Satanist Insider Blasts Patriot “Arrogance”

Sheeple have the wrong idea about Satanism. Like Xtians, Satanists seek money, power, influence and all the things that make life worth living. We also seek spiritual advancement. Admittedly, ours is a very material spirituality, but not completely so.

Politically, we realized long ago that sheeple don’t want freedom – even when it’s thrust upon them! Originally Satanism fought for freedom until it was realized that sheeple live most happily in pens. We help them build their pens. We control them through economics, banking, the media, food supplies, pharmaceuticals, slogans, entertainment, music and dreams that only money can buy. But our most successful means of control are diversions and distractions.

Sheeple want security above anything else. We put them in cattle-trucks and take them to market. Like chess pieces on an international board, we move them around. It’s not like they’re an endangered species; hence the need to cull. Take that date without a year. The Pentagon is the most secure building on Earth, yet there were no radar records, closed circuit camera films released from all different angles tracking that jet from the horizon. Did any of the sheeple question this or did they just buy the story – hook, line and stinker?

In an earlier email you asked,

“If you have something to say, why not just say it?”

OK. I mentioned that whilst in Tokyo I met Kazuhiko Saitou (left) and that despite his years he’s a magician of promise. What was the reaction? He was called “a Japanese transexual (sic)” and “a…faggot” and people doubted what I said. What they do not know and don’t care to know is that Kazuhiko-san only dressed as a woman when he was a member of Antic Café. That’s what brought him to our notice. That was more than three years ago. His family has a rich Daoist history and Daoism has a largely hidden, but nonetheless rich and sinister Magickal component. He’s been studying and more recently we’ve been tutoring.

I advised that the cover story to the world’s banks closing down will be a computer virus. This was dismissed, despite the psychological effect such a closure will definitely have. Psychology is everything! The highest echelons of the judiciary have already been briefed.

So if I seem a little reticent it’s only because the truth is so shocking it won’t be believed. If I provided specific dates and I’m a little wrong it’s because sometimes the inexplicable occurs, occasionally reactions lag or like Graham Nicholson and Martin Daunton, they don’t follow instructions to the letter. That’s why I avoid dates.

A quick Internet search of the material I provided shows a dismissive attitude of arrogance based upon ignorance. And seriously, what have the sheeple done, except pray to their two thousands years dead Jewish saviour? Spit in one hand and pray with the other. Tell me which one gets full first!

So I’m not surprised that a tiny minority of citizen who are awake don’t “do” anything. I’m not surprised at all. The Narsagonan material emboldened the Alpha Lodge as, I assume, have my more recent emails to you.

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