Is Cdn Leader Stephen Harper a Jew?

Even Jews find Stephen Harper’s pandering to be “creepy.” In 2007, Toronto Jews were miffed to get Rosh Hashanah greetings from Harper’s Conservative Party. How did they know I was Jewish? they demanded.

Last year, Harper’s Conservatives distributed pamphlets suggesting the other parties were anti-Semitic for criticizing Israeli actions.

Harper is so pro-Jewish, some Jews are wondering if he isn’t a crypto Jew himself.

Stephen Joseph Harper is directly related to the bloodline of a German Jew, Hin(man) Johnston born February 5, 1825. Harper’s wife, known as Laureen Teskey, claims roots from Ireland, a short staging area for Jews who went to the USA and Canada.

The name “Hinman” was taken by Jews in the Germanic countries to circumvent the restrictive laws that began in 1790.

We have the privilege of witnessing the fulfillment of the centuries-old Illuminati conspiracy, the project of Illuminati (Cabalist) Jewish bankers to take control of mankind. The Illuminati tend to be part-Jewish, better to infiltrate other groups. Among the world leaders who fit this description are Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, Putin, and now possibly Harper.


Being Jewish is not a problem. But it is certainly relevant if you pretend to be “Christian,” and then pursue rabidly pro-Zionist policies favored by Illuminati Jewish bankers.

One of Harper’s first acts was to declare the Hamas and Hezbollah “terrorist” groups, reversing decades of Canadian neutrality. That meant cutting off financial aid to the people of Gaza.

In 2006, the Israelis destroyed a UN observation post killing four UN personnel, including a senior Canadian officer. No problem, a Harper spokesman said. The UN post was “shielding” the Hezbollah.

In 2008-2009, Israel inflicted a “collective punishment” on residents of Gaza, massacring 1300 people, mostly civilians.

“Hamas bears the burden of responsibility. This history of Hamas is to use civilian infrastructure and civilian populations as shields for their terrorist activities,” said Junior Foreign Minister Arthur Kent, rejecting any suggestion that Israel’s response to Hamas’ homemade projectiles had been disproportionate.

Is this the way real Christians speak?

No, as we shall see, Evangelicals or Christian Zionists are another front for the satanic New World Order. They use their “family values” message to enlist millions of conservatives to the Zionist and NWO agenda.


In a new book “The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada,” veteran reporter Marci McDonald asks when will “Canadians wake up to the reality that slowly, covertly, the political process is being co-opted by an extremist vision of Christianity…”?

She is referring to the Evangelical belief that Israel must first rule the world, then be destroyed in order for Jesus to return. Then 144,000 Jews and Christians who accept Jesus Christ will be whisked to Heaven while the rest of the human race is destroyed. Millions of Evangelicals subscribe to this nonsense, which apparently equates with support of Israel.

McDonald has touched a nerve. Her book is being ravaged in the national media and she is being called a “bigot.”


A revealing detail in McDonald’s book exposes the Christian Right as a New World Order front. Incidentally, I support their pro-family policies. My point is that these policies are used to catch and manipulate people into supporting Zionism.

Around 2005, a man named Charles McVety, the President of the Canadian Family Action Coalition started a think tank called “the Institute for Canadian Values.” It was funded by a $250,000 grant from a retired trucking magnate named Sydney Harkema.

McVety said there are hundreds of think tanks on the Left, but on the Right, there is a void. So who does McVety choose to head the ICV? Joseph Ben-Ami, an Orthodox Jew who’d been Bnai Brith “point-man” (i.e. lobbyist) in Ottawa and “a top operative” in the campaign of Harper’s predecessor, Stockwell Day.

The Bnai Brith is a Jewish Masonic Order, a major instrument of MI-6 and the Illuminati. The Masons are behind the liberal-left and favor everything the Christian right opposes, especially homosexual marriage.

(This information is from an early version of McDonald’s book, “Harper and the Theo-Cons” p.12)


Obviously, the Illuminati don’t care about policy. They care about power. They gain power by being their own opposition and by monopolizing all points of view. This way they manage minds and events. Many members of the Christian Right are sincere but, as with most groups, the leadership is not. I suspect the entire Christian Right is a put-up job, a Trojan Horse for Zionism and the NWO.

Politics is a charade. We have no real leaders. They all represent the Illuminati bankers.

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