Sabbath’s Goy

Discrimination is an intrinsic and important part of the Jewish religion as practiced by Pharisaic Rabbis – all of them in other words. Simply, they base it not on the Bible, but on the horrific Talmud. “Let’s rape and rob, ‘cause tomorrow…” seems to be their dogma. Recently I published an article named God’s Clowns: On Jewish Sabbath in which I reviewed some of the tricks designed by these rabbis to fool themselves into believing they fulfill the Mosaic Law. A friend contacted me afterwards and commented on a case of discrimination one of his friends faced while in Israel. Due to some sensitive issues, the name of this friend and the involved company in Israel won’t be published here.

For some reason the West is oblivious to Jewish discrimination in Israel toward anybody who isn’t a Jew (and who is a Jew?). Moreover, discrimination between different Jewish communities is common. Maybe the reason for this indifference is the misconception that the discrimination is applied towards Palestinians and not towards Europeans or Americans. Why should enlightened Europeans care about that?

In The Cross of Bethlehem there is a detailed description of the exploitation of the Druze people in Israel. In the army they are restricted to certain units; very notoriously to the Interrogations Unit of the Military Intelligence. In the civil society they are often use as Sabbath Goy, a term referring to a gentile used by the Jews to perform actions forbidden them. I won’t repeat the descriptions appearing in The Cross of Bethlehem , but want to add now an example of an European citizen abused in a similar way while working in Israel.

Peter – citizen of a major European country – was hired by an Israeli company in the semiconductors market. He installed for them pipelines needed for the sputtering and epitaxing of semiconductor materials of the newest kind.

At first everything looked fine; though after a while he found that the payment for his work was about one third of the wages of the Israelis. The jobs were preferably given to the Israelis, no matter what the pricing was; if the Israelis couldn’t perform, he was called in. As a free bonus, he had to endure quite a lot of negative remarks besides the treatments because of his being a German. Charming.

Moreover, he was used as a Sabbath’s Goy, being called for working on Saturdays, while the Israelis were exempted of that. By the way, this interpretation of the Sabbath Laws doesn’t stand even the lightest scrutiny of the Bible. Moreover, in the buildings he had to use on Saturdays the lifts that were programmed to stop at each floor, while his Israeli masters used the other ones that would go by demand to the appropriate floor without any stop. When he asked about this, he was said to keep his mouth shut.

Peter – a pseudonym is used here – took the job as a repayment of the guilt that his grandfather might have done to the Jewish community in Bohemia. Yet, in the party made in his honor in the last day of his job, he said: “”I am a German, who have worked here for one and a half year. I am proud of being a German and on my father. His name is Adolf. I feel myself a bit akward, as I have installed here in Israel a gas system for poisonous gases. I came here as an idealist, and I am returning to my great country Germany as an anti-Zionist forever, thank to your nazi-like treatment of foreigners, that have to work in a type of slave labour for you. I will never return to this country, thanks to you.”

A popular interpretation between Palestinians is that there is no point in fighting Israel; the racist state would just destroy itself given enough time. In this little event we can see they are right.