The Timeless Beauty in the Heart of Simplicity

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Jan 27, 2016

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Well there’s Ronald McDonald. There’s Donald Duck and then there is ‘The Donald’, who is kind of like a combination of the first two, with some pieces missing. He’s inspiring in a way. I now believe that if I went out on the streets of this town and shot somebody in the face, I wouldn’t lose any readers. Of course there would be a downside to the whole affair.
Today I wound up at one of those sites, a pro-Donald site and there were all these people extolling the virtues of The Donald. They were talking about how honest he is and how- nobody could buy him off because he has his own money- and the bankers hate him (uh huh). It is almost like this has never happened before and, truth be told, it has happened over and over again.
They’re whooping it up in the back room of the Malamute Saloon, singing a ragtime tune, baying like loons at the full of the moon, while the dish runs away with the spoon. The truth is that the man is a perfect expression of the times. After all the lies, deceptions piled upon deceptions and they keep on going like the Energizer Bunny; people just nod their heads. They are like Whiffenpoofs, flying in ever tightening circles, until they disappear up their own assholes. It’s classic. It’s tragic. It is unspeakably sad and there is nothing I can do about it except watch. There is no doubt in my mind that this man is a walking nightmare but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye and that is bad enough already.
A small amount of impartial inquiry will reveal some interesting connections. The trumpster has actively supported Democratic issues over the years and is tight with that community along many lines. Of course, politicians are whores and never so completely as they are in the moment. These are the days of full time misdirection and legerdemain.
Consider the magnitude of what a buffoon this man is. Consider the arrogance and rank vanity, the sense of entitlement and privilege; that special atmosphere of me, myself and I. Consider the state of one intoxicated by their own perfume and the idea that they can do anything they want and say anything they want and because of their having gotten away with pretty much everything, that they will continue to get away with whatever …and how that presses them into challenging this possibility with ever more reckless statements and actions, until they fully believe that they could go up to a stranger on the street and shoot them in the face and it wouldn’t make any difference. You know what? Why not?
What is getting missed in all of this, is that this outrageous caricature is all a put-up job. It’s about splitting the Republican ticket in such a way as to hand the election to the Clinton Crime Family. Sure… there’s that looming shadow of the Tribemeister, Sanders …but that could well be more smoke and mirrors. Could be? Is. In these times, nothing is what it appears to be unless you have that rare example of the dispassionate, objective awareness …and then things are just what they appear to be… but who could you tell about it? You are, that lonely voice in the wilderness, crying out with the pebbles of Demosthenes’s in your mouth, so it is all garbled and incoherent, against the sound of the sea that roars just beyond the reach of the trees that grip the Earth at the cliff’s edge. You know there is nothing you can do but watch; one of billions that twist and turn in a shadow dance, flitting images of temporary forms… in a dream.
From my perspective, Trump is a cartoon, just like the last one; Mr. Came Out of Nowhere with the Muslim name. They are laughing in your face, as they apply their Eugenics program world wide, with the vaccines and Zika viruses, the wars, the poisoning of food products, the water. There’s no need to list these things again. They’ve been listed often enough. What can we do? The Bundy’s knew what was happening. They knew about Reid and the others who intend to steal the land in their cozy little deals with the miners and developers. How much money does Reid already have? It’s not enough. Imagine how painful this is. Imagine what it must feel like to have too much and it is not enough. Here’s a secret that shouldn’t be a secret but it is. There is only one solution to all these manic cravings; all these unbearable hungers and that is to let them go because all these hungers are the same hunger, diversified into a hundred thousand hungers, for one thing after the other and none of them will satisfy. The one thing that everyone learns in their futile pursuit of lasting satisfaction …is that no satisfaction lasts.
The rich learn all kinds of lessons. The powerful learn all kinds of lessons. The beautiful learn all kinds of lessons. The cruel learn the lesson in their cruelty. There is no form of behavior that does not come with a lesson and we all learn whatever the lesson is, because the lesson comes programmed into the process. It’s automatic. It could be so easy if people simply would accept the inevitable and embrace the absolute truth that there is NO satisfaction that can be had apart from the ineffable. The ineffable is the supreme enjoyer. One could find satisfaction in everything they do if they allowed the ineffable to enjoy it within them. This is the essence of Tantra; not all those silly magics and sexual hijinks that hypnotize the weak into believing that they have accomplished union, while placing themselves further and further apart from union.
If one would only accept that their highest destiny is surrender, they could have everything in the best possible way, because the ineffable knows the perfection of everything within itself. The ineffable IS the perfection of everything within itself. What we are talking about here is not religion, or any of the variations of spiritual possibility, belief or presumption. This is practicality is what it is. This is being supremely practical and utilizing applied common sense. It is pragmatical. It is no nonsense pragmatism. Physicists have already proven that everything is made out of the same thing. It is all the same thing, compounded by variations at different vibrationary rates. If one knew the means and… there are some who do, they could change anything into anything. Paracelsus once made the announcement to all the scholars, scientists and pundits of his day that he would reveal ‘the first matter’ to them. On that day they all gathered in a room and Paracelsus brought out a silver chaffing dish (drum roll). He lifted the cover and there was a turd. Paracelsus had taken a shit there previously. Of course they were all offended, which is typical of pseudo intellectuals and all the sorts of people who take themselves seriously. Because of the nature of their severe limitations, of being unable to accept the truth, regardless of the cost of to their ego, they find the price to be greater than what they are willing to pay. Paracelsus was absolutely correct. The first rule is to separate yourself from the object of your inquiry. See the truth outside of the filter of your separated false self.
If we accept that the divine is a reality and that the divine lives within us and can express through us, to the extent that we permit it, then there is nothing which cannot be accomplished. If we can comprehend that satisfaction is possible to the degree that we allow it, the shining sun of the almighty will reflect upon the face of the moon of our being, in a passive mirroring of that beautiful source, the essence of all things; the Alpha and Omega and the timeless wonder of this moment we are in. There is the joy of the unspeakable union of the one and there are the countless alternatives of dissatisfaction in the world around us. The world around us is a projection of the world within. If the ineffable is given the opportunity to shine the sunlight of his joy through the unresisting heart and to let it reflect from us into the hearts of those we encounter at EVERY juncture, we will be a contagion We already are a contagion of what we imagine to be true, or what we have accepted to be true, across the length of our interchanges with each other. We see clouds upon the face of the sun because we have obscured it within, or we see a cloudless sky because we have stepped out of the way of our own beauty. At all times, we are either transparently in love or blocking our light because we have been intimidated by something. It is permissible to be in love and most especially because it is the ineffable that we are in love with in everyone and everything.
Here is the simplest consideration. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Why would anyone who is sane, align themselves with anything else? It is the ultimate pragmatism. It is the enduring bliss and final perfection of all that is possible in life. It is also inevitable. It could take millions of lives but it is inevitable. A wise person and a sane person will expeditiously seek to achieve this condition because it is inevitable and… because there is nothing like it. It is the penultimate experience with no equal. It is the simplest thing. Even an idiot can do it. All you do is love and your enthusiasm becomes the bellows. It turns you on and the result is that you turn others on because it is contagious. It is true magic with no spells or potions.
Because it is unlike whatever you may have been doing previously, it requires effort to achieve constancy. This is how the ineffable weeds out the insincere. Should you prove to be true, even if you are inconsistent and limited …but yet you are profoundly committed, despite your not being equal to the task, the divine will see this and at some point the divine will come forth and flood your heart with the real thing and stun you with the enormity of it and you will realize you could never have come to this state on your own; no one does and then with profound humility, as genuine as it gets.. because the experience of it is as authentic as it gets, you sink deep into state of endless love and it transforms every particle of your being into a resonating, harmonizing, thundering reflection of the ineffable’s heartbeat. Let this be true… of me and you.
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