Hitler: Israel is HQ of Future Jewish World State

henrymakow.com — Jan 24, 2016

Hitler memoirs of a confidantSA and was Hitler’s constant companion from 1930-1932. Wagener’s memoirs reveal that Hitler clearly understood the Masonic Jewish banking conspiracy yet chose to serve it.
He attacked its appendage (the USSR) instead of its heart, the City of London. This is more evidence that Hitler was an Illuminati agent and false opposition.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

According to Otto Wagener (1888-1971), Hitler said in 1932 the Jews wanted Israel not as a “homeland” but as a “worldwide Jewish headquarters.”
They “intended in time, [to use their] international financial power — to seize absolute control of the destinies of all the peoples in the world.”
He said the ultimate goal was a “the expansion of the League of Nations into a kind of world state.”
“Then, if this world state [were] able to wield military might… as a world police — then Judah will finally have stabilized its financial power in the world.”
” [This will be] guaranteed and secured by the… international military force into which the oppressed are conscripted to to serve their oppressors. That is the meaning of Palestine!”
He said this will fulfill the promise of the Old Testament: “‘All nations shall be subject to you , their kings shall serve you.'”
He said “This financial power would be broken once and for all by our idea of [printing] currency” but world Jewry and its myriad allies in industry and commerce will oppose this measure. That’s why Hitler swore his confidants to secrecy. ( Above quotes, pp. 187-188)


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