Permanent Deployment Of Kalibr Missile Carrying Russian Corvettes In Mediterranean

Defense — Feb 20, 2016

Zelyony Dol fires a Kalibir cruise missile

Zelyony Dol fires a Kalibir cruise missile

The Russian Navy corvettes equipped with Kalibr cruise missile will be permanently deployed in the Mediterranean, a Russian Navy admiral said.

The vessels from the Black Sea fleet will continue sailing as part of Russia’s naval group in the Mediterranean tasked with supporting anti-terrorist operations in Syria, Commander Admiral Alexander Vitko told RIA Novosti.

“Yes, we’ll have rotations and all the new ships, including the Buyan-M project vessels, will see combat duty there,” Vitko told the Russian news site. “The vessels with will be tasked with a number of tasks that they can perform through a wide range of weapons.”

With a range of roughly of 2,000 km, the supersonic 3M-54 Kalibr missiles is small enough to be carried by submarines and small warships. Furthermore the missile is capable of carrying both a conventional or nuclear warhead and is able to penetrate the enemy’s missile defense systems thus changing the calculus of the reach and effectiveness of smaller navy ships.


Brand new Russian Navy patrol ship dispatched to Syrian coast

Rudaw — Feb 13, 2016

The Russian Navy has dispatched its new patrol ship, the Zelyony Dol off Syria’s Mediterranean coast. It is armed with hi-tech long-range Russian made Kalibr cruise missiles.

“The goals of the ship are not public but considering that it is carrying long-range cruise missiles, its participation in the military operation should not be excluded,” said a security source quoted by the RIA-Novosti news agency.

Russia first used its Kalibr cruise missiles in Syria last year. In October Russian ships in the Black Sea launched 26 of those missiles at Syria from the Caspian Sea almost 1,000 miles away. Some of which were visible in the skies over Iraqi Kurdistan, which had to close its airports, while they were en-route to their targets.

Additionally last December Russia fired more Kalibr’s into Syria from the Mediterranean.

The vessel Zelyony Dol was built last year and joined Russia’s Black Sea fleet in December. This week it took part in a large-scale “holding the coast” amphibious landing exercise.


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