Crisis Actors Used to Discredit Militia? — Jan 29, 2016

Apparently the FBI was live streaming a parallel “militia encampment” in Burns Oregon. At 1.20 min, the “patriots” are asked to sign talent releases.
If someone understands what this is all about, please inform us!

by James Farganne — (

In the pre-dawn hours of January 27, a wispy-bearded 20-something calling himself David began a series of live stream Youtube broadcasts from the Oregon standoff scene.
Ammon Bundy and other core members had been arrested that day. LaVoy Finicum had been shot dead. David claimed to number among the last remaining patriots occupying the federal sanctuary. As he and others repeated over and over, the “pussies” had all fled home.
The banter was rife with profanity. David and company chain-smoked cigarettes while vociferously professing their Christian faith and values.
With manic bravado, David gloated about his impending death. He broke into cockeyed, wing-nut “Christian Identity”-esque rants about “the false Jews” and “the true Israelites”.
Something was wrong with this picture…

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