Caught up in a Dream on the Borders of Nightmare

Visible Origami — Jan 18, 2016

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We try to be about optimism here. This isn’t always the easiest thing, either long or short term. Long term it is hard because life is fatal. Very few of us achieve immortality in any of its various permutations and that is partly because of the times we live in, where the greater potentialities of life’s possibilities are overshadowed by Materialism and all of the chaos and confusion that this engenders. It’s worse than you think it is because Materialism is also a terminal process and until it gets to where it is actually imploding and collapsing… or whatever terms you want to use, it often seems like it isn’t happening because you still went to sleep in a bed last night and you woke up in one this morning and there’s food in the refrigerator… no guns were going off in the streets (in most places) and… yadda yadda. The extreme conditions and changes that come upon us due to our collective faith in and enjoyment of the superficial and trivial, happen incrementally. It sneaks up on you and one day… it’s there. We could say that in this January of 2016 we are seeing the seed pods of the year opening up and revealing the shapes and colors of what they will grow into.
The oil glut is producing international economic havoc and now Iran is about to flood the market with half a million barrels a day. In one Michigan town there is a gas war going on and gas is 49 cents a gallon. Flint Michigan has a serious water emergency. The rapes and molestations are epidemic in Europe. The stock market is turning into steroid Donkey Kong, Chutes and Ladders or something that needs to remember that it is always more likely that something which is up will go down because of the nature of the force of gravity and… there not being any countering force other than resistance, coupled with design, unless you want to get metaphysical. Of course we are being allegorical but we tend to see things allegorically anyway and we are ALWAYS watching trends and how they are managed and or manipulated by whomever seems to be in charge of that sort of thing. Davos is coming up and the gap between rich and poor is becoming pornographic. Obviously, the world is going to change in dramatic fashion and the outcome of all these changes is not something any conventional wisdom seer or pundit will be able to predict with any accuracy. As we have said here a number of times, we are in uncharted waters.
The economy of Puerto Rico is in freefall, due to mismanagement, greed in all the wrong places and especially due to rapacious bankers, who… along with collective ignorance, are the biggest enemies of human survival that exist. You can throw in corporations, religions and governments but they are all run by bankers. The ability of bankers to continue to operate as they do, must be curtailed, dramatically and permanently by whatever means are necessary because there is no way that they will have some kind of epiphany of conscience. There is no way that they will cease in their malevolent and Satanic behavior unless they are forced to. They will literally destroy the host body upon which they feed. Not even the survival imperative will influence them one wit. They are insane.
For myself,,, I am staying away from large cities and employing a conscious frugality with the assets I don’t possess, except in amounts less than what is required to survive on the manifest plane. I do have the advantage of a profound trust in the ineffable. I don’t even know how it happens. It mystifies me. I have less than what I can see is required but somehow, due to some form of invisible magic, it has all worked out to the moment. Gratitude is obviously called for.
Judging from appearances, which I always caution against but which none of us can avoid with any degree of consistency, the next two years will see the world transformed, for better or worse, more than it has in the last two thousand years. The I Ching has a hexagram called “Difficulty at the Beginning.” We are in the cusp position of the turning of the age and that means sweeping and massive change before it stabilizes or goes flying off the rails. Since everything is a projection of the mind, the most important defense against total disorder is the quality and focus of the collective consciousness. Meanwhile, those in power, ruled by agents of The Dark Lord, are pressing from every direction for chaos and disorder. This is so visibly evident that you truly are a fool if you do not see it and many do not see it. They are caught up in a dream on the borders of nightmare.
As we have often said, destiny and fate are individual things, except when they are collective; meaning when portions of humanity are in lockstep toward specific ends. The latter is of a kind that one sees during tsunamis, earthquakes, wars… all the forms of natural disaster and orchestrated disaster. You might think of what happens when hundreds of people, who don’t know each other, get on an airplane and it crashes. You might think of it as forms of sympathetic resonance, when seemingly dissimilar people all vibrate in unified harmony, or disharmony, with a shared Karma that has placed them in or taken them to some kind of group Samarra.
In recent days, I have awakened each morning with strong feelings of a positive nature. I cannot account for this. There is no evidence that I can point to which would justify it but nevertheless… it has been happening for some time now. At night, when I go to bed, I will often be awake until dawn before I have a few hours of unusual dreaming and some rest. This has been going on for awhile too and I don’t seem to need more sleep and I am not tired. I spend those hours in two states. One of them is an intense yearning for the ineffable and the other is a state of calm immersion in a love exchange with the ineffable and, of course, interactive conversation is taking place much of the time. I am often reassured that everything will be okay but I am never told if this means ‘me’, or generally. It is surprising and not surprising. It is surprising because my situation, as it exists in the moment, has no clear diagram of certainty in environment or economy. We have been told there are things we can do but we haven’t been able to get to them yet. It is not surprising because we have been having similar experiences for months and recent years. Some bad things have happened in this period but they don’t seem to have had any effect on the mindset and communications going on. It is almost as if they happened to someone else, until I see the physical evidence of it when I go to engage in things that were previously free of the complications that came about from these bad things (like chewing my food)… still… all of this goes on in stride too, as if whatever the annoyance or limitation might be, they don’t really matter.
I’m not sure if anything of value got communicated in that last paragraph. I mention it in passing because of the ever increasing turmoil of the world. For some reason, I don’t believe any of this relates to me.
Some mosquito from Brazil is causing infants to be born as pinheads. They call it microcephalic. Someone from a visit there showed up in Hawaii and had such a child only a few days ago. Now they are talking about it spreading in Hawaii. Just before I left The Big Island, there was an outbreak of Dengue moving into certain neighborhoods. One of them was only a couple of miles from where I was living. Apparently there is some kind of affinity or similarity between the Dengue mosquito and this pinhead virus. Gratefully, up to the moment, all of these sorts of things bypass me… or have been doing. Other things, things much harder to comprehend, have not bypassed me but at least they are not regular events. We are so vulnerable on this plane and much, much more vulnerable than we were even a short time ago. Change is on an exponential course. Change is on steroids.
The more events and conditions proceed as they have been doing, the more any sane or intelligent person should be considering intensifying their relationship with the ineffable. It is most of what goes through my mind but… I have always been inclined that way, anyway. I’m very… very grateful for that. I am so grateful that there are no words that can sufficiently define how grateful I am. This landscape of the manifest is not only a dreamworld, it is a temporary dreamworld. I find it hard to find any justifying logic that presses on me to consider investing in it, outside of in the hearts and minds of others. Some of us do seek a synchronicity and harmony with others and that is most always achieved through some unity of heart and mind.
As you can see from the links given, all does not appear to be well and there were dozens and dozens of links that could have been placed here. However… you can find all of these on your own and we like to emphasize the positive here. We like to be optimistic so… there’s less bad news than there might have been, believe me.
One really should ask themselves what their deepest connection is with. One really should consider whether they are making the conscious effort to unify with the most real and enduring features of their own being. Whatever mistakes any of us have made, aside… since change is so profoundly upon us, one thing we can do is to choose what changes we personally embrace, most of the time anyway and regardless of how much any change might impact on us, the most important feature of the outcome will rest on where we placed our faith and attention in the process. I can’t speak for anyone else but… for myself, I don’t believe anyone can ever have too much contact with the ineffable. I can’t think of… well… I could sit here all day and try but… I can’t think of anything more important than thinking of the ineffable and calling out for inspiration and guidance. I certainly wouldn’t want to get it from anywhere else.
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