Kabbalah – Blueprint for Gentile Genocide

henrymakow.com — Feb 28, 2016

Dees Zionist-war-mongers
We know the Talmud regards non-Jews as animals. In this eye opening article, Rev. Ted Pike reveals that the Kabbalah goes much further and blatantly calls for Gentile genocide.
The secret of genocide: We have been conditioned to associate “genocide” with Jewish victimhood but wars started by Cabalist (Illuminati) Jews and Masons throughout history have killed far more non-Jews.
Christian Zionists are rubes who are complicit in their own destruction.
Throughout history the aggressor (hater) pretends he is the victim of aggression (hate.) The aggressor is the cabalist Jew and Freemason (the Illuminati.) The rest of humanity, including many Jews, are being thoroughly gulled.

By Ted Pike — Kabbalah Root of Violence in Middle East (Abridged by henrymakow.com)

Kabbalah is an occult theology and practice centering around the superiority of Jews and their predestined purpose to dominate society.
While conservatives focus on the dark side of Islam, they take it for granted that Judaism is a benign religion of peace and tolerance. But if we are brave enough to take a closer look, we find a very, very different reality. Deep in the heart of Judaism’s sacred texts lie a set of twisted and chilling beliefs.
In the Old Testament, God is a conscious moral being. He has perfect knowledge of right and wrong, and He judges us according to our free moral choices.
Yet when the Jews were carried to distant Babylon in 587 BC by Nebuchadnezzar, they found a very different god. They discovered the pantheistic god of the east–a world force who is “great” not because he loves or is good, but because of his pervasive power everywhere.

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