Lifting the Veil on Our Debt Slavery — Feb 23, 2016

they-own-it-all-book-coverAre we, our families and everything we own collateral on the national debt?
“Everything you think you own has a hidden lien on it, and the banksters own the lien.”
Our currency takes the form of IOU’s to the central bankers. Why are the bankers creating a police state?
Do they plan to call in their IOU’s?
“You are no longer a sovereign citizen with inalienable rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. You wake up to discover that you own nothing.”

By George L. Gaboury – (November 2009)

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We’re lucky if once in a generation a shocking little book (like this one) comes along that clearly shows the major camouflaged mechanism contributing so much today to the devastating suffering of the world.
This book clearly show how the primary mechanism in question is fraudulent liened fiat I.O.U. notes created out of nothing masquerading everywhere as “money”, lent out by the trillions at interest from monopolistic international-banker owned private corporate creditor central banks to compromised bankrupted perpetual debtor governments and oblivious citizens world wide. As strange or complex as this may sound, the book clearly explains and demonstrates the truth of it.

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