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Smoking Mirrors — Jan 26, 2016

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Good morning! Good morning! Good Morning! … or afternoon or evening, as the case might be. “Say goodnight Gracie!” We’ve been thinking about long skewered and revised historical events (so called). Principally we have been thinking about The Old Testament and the bloodthirsty god it celebrates who ALWAYS comes down, scripturally, on the side of a certain band of blood-soaked revers. Oh… there’s plenty about unfortunate circumstances that always make these people out as victims… here’s the odd thing; these people got thrown out of, pretty much, every country in the world but… when you go to read about the reasons given, you never find much. What is interesting about this is that… if you are a focused and painstaking researcher, the reasons always turn out to be the same reasons. They got tossed by well over a hundred countries that they migrated into, sometimes more than once. The reason was always about MONEY and the control of it, supply side-wise and the siphoning off of a nation’s riches. This is not in dispute and present day evidence of this is so overwhelming as to be inarguable.
Recent revelations (cue Mr. Apocalypse) show that the people in the Old Testament were not the people who presently claim to be those people chosen by this bloodthirsty god; the people who delighted in burnt offerings and… well, what kind of a legitimate god appreciates and revels in the incense of burning flesh? What kind of god appreciates decapitated chickens spraying blood all over the place as a protection against what?
It seems now that all of this history was actually the history of other people and that this history was stolen from these other people to put forth undeserved claims of bona-perfidity about things that never happened; at least to them. Now… your persistent researcher at this location, has discovered the source of the powers and legacy of this particular band of illegitimate usurpers of true historical record, of which, at the moment, no further evidence is necessary. Cast your eyes back some thousands of years to Chaldea and Sumeria… back even before that. Cast your eyes back to the burning of the library of Alexandria (which was actually after this). There was a time when Chaldea was the remaining reservoir of what was left of the magic and starborn technologies of Atlantis and Lemuria. You can’t get this information unless you have the opportunity to read the works of occult historians and mystical writers in general.
What is called the Kabala, is the distillation of Atlantean and Lemurian processes that were in the possession of these cultures, back before they sank into the ocean. These came from visitors from the Arcturian sector and the Sirius Cluster, as well as The Pleiades and even yet more locations. If you are a truly intrepid researcher, then you have found associations between Scientology and the Mormon religions… however far afield from the truth they may be, if you have an allegorical bent and you know the difference between green and red lions, alchemically speaking; what dragons actually stand for and a host of curious mythical symbols that are not what you get told they are, you know what is being said here.
So… back in the time of Chaldea’s decline, a contingent of Sneaky Pete types, managed to steal certain secrets that had to do with angelic languages; personified in the Sacred Magic of Abremalin the Mage and other curious texts and which had to do with Gematria and the transposition of words and numbers to reveal what is otherwise concealed. Ageless wisdom is one thing. Ageless Evil is another. The more materialized the world becomes, the more all the residents of that time are susceptible to the blandishments of compromised magnetic and electrics …as it has to do with the basic drive which is the sexual urge… or should I say demi-urge? Never mind… moving right along. Keep in mind a little graphic I will give you now, by way of illustration. Consider the sexual zone of men and women and the mental area, we’re supposing from the neck up but… these days it would be a presumption to assume where the seat of anyone’s mind might be (Visible! I’ve got Tinder on the phone. They want your bio and profile.) Anyway… that was a mere digression. The fact is that men and women are electrical in the one zone and magnetic at the other and… opposite at either, complementary end. This accounts for just about all romantic love, no matter how you dress it up. Back then- as it is right now, packaging is the key. The contents may or may not contain the capacity to light up your world, or… maybe you should just cut a hole in your mattress and fuck that, while she lays sleeping and dead to the world of your imagination’s interplay, right beside you. Can you wake Sleeping Beauty? That remains to be seen. “Oh pardonez moi, I thought she was an American.”
This brings me to the Biblical plagues which from what I have gathered, did not happen to the Egyptians but rather the people who changed the story afterwards and we are about to see some measure of these returning soon. See… that bloodthirsty god is not a god but a demon and there is a real god (sorry I didn’t capitalize that… the ‘one’ gets a little miffed when I get too laudatory. The ‘one’ hates vanity.)
It is possible that there is an amount of readers who come around here and think that I am smart and well informed and I would say, “compared to what and whom?” The truth is that I am borderline stupid, or I would have gotten a lot of this earlier. So it goes. In my own life I have had a number of accidents that made no sense to me. Sure… it seems they happened. They didn’t happen as they were reported to happen but then… injured parties tend to amplify the extent of their injuries. When you go back and assess what actually did and did not happen, you find that the principal concern of the offended parties was WHAT DIDN’T HAPPEN… only the fear of it. In my idle moments, I have pondered what happened to me in Mexico and India. It made no sense, either time and I have not had this type of occurrence take place all the rest of the time, as many who have visited me will attest to.
It was the strange affair of Hawaii that finally made me pay attention, where I have not done so before. The truth is that I have a self-image problem and I never associate myself with being valuable, important or necessary. See… I was there in the early forging of my character. I know how I was treated so… I can’t put any bells or whistles on myself. It is not in my nature. I am your humble servant and that is why the shit that happened, happened, so that… some things that afflict many others was not allowed to take root in me.
Before I left for Mexico, I felt this very uncomfortable burning sensation. It discombobulated me so much that I lost my baggage and a hard drive that I was bringing for those I had come to see. On two distinct occasions I remember the same white van parked near me and how I remember is that the sign painting on the van was washed out and almost unreadable but… they didn’t put as much attention into the big calligraphy S toward the back of the van. In India, this fellow showed up who was my lorry driver. I trusted him and many times I left him at the table and went to piss or something and noted how strange I felt later on and how he insisted on staying with me at my apartment. I remember him bringing me drinks and smiling at me and getting all animated and excited at points, which didn’t really register at the time because… I am an ingenue. I am one of those Pollyanna types that always thinks what I see is what is. I have adjusted my framework of understanding since and the last thing this fellow said to me, after we drove to the Chennai airport the morning of my departure was him saying, “I am sorry. I am so sorry. I had no choice.” It never occurred to me to consider that afterwards., until recently.
Fast forward to Hawaii, early July, right around the 4th as I remember now. For at least a couple of weeks I remember being woken up in the middle of the night by this low bass hum and I remember going outside to piss and physically feeling this force coming at me from the house about a hundred yards away. It hit me in such a singular fashion that I went over to this house no less than three times and found the house abandoned but… it had lights in it on the nights when I had these experiences. This puzzled me but I always tell myself I must have imagined it… or whatever the arguments are that one gives themselves. I come across this link yesterday and it has bedeviled me since. True… this could be, again, only my imagination, which is extremely powerful …and I am kind of used to that. I am not saying that I am right or wrong about this. The truth is that I don’t know but… on the morning just before shit went wrong in India, I awoke to hear the cows mooing and the chickens and even other voices suddenly morphing into saying, “visible. Visible… over and over.” It can be cause for wondering.
I got hit very badly in Hawaii. I got hit so hard that my memory of events to this day is murky. I see a shadow now that is approaching from my right and as I turn… it all goes blank. I’m not saying that this is what happened because I don’t know but… so many similar events are strange indeed. There is also the feature of my mind where, if something doesn’t make sense, I worry at it like a dog at a bone. I’ve had a few girlfriends who have told me that I should have been a district attorney. I have problems with letting things go until I understand them.
Now… my take on everything is that the ineffable is in charge. Even when the shadow engages events that occur, I KNOW the ineffable is behind it. By this time, my read… is automatic. I really do trust the divine that much so… sometimes I am less that comprehensive. Trust is good but knowing why you trust is better.
Well, you can make up your own minds… you will, of course… but… for me it has been mind-blowing of late. So many parts of the puzzle seem to come together recently. Probably the worst influence is my poor self image. I just can’t seem to get my head around being important enough to fuck with but… apparently I am… as it seems to be at the moment.
One thing I can take away from all of this is that when I am told certain things and then, according to the dictates of reason and logic, juxtaposed with intuition… it all comes together, well… that is something to think about.
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