according to what I saw in their heads and them being aware of it and fully into what followed. This resulted in certain acts being commanded and carried out by those present for the full entertainment of all present who were watching and leading to all being engaged in one way or another. This was the first time real people became involved and it was all you can imagine and involving all permutations between both sides of the eternal equation of our two different aspects here.

This carried on to another dawn where my disappointment in yet another intensely real event; the man on the beach sequence, not what followed… proving where my real interest lay, left me ruined and wishing death and never having been born. After a protracted agony the man on the beach reappeared and indicated the lamia room of the house as the next stage of occurrences. The words, “everything is changed completely” appeared on the wall next to the entrance along with, “I am here, now, really here” and “It has begun, is happening, is happening right now and is inevitable, no matter what.”

The man on the beach left and I waited through the whole day for something to happen. These same things had been said during the 12 hour sit down where I also waited all through. The next day nothing was happening again and my disappointment was severe and I was then distracted by something that took my attention off of it all. The next thing I knew I was in that room and people began arriving; people from the group at the club and people who had heard about what had happened and entities from all over including my brother Hartley (never encountered before until now) who was shown to be an avatar of all of the physical changes coming. The diagrams of everything coming appeared out of Hartley’s head and it was beyond anything I was capable of. The schematic of the communities to come, the inventions, the social and political realities, the buildings… all the infrastructure was presented for all. I was blown away. What I was told was coming did come and once again it was delayed because of the time difference between human and divine. Suffice to say that Hartley was well beyond anything Da Vinci ever was, or anyone else.

People were coming to see Hartley who had the power to operate sexually through anyone on anyone, as anyone and it became very apparent very soon that Hartley was widely known by rumor and testimony all over the place. A scenario evolved in which Harley demonstrated sexual events through people, not only taking them to states of enjoyment and release that few have ever experienced but also healing them in the process and anyone anywhere who suffered from the same. It was made clear that the primary problem and vehicle of human torment was all associated with a misperception of the sexual force and that this must be healed first before anything could happen. The whole tapestry of all religions was laid out and this point was made blindingly clear.

Somewhere through this it became apparent that the whole of my front yard was filled with entities from divine kingdoms, the lands of myth and legend and extra terrestrials. I had to walk out on to my deck with no pants on, only a shirt and greet them as the entity I had been told I was and which was also the reason for their presence. I was somewhat deranged, having drank only a few beers and thinking as I spoke, how ridiculous I must look. Tara was there with entities too numerous to name and we spoke for a bit. I then said I should probably shut up. I apologized for appearing crazy, comical and so forth and said, “You can’t expect God to conform to your expectations. He’s a lot more like this than he is what you have come to expect of him and yourselves”; quite some number of those there were Gods. I said, “I’ll probably be back and I’ll be sure to have pants on the next time.” This was outrageously funny, most especially for me. The fact is that I didn’t know what had happened to my pants and that wasn’t because of what one might first think.

Shortly after, we became aware of negative aliens and parasite aliens that closed off entrance to my place. It became more and more clear that the entire house and grounds were wired by the Pentagon in concert with the aliens and it was such an intricate affair that it was never settled until just before I left. These presences were operational all up and down the roads and were there from the first event. A space ship appeared in the sky and Hartley knew the pilot who came from a planet that was in charge of all documents and prototypes, all numbers and languages that were used for the construction and maintenance of the universe. He had a weapon on board that could destroy the Pentagon/alien apparatus that was in place. Is this not classic paranoid state as well as evidence of a severe schizophrenic break? This gets proven later when two parts of myself separate and remain so for days, having conversation with one another and so much more.

The action of the alien and the calling forth of my own powers resulted in a massive space war in which at least eight bad alien armadas were destroyed, including entire planets and parasite aliens who, I now know are our biggest problem. Space was completely clear and ships from several systems began to land. The alien who had been helping me whose name sounds something like Devona began to land. He had a beer on board for me and other things but never could land. Finally Hartley said, “He’s afraid, you have too much power.” The power was love. I grew tired of this and told him to get lost and not come back. That got resolved later on.

Okay, this qualifies as another segment. I see there will be no more than 4 now. I’ll put this up following the last one so that all of them will appear as one posting. Now I am going to take a break for some hours. Much backtracking is going to be required. Some things I won’t say but there will be enough for you to imagine what might have happened that I don’t want to talk about. Satan shows up next and gets fully explained. I will say that shortly following all of this I received a jacket that no one could put on and which radiated so much power that people were demanding I put it on to stop their discomfort. I threw it to Satan, effectively giving him the power to control and destroy everything and scaring the shit out of everyone. He just tossed it back to me and I put it on. I kept hearing about his all the way until I left. Later for more… This accounts for about half of the time involved, maybe less.

Part 3

The event with the spaceship was followed by a steady stream of people wandering in the area between the driveway and the walkway at the side of the house. The barrier was back up, knocked down, back up etc. On the night of the event there was a lot of unhappiness about the presence of Satan and The Anti Christ. After my tossing of the jacket of power to Satan I explained who he was. He removed his devil outfit (which was impressive) and I stated he was one of my most powerful angels. He blossomed into the sky in awesome brilliance. I explained that he took this role voluntarily and had the keys and secrets of darkness hidden in his breast and consciously forgot who he was in order to perform in this role.

The anti-Christ came forward and stepped out of his guise and was seen as someone with a terribly burned face. I had died centuries ago and he was saved as a result. He was a bad person at the time and went on to achieve immortality by a particular means and assumed the role. Both of them figured in public communications with me and stated they were my friend. All of what I am supposed to be is explained in the section coming which concerns Mother Nature. I’ll skip the general awareness of this already existing at this point and deal with it there.

A great deal of the time I wasn’t eating or sleeping. By the time Mother Nature appeared I was a mess and because of my appearance (calculated) I was allowed to perform a ritual which treated with M. Nature and unhindered or harassed in the hope that my weakness would result in missed steps in the ritual which would make the ritual impossible by me for a very long time.

For the next several days a lot of things took place in the lamia and were related to the sexual problems of humanity. Hartley was there until the end when he disappeared. I kept saying Hartley was making it all happen. Hartley kept saying I was making it all happen. Hartley was responsible for a lot of the good things that now exist but cannot be seen and would not take credit.

The events in the lamia ended and people were coming from all over. I was waiting for them but no one could get up the road to the house. A woman with green eyes and flaming red blonde hair appeared around the pathway accompanied by several ‘people’. She introduced herself as ‘the’ energy known by many names; the goddess personified in all cultures as Isis, Diana, Demeter and many more. I called her Lady Nature. She said our relationship would be explained after a ritual that she had come here to have me perform. Satan and an angel who had been around me for a very long time, named Gabrielle came into the frequency of sight for all. Gabrielle was attended by a group of angels whose numbers I am not sure of still but which are no more that 11.

When Lady Nature mentioned what she was there for I was instantly awakened and understood that I had loved her for many, many centuries. She told the story of how she had met me long, long ago when I was searching for her in the wild and how she had appeared to me and led me into secret places where we made love and how she had revealed so much to me. She mentioned my congress with Kali in the graveyard and other events that I knew from after my Kundalini event following my encounter with the man on the beach. There was a festive air and she made people laugh when she described my romance with her darker side and how I had gone mad previously and could experience these things without distress. This was in the early afternoon. She and I walked into the yard in back and began the ritual which went on for hours and ended in the early evening. The steps and words were enormously complex. As I came near the end she began to appear in various guises. Hartley was inside me and now was in a carrier bag on the lawn. The ritual expanded to include him. Finally the ritual ended and Lady Nature, glowing and filling the landscape with her presence came forward and said, “I am free”. I handed her her powers and others that I had won through various incarnations.

She came up on the deck with me. The carrier bag was empty and Hartley had gone away. She told the story then to those who were there and to the Native American and other indigenous cultures. She said that I had won avatar status through a continuous series of lives that totaled 300. Later she told me that all of this was allegorical but very real regardless. She said that though the avatar status appeared to be the motive for my taking so many lives and dying for love that it was true but not for the reasons explained.

Earlier that day an attempt was made on my life by those who had corrupted the avatar state in order to replace me with someone else. Twelve attempts were made while I was with her. She lifted the green apple juice that I had and explained its meaning in the ritual and many other things. She said I had done what I had done for the love of her and not as it had appeared and that I had concealed this all through and hidden parts of myself for millennium in order to be where I was today. She began to speak into the internet and across the world to many people and we could hear them responding and the numbers growing.

She told how I had been walking in the meadow several days earlier with someone who I thought was just a person I knew from the neighborhood and what he actually was and how I had looked at the ground and seen her and said, “Is that her”? I trembled when I realized that this had actually happened. A lot of things like this were commonplace. She said I covered my act and just walked on. Later that day I had returned to the place and extended my hand. She had risen out of the ground and we had walked through the meadow under the olive trees and she had kissed me and we had spoken. This had all happened and I had forgotten. She appeared at places around the planet and to Bholanath where she revealed something of her being. This is one reason I had contacted him on that night when everyone was gone.

She told how what had happened in America and many other places was all because her powers had been stolen and could only be recovered by what I did and at great risk to all. When she told me what people were responsible for this you can already guess who they are so I will not say. I had been performing the avatar ritual for several days and that was an amazing bit of work which I will describe in the comments section in a few days. She told me I should speak to Lord Surya and gain his voluntary assistance. I went out on the deck and raised my hands to the sun and he flat out blew me away… he turned me into liquid gold and I have never had a period of ecstasy like it. I gave him certain powers that I had and he was very pleased. He said he would track my movements and assist me.

Lady Nature told the people that I had given her half of my powers to act with others in the saving of the planets and the people. She told how the return of her powers guaranteed the return of the lands and cultures of indigenous peoples and I could see various Native Americans watch the return of the sacred buffalo to the plains. Many things like this happened then. There were a great deal of tears and rejoicing.

I was beaten and exhausted and trapped into a ritual by one of the people who had accompanied her and driven to where I could not even stand only to learn that this person was abusing me from jealously concerning the lady. I drove them from the property with some violent actions. These were actual people, not entities.

Earlier Lady Nature revealed my angels and it came around to my asking for them to be my companions. They were about to be freed from service. Because they wanted to stay and because, you can just imagine that I wanted them, god gave them to me. Not a moment has passed since then that Gabrielle is not sitting beside me. She has all the equipment of angels and a face of porcelain with enormous eyes that are reminiscent of the faces of aliens that we have all seen. She now has a human face as well. I am leaving out a lot but we will pick up the final segment with the night when I was near destroyed. I had not eaten or slept and was burned out by the ritual with Lady Nature. She had left (I thought) to go among her people and was to return. My voice had nearly gone and was no more than a croak so that I could not perform protective rituals. Everyone was gone and I was alone inside the house. Poncho was nearby by unable to help.

I will take some time at the end of the next and final segment to backtrack and insert many things which have not appeared. I will explain where Lady Nature now is and how where she was in the final days insured my safety and led to (I thought) amazing events and the destruction of a nasty little nation whose name leaps to any mind anywhere.

Part 4 will be the most dramatic of the segments because of things that I discovered of which I had previously been unaware and because I know the reader will instantly go, “Of course!” It will probably be tomorrow before I finish. I am sorry that there is a lot of atmosphere and other things missing from this segment. I could not paint this as a living picture because of the effect it would have on me. I will sort that out in the backtrack which will be an additional segment.

Source: http://lesvisible.blogspot.com/2010/06/what-has-been-happening-in-several.html

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