Doc Who Harms No One Is Punished, But Docs Who Killed Can Practice

In typical hubristic fashion, the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) has stripped Dr. Sarah Myhill of many of the functions required to care for her patients, while allowing doctors who have killed patients with sloppiness, lies, and egregious errors to continue in practice. She harmed no one, and no such accusation was made. Not a single patient has complained.

The more I look at this case, the more clear it becomes that Dr. Myhill is being persecuted for holding views outside mainstream corrupt medicine. She is not a full supporter of vaccinations. Pharmaceuticals are not the first thing she considers in treatment. She thinks about what she does, rather than following the party line. Those are unacceptable qualities in modern medicine, and any doctor, no matter how well qualified, can expect to be punished for them.

Doctors Who’ve Killed Are Allowed to Continue Practice.

Dr. Myhill practices conservative medicine. As her website states, her goal is “Empowering you to recover your health”.

While she effectively loses her license to practice, the GMC has allowed other doctors who have killed patients to continue. Here are three cases:

* Andrew Hall, cut through the windpipe of Beryl Walters during surgery using an experimental technique that he’d read about while in the army and had never done before. He did not inform her that he’d be doing it and didn’t let her know the risks involved. When it became obvious that Mrs. Walters was not doing well and getting worse, he ignored the complications. Even after tests showed that air was collecting outside her lungs, he refused to seek advice or take any steps to correct the damage.

Mrs. Walters died of both the botched experimental surgery and Hall’s refusal to take appropriate steps to help her over a month-long period during which she deteriorated, but might have been saved.

Andrew Hall is still practicing.

Dr. Nigel Heaton and his Kings College surgical team went to India to do a procedure that was not approved by the NHS, a live adult to live adult liver transplant. Rather than waiting for a viable donor, they encouraged the wife of a man with liver disease to donate part of her liver. Apparently, they didn’t clarify the risks, but painted a rosy picture, saying that her liver would grow back within two weeks. Instead, she end up on life support. Her husband died of sepsis two weeks after the transplant.

Neither the wife nor the rest of the family were informed that about 1 in every 100 donors dies. They were also not informed that Heaton and his team were not experienced in live-adult-to-adult liver transplants or that they’re more dangerous than adult-to-child transplants.

In spite of having concrete evidence of wrongdoing, as the BBC filmed the procedure, the GMC did not take any action against Heaton. The GMC did not even bother to investigate.

On another occasion, Heaton transplanted a liver into a private patient from a middle eastern state, rather than a British child on the NHS. This runs contrary to NHS rules, which require that NHS patients have the first option on donor organs. In spite of the fury of other doctors, the GMC hasn’t even looked at the incident.

* Dr. Jane Barton overdosed patients with opiates. One witness stated that it was to keep them quiet.

At least 12 of her patients died from the treatment, and as many as 100 may have.

The GMC decided that her previous 10 years without a known problem and the support of 200 patients were taken into account in allowing her to continue to practice without limitations, though they found her guilty of serious professional misconduct.

In contrast, more than 800 letters from the patients of Dr. Myhill were considered of no value, and her nearly 30 years of practice without problem were considered irrelevant.

The Complaints Against Dr. Myhill

Two accusations were made against Dr. Myhill. One was by another GP group, who complained she recommended that a patient be given Vitamin B12 injections to treat chronic fatigue syndrome. This was not a recommendation made to the patient.

The other accusation was made anonymously. He posted on the website, Bad Science, stating that he’d made the current complaint. The level of humor exhibited by the complainant is prepubescent, as exemplified by his comment in his discussions of the issue on Bad Science, “Those who live in glass houses should masturbate in the basement.”

Please note the the previous paragraph has been modified to reflect more accurate information. It previously stated that a standup comic had made the accusation. Rather, the complainer had quoted the comic.

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