Auschwitz crimes suspect, 95, faces trial

Introduction — Jan 19, 2016


Last year 94-year-old Oskar Groening was convicted for his role in alleged mass murder at Auschwitz. No matter that he only testified to guarding prisoners’ baggage after they arrived at Auschwitz and collecting money from the new arrivals, before counting it and sending it to SS offices in Berlin.
It earned him the title the “Auschwitz bookkeeper”, and even though he was just following orders it was enough to have him convicted as an “accessory in the murder of 300,000”.
Now the Holocaust Industry has found another candidate for its latest show trial. This time a 95-year-old will be put on trial for his part in crimes committed at Auschwitz while he served as a medical orderly there.
For any other crime that would be enough but not for the Holocaust Industry. It doesn’t want justice it wants vengeance and it wants that retribution to be as public as possible. So another old man is about to be hauled before a show trial for his alleged involvement in events that many historians still dispute.

Auschwitz crimes suspect, 95, faces trial

Staphanie Halasz and Emily Smith — CNN Jan 19, 2016

A 95 year-old German man will go on trial next month for crimes allegedly committed during his time as a medical attendant at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland, a district court in Germany said in a statement.

The man, identified as Hubert Z., is accused of being an accessory to at least 3,681 murders over a one month period in 1944.

Anne Frank and her family arrived at the notorious Nazi camp during this time, the statement said.

The prosecution alleges that the former SS member was aware killings were being conducted on an “industrial scale” at the camp.

He previously spent four years in a Polish prison for crimes committed at Auschwitz during a different period of World War II.

It is unknown if he’ll be fit to travel for trial, the statement said. Court proceedings are scheduled to start on February 29.

German courts typically identify defendants by their first name and the initial of their last name.