Tribunal Halts Zionist Complaint Vs Henry Makow

In a ruling dated May 26, 2010, Tribunal Member Edward Lustig adjourned a Section 13 complaint file by the Canadian Jewish Congress against Henry Makow until a final decision in the Lemire case.

[Makow insert: This is a great victory for the cause of freedom. If the Lemire case goes to the Supreme Court of Canada, it will probably take about 6 years. If he wins, that is the end of the Jewish Congress/Bnai Brith complaints against Lemire, Makow, Arthur Topham and other truth seekers. To support Marc Lemire’s case, send a cheque made out to “Marc Lemire” at the following address: Marc Lemire, 152 Carlton Street PO Box 92545 Toronto, Ont. Canada M5A2K1 — I owe Marc my freedom of speech and I will be supporting his case. We also owe respect and gratitude to his brilliant, tireless, dedicated lawyer, Barbara Kulaszka who also represents me. She challenged the constitutionality of Canadian “hate speech” laws and won.]

The Tribunal’s ruling stated:

[8] I have reviewed the submissions of the parties and have concluded that it would be appropriate and would properly serve the interests of justice if this matter was adjourned. While the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled in Canada (Human Rights Commission) v. Taylor, 1990 3 S.C.R. 892 that s. 13 (1) of the CHRA is constitutional, the application now before the Federal Court seeks to bring clarity to this issue in view of the distinct factual and legal context giving rise to this Tribunal’s decision in Warman v. Lemire. Clearly Member Hadjis’ decision goes beyond the consideration alone of the penalty provisions in s. 54 of the CHRA, as he chose not to “read out” the penalty provisions and preserve s. 13 of the CHRA. It is now up to the Federal Court to determine the operability of s. 13 of the CHRA. This will achieve the clarity that the Commission has indicated and that I agree is desirable in order to allow the Tribunal to be able to determine this and other cases brought under s. 13 of the CHRA.

[9] For these reasons I hereby adjourn these proceedings sine die pending the final outcome in the Warman v. Lemire case.“Signed by”Edward P. Lustig OTTAWA, Ontario May 26, 20102010 CHRT 13

What this decision means is that the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has stopped holding hearings on alleged violations of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Basically, enforcement of Section 13 has now stopped!

To understand how important today’s ruling was, here is a bit of background of censorship regime used by the “human rights” enforcers.

Canada’s Internet censorship legislation is broken up into two distinct parts.

1. Canadian Human Rights Commission
The first part is run by the fanatics at the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC). They accept complaints from the public, investigate them and send them onto an “impartial” Tribunal to determine if the person actually violated the act. (unless of course you’re a hate promoting friend of the CHRC, in which case, they toss out the complaint). Only the CHRC can send a case to the Tribunal. There is no direct access method.

2. Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
The second part is a hearing before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT). The Tribunal operates basically as a pseudo-court, and makes determinations on all issues before it. The hearing process is sort of free wheeling and made up as they go along. At the Tribunal basic human rights mean little. For instance, Truth is No Defence – intent is no defence. The complainant doesn’t even have to show up at his own hearing.

Think of it this way. The CHRC are the prosecutors and the CHRT are court.

What today’s ruling means, is that the CHRC will continue on in their mission of fanatical censorship and totalitarianism, BUT when the CHRC refers a case to the Tribunal, the Tribunal will adjourn the case “sine die”, until a final decision is reached in the Lemire case. That final decision might end up at the Supreme Court of Canada, and take up to 6 more years.

There is one other high profile case currently before the Tribunal. This is the case of B’nai Brith and Harry Abrams vs the Radical Press and Author Topham. It is expected that a decision will be released shortly also adjourning this case “sine die” pending the final outcome of the Lemire case.

By stopping the Tribunal hearings, the CHRT has signaled that it will not be putting respondents through a lengthy meat grinder like prosecution at the behest of special interest groups.

The Tribunal member in this case was Edward Lustig (left.) He came to light in a recent ruling in the Ouwendyk case, where he slammed Serial complainant Richard Warman.

In his March 13, 2009 ruling Lustig found that:

“Moreover, it is possible that his activity in this regard, could have precipitated further hate messages in response. His explanation for including other hate messages in his postings by mistake seems very weak to me.

“The evidence in this case of his [Richard Warman’s] participation on Internet sites similar to the Northern Alliance site is both disappointing and disturbing. It diminishes his credibility.”

In today’s decision, the Tribunal also left a nice parting shot on the CHRC. Tribunal member Lustig used the CHRC’s own press release against them to stop enforcement of Section 13.

The Federal Court Judicial Review in the Lemire case will be historic!