Vampire Bankers, Mr. Heinz Ketchup, John Kerry and the Payback Machine

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Money is retracting, like a Kung Fu master pulling in his testicles before a serious fight. (Accidental rhyming alert) did the money take off on its own, for parts unknown? Did the money disintegrate due to a lack of substance based on substance? Did the money change its name and go into the witless protection act? Actually, it’s none of the above. The bankers, who printed the money out of thin air, have taken the money out of circulation, except to shuttle it back and forth between each other and to conceal a large portion in order to buy compliance from the soon to be rampaging mobs looking to perform a Vlad the Impaler on their sorry, flaccid asses.

Former Bush stalking horse, Mr. Heinz Ketchup, John Kerry says that attacks against D.C. by disgruntled Americans, who don’t know how good they’ve got it, are hypocritical. They want their Social Security, Medicare and the Gulf Oil Cleanup but… I’m guessing, cause he didn’t say it, they don’t want to pay for it. He says the Democrats have to do a better job of selling the fantastic job that Obama-bo-bama-banana-dana is doing for these ungrateful, jobless and bankrupt citizens of the greatest nation under Israel or MagogkeNazi Nation, as you prefer.

The tireless public servant, John Kerry is going into business with Smokin’ Joe Lieberman I hear. I think it’s some kind of carbon tax scam. John’s down to his wife’s last few billion and Joe doesn’t even have his first yet.

I’m not going to go into all of the intricate details, which are made intricate by those using the confusion to engage in criminal activity. I’m just going to lay it out as a direct statement and you can assume it is true, even if there are other factors at work. When money gets tight, it’s because the Central Banks caused it. When the housing market crashes or any other financial problem occurs, the Central Banks, along with Goldman Sachs, or Wall Street, if you prefer, caused it. When war breaks out anywhere in the world it is because the Central Banks want to generate capital from financing both sides of the conflict. When any nation in the world is suddenly in serious financial trouble or on a breathing apparatus, due to the weight of crushing debt on their chests, the Central Banks caused it in order to loot the resources of that country without paying for them.

There are a few simple reasons why all of the complicated problems you hear about occur. Let’s look at the result first and then work backward. 1% of the population possesses 40% of the wealth and the lower 40% of the population (economically speaking) possesses 1% of the wealth. This is some kind of official number, so I suspect the gap is actually wider. I can say with some authority that it is certainly getting wider every day. Who owns all those millions of foreclosed houses? Banks own them. Did banks lose money making risky loans to these people whose houses they now own? They might have but the American people gave them bailouts to cover what might have been their losses. It’s hard to imagine these banks ever losing money (except for the smaller banks swallowed up for lunch by the Central Banks) because they can print more money out of thin air any time they want to.

Here is what happens. Vampires, lampreys, ticks, spiders, weasels, bats and other creatures drink blood. This shapes their philosophy. Profit has to be maximized. In a sane world there is a balance that is maintained and all levels of society manage to a lesser or greater degree. They do manage though. In an insane world, those operating the corporations and banks are required to squeeze every possible penny from every possible location; regardless of how this might upset the general balance. So, what you get is products produced for the least amount of cost, out of the cheapest ingredients, to be sold at the highest possible price. The boundaries of each of these conditions are pushed to the maximum reach so that those with too much can have more.

Along with this, lending institutions scheme out ways to apply penalties at every stage of the game in order to further increase profit. It’s a New York City kind of thing where you have to put a quarter in the meter no matter what you are doing, even if you are only standing around. Somewhere, in a high rise, there are numbers crunchers looking for a method by which to charge underground, homeless subways dwellers rent. They already want rent from people living in homeless shelters who might have some kind of a job somewhere.

I heard in the latest, Shape of Things to Come- ALTA Report that… BP is largely owned by Zionists. I didn’t know this. Do they own everything? It’s a good question. Forbes puts out the world’s richest list at certain intervals. How come The Rothschild’s are never listed?

Illegal Settlers in the MagogkeNazi occupied territories are doing wonderful things with their own version of Permaculture. It’s actually a retrograde version of the science. Apparently, bulldozing farmland, uprooting olive trees and burning orchards, is not fast or sufficient enough, according to the same concept of maximizing profit as it translates into hegemony.

If you have read the ALTA-Shape of Things to Come Report, payback is on the horizon. Coincidentally, very similar projections have been made here and at a number of other locations. I know that a lot of people do not believe that Mother Nature is an actual, living, conscious entity. They also don’t believe that the Universe is permeated by an awareness that is exceedingly cognizant of everything that takes place at any time. They don’t seem to get the meaning of the archetypes that have appeared, in striking similarity, in the philosophies, religions, legends and myths of just about every culture that has ever existed, including all of the ones that now sleep beneath the sea or are buried deep in the Earth.

Like a number of other people, in times that stretch out in memory into the unremembered past and who also exist in the present, I have spoken with Mother Nature, the awareness that permeates the universe and some of the aforementioned archetypes. It’s no big deal. You could do the same if you were inclined to put in the necessary effort and develop the medium of conversational exchange. What I hear is that a massive and convincing asskicking is on the horizon for certain groups of people on this planet. It appears there are two groups and one is much larger than the other.

One of the groups is vile beyond description and fully conscious of what they are doing. The other group is stupid beyond description and so fast asleep they appear to be dead. From what I hear, certain realities need to be brought to the attention of both groups and that’s not negotiable. The primary reality that needs to be brought to their attention is that they have been operating under the assumption that, on the one hand, they are in control of what happens and, on the other hand, appetite satisfaction and personal dream fulfillment are the only priorities on Earth. It seems that none of this is true and that it is important they are informed of this.

You can spin this any way you like and, by all means, continue as you are. There’s never been a time when any voice crying in the wilderness has ever reached into the cauldrons of the lower mind and flesh pleasuring emporiums, where most people spend their time. There’s never been a time when everyone looked at each other and said, “This is pointless, why don’t we find a better way and live, in service to and harmony with, one another?” Unfortunately for the majority, this is precisely the point of life and everything else is not the point of life so, when everything else predominates to the point that the other hardly exists at all, well, something has to be done about that. Something is being done about that as I write these words.

You are going to get a chance to wake up and change. My advice is that you take that opportunity and put your shoulder to the wheel of personal transformation with all the intensity and sincerity you can muster; even if I were wrong about this and… I am not, you would still be infinitely better off than you are now. When you can forget yourself in the service of others, you are going to be remembered by the only one whose opinion of you matters. Take it for what its worth.

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