Zita’s, Trumps, Migrants and Other Mosquitoes

Smoking Mirrors — Jan 30, 2016

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It is somewhat difficult to to find something to talk about. The news is filled with Trump de Dump or the usual goings on, at a distance, as people in the Mideast kill each other to fulfill the Ersatz Israel Agenda, or are transformed into refugee migrants who have been told the promised land is Northwest and they have the coordinates. That last hasn’t gone so well for everyone except Israel but… things usually don’t when it is a choice between Banker Crime Syndicate Nation and everyone else. They have received a little alarming news. Apparently there is a Tribe of Black Jews from Nigeria, called the Igbo or something like that and I think, since they live in Nigeria that they are thinking about that right of return. We have seen how well Israel treats their black fellows of the faith, like the Ethiopians.
We don’t really want to talk about Israel today and any bad thing we do talk about are somehow connected to Israel.
We should mention Trump a Dump and his Rope a Dope. People are emailing me about my perceived (grin) lack of support for the Trumpster Dumpster. People are sending in comments and doing what looks like guilt tripping me into liking, or at least tolerating the Trumpster because, after all, I like Putin and Trump likes Putin.
Let me set the record clear here on Putin. I never came right out and said, “Oh golly, Cheez Wiz, I just love manly Mr. Putin. What I said was that I admire what I see him doing and that he seems a lot more capable and honest than the other politicians and we are both on the same side of the argument about many things. I also said that he could be a total Satanist for all I know and that I only know what I have seen and heard. I have had a couple of unusual encounters with Putin, one supernatural and one having to do with the blogs. The first I experienced so I know it did happen, if only in my imagination and the other I was told happened, so I don’t know that at all. I applaud what Putin does because they are what I would do in his position. That doesn’t make him right and it doesn’t make me prescient. It could make him wrong and me delusional. Certainly, most in the West don’t agree with me because they accept what the Zionist-Jewish owned media tells them. The truth is that I don’t know enough about Putin to give him my unqualified support but I do know that I support what I know about him, far more than I support anyone else. The rest are obviously corrupt and I really support his law about not propagandizing to the youth about gay lifestyles, especially where we see that it has led, in the US, to sex change operations for prepubescent children. By any moral standards, that is sick AND… when we investigate who is behind this issue and all gay issues in the West, we see that it is almost entirely atheistic, Zionist Jews and there can be no counter argument because this is easily discovered, on the financial end AND on the propaganda end and it is a testimony to their effectiveness, financially and otherwise… and to the fear they generate that can ruin your material ambitions if you open your mind and worse, open your mouth.
Thankfully, speaking only for myself… we here are not afraid of them because they can neither take from, nor deny me, that which is far more valuable, priceless by comparison, than anything they can deny me and which… they have effectively done but… so what. I’m not here for that.
As for Trump, let me be blunt. I have never seen a raging megalomaniac, who was also a billionaire and whose fortunes depended, at those times he went bankrupt, upon the good graces of bankers, who has profited country he came to lead. I have never seen one that was both a bombastic demagogue and a ravening Xenophobe and-the aforementioned- who plays on the misinformed fears of a nation, that went on to be a good thing for that nation.
I have given up on expecting the populations to possess, either the intelligence or objective awareness required, to create an environment where honest and capable people could be elected to public office.
Today I see mobs of previously sane and even informed people who have turned on the Muslim world simply because they have become convinced that it is Muslims that are doing all of these things instead of seeing that they are done by Israel and their bankers and the politicians of the West who use the Muslim people as stooges and scapegoats. It is they who arranged for the migration of testosterone fueled and sexually repressed youth from specific countries into Europe, so that the atrocities performed and which they were set into place to perform, could be performed. Of course they did this. They set in motion the wars and want …and they set in motion the migrations and their catamite politicians effected it …and their catamite media trumpeted it.
What is that cognitive disconnect that exists in the minds of those who can put aside all they know about men like Trump and simply throw their hat in the ring in support of him? What is that selective memory which makes it possible for them to put out of their minds the behavior of all of their politicians over the last decades? It is hope is what it is. They hope it will be better. They can ill afford it not getting better, so it must… but it does not and it will not until the whole atmosphere which tolerates all the corruptions that led to this state, where they suspend what they know in hope of hope, is done away with and transforms into something better.
Trump is hope in the form of a used car salesman. People think he’ll pull some kind of a Reagan out of a hat because; look at all the money he made for himself. Surely he can make some for us. They think success breeds success. It might do, if your father was rich, like Trump’s father was. They even think that success can transform across platforms, like from the economic platform to the political platform. They think because a man is rich, or seems to be rich, that he is free of the influence of bankers; forgetting that Trump has gone bankrupt and was at the mercy of bankers and forgetting to inquire after how much Trump owns that is actually Trumps. Also… look back at his life of privilege. How does this speak to the interests of the commoners?
They see him skipping a debate and going off and raising money for veterans. Things haven’t changed for veterans in decades and this is because of the cost of the program, like health-care and social security. I suspect that there is also the awareness that anyone stupid enough to fight and die in and for a banker war, is too stupid to organize against the ugly and unfair policies effected against them and any country in which enough people see how unfair it all is and don’t react, deserve what happens to them. I’ll admit it is a difficult thing in these times. Look at what happened to the occupiers in that wild life refuge. The government sent operatives into the public and activated types they knew would respond, to launching a media blitz against the occupiers. Telling them to get out of their county and go home, among all kinds of other things. Anyone who doesn’t think this and other things of the kind weren’t going on is a fool.
Anyone who thinks the Zika modified, previously dengue, mosquito happened by some natural evolution is a fool. The number one priority of those who run the governments of the world is population shrinkage and while they are at it, creating a permanent servant underclass.
It’s a good question; “Well… if not Trump then who?” There will be nothing of what you want, or strive after, or hope after, until the people at the top of the pyramid are gone and the one who influences and controls them has been sent back to Hell where he belongs. My suggestion is that one should think less of Trump and the other miscreants, than they do about where they are what they are up to. Sudden and swift changes are on the horizon and they can render where you are much more difficult to translate out of or… you might be fine. I couldn’t say.
Perhaps Paul Allen should run for president. He’s got eighteen billion dollars and a 300 foot yacht named Vulcan that he sends out to vacation spots to look into charity concerns that he really, deeply, truly gives a shit about and not just cause it pays for his yacht upkeep. He’s run a successful spy operation that vacuumed information up about competitors and turned into a gold mine. Surely he could make you and me some money. He has some kind of Cayman Islands op that looks into reef concerns, while at the same time, his boat damages a reef section right about the same size as his boat. I wonder if that is a kind of zero sum game? Does anyone think that Allen addresses the corporate causes of reef disintegration or is it all part of the Global Warming thing?
I would consider if what Trump proposes would actually benefit the country at all, since neither the Mexicans or the Muslims are behind the things they are accused of. That is Israel and her Satanic associates world wide. Has he said anything about taxes on corporations and the wealthy? Has he said anything about off shore money? Has he said anything about the manufacturing base? Has he said anything about vast gulfs of separation in wealth? Has he said anything about the stock exchange and Goldman Sachs and the bailouts? Has he said anything about all the gratuitous wars? Has he said anything about how banking and corporations are behind this; not to mention Israel? Has he said anything about how Israel did 9/11? Since he is all so honest I would think he would have addressed all kinds of things like these AND if he did say anything about them; what did he say? Has he talked about anything that is actually the cause of anything that he associates it with? Is he just as cynical as I think he is and did he just pick the issues that he picked because he knew they would resonate with the put upon zombie population, far and wide?
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