What’s Wrong With Gays in the Military?

A Reader Writes:

I’m not gay, but I ask–what’s the problem? Homosexuals are among the world’s best killers, always have been, and Uncle Sam eagerly recruits expert killers. Alexander the Great was a swish. His dad, Phillip was ‘bi.’ Frederick the Great made no secret of his gayness. Julius Caesar was said to be “a husband to to women and a wife to men.” Some say the Confederate General D. H. Hill was gay. The Spartans—among the world’s best soldiers—encouraged homosexuality in the belief it encouraged men to fight harder on the battlefield. Homosexuals are everywhere, all the time. Personally I don’t see why anybody would want to join the bloodthirsty US military, but if gays want to, why stop them? If a bomb or bullet arrives at their position, it won’t stop to ask if they are gay or not.

Tim Connor

Henry Makow replies:

Recent moves to allow gays to serve openly in the army will undermine that institution. This is the real intention. Gays essentially represent an enemy within. Straight men do not wish to live in close quarters with gay men. Is anyone concerned about their rights?

They do not wish to face an external enemy while at the same time fending off sexual overtures from the rear.

Homosexuals will gain rank and use it to extort sexual favors. Discipline and morale will decline. Homosexuality is all about seducing straight men. Just Google “straight men” and you will see that.

Homosexuality is by definition an attack on heterosexual values. These values are necessary for an effective armed combat. They include courage manliness, and sacrifice for comrades, family and country. Homosexuality is not about family, or even country. By their own admission, many homosexuals are driven by a sociopathic resentment against society bordering on subversive. That’s why homosexuals fill the ranks of the Illuminati.

General John J. “Jack” Sheehan (born 1940) is a retired United States Marine Corps general. His final active duty commands, culminating 35 years of service in the Marine Corps, were as the Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic (SACLANT) for NATO and as Commander-in-Chief for the U.S. Atlantic Command (CINCUSACOM) (1994-1997.)

In March 2010, he told a Senate Sub Committee that gays serving openly have a debilitating effect. (See You Tube) He cited the Commander of the Dutch Army who blamed openly serving gays for the failure of the Dutch to prevent the 1995 massacre in Srebrenica of 8,000 unarmed Bosnian men and boys by Serbian militia. It was the largest mass murder in Europe since World War II.

Gen John Sheehan represents the true American male, the finest American fighting tradition. In the Youtube he is cross examined by the Jewish Senator from Michigan, Carl Levin, who clearly favors allowing gays to serve openly. This is the classic challenge Americans face today from organized Jewry in the service of the Illuminati. This challenge jeopardizes all Jews who are going to be blamed for America’s destruction.

Most of our “leaders” are Zionist-controlled. Barack Obama and Rahm Emmanuel are believed to be gay/bisexual Barry never had a girlfriend before Michelle, who is clearly a “beard.”

The Illuminati represent a Luciferian (satanic) principle which upsets everything that is natural and healthy using a spurious argument of “equal rights.” Of course, these “equal rights” apply only to tiny minorities as a means of subverting the majority. The majority is being robbed of their rights (and everything else.)

Things that are deviant cannot be treated as though they were normal, without doing immense damage to the normal. That’s the purpose: to undermine the healthy heterosexual norm essential for producing and raising the next generation. The Illuminati wants to transfer this function to test tubes.

Just as oil contaminates the Gulf of Mexico, the moral rot perpetrated by the Illuminati and their lackeys infects the soul of the West.

I don’t have an issue with individual homosexuals who behave responsibly. My issue is with the way homosexuality is being foisted upon heterosexuals by the Illuminati as a way of undermining society. This is evidenced in the m-ass media, education and public policy. The Illuminati are a Satanic cult, and we are all within their grip. They are psychopaths. Their agenda is to enslave us mentally, if not physically. The sooner we wake up to this bitter reality, the better.

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Source: http://www.henrymakow.com/whats_wrng_with_gays_in_the_mi.html