Grief-Riding in the Empty Shells of Stolen Cars

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Jan 17, 2016

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We notice that a lot of people are joining in the chorus of outrage against the Senegalese, Sudanese, Somali, Syrian and other refugee, migrant types (who are seemingly the main offenders) and whose nationality does not begin with an S. We notice even relatively informed and intelligent types getting all hot and lathered about the phenomena of European women being groped and raped and otherwise abused by knuckle dragging troglodytes… we’re not going to dispute that these individuals who are in a minority are not human in any precise definition of the word, no more than we are going to gloss over the suppression of black on white crime statistics as they exist in the light of reality. We do concede that there are any number of forces that contribute to the latter and so it is not as black and white as it appears (grin).
The truth of why the former and the latter are what they are are the direct result of the intentional efforts of men like George Soros and the Rothschilds and other confirmed Satanists that operate from the top of the pyramid of political and social influence and who seek after the conditions they have created by fomenting war in the Middle East and thereby generating the migrant hordes who are invading Europe AND who are facilitating these migrations; directly facilitating them and also controlling the responses of the political leaders in all of the affected countries. If you are looking for a culprit, these are the real culprits.
The same Satanic emissaries are the clandestine forces behind the rise of Trump in the opinion polls. People go on and on about how this bombastic ego maniac tells the truth but how deeply have you investigated these alleged truths and how objectively have you inquired after the effects of actually employing these truths in the cultures where his influence will impact, should he be shoehorned into the highest position in the land? Regardless of any and all of this, there has never been a time when the interests of the greater body of the public are a primary concern of billionaires who are also under the inescapable sway of bankers. This should be obvious even to borderline intellects but people, even intelligent people are generally and routinely swayed by what they hear all the time from compromised media, which even though they see it happening right in front of them, still do not believe on a visceral level that they are being lied to all the time. They know at a certain level that they are being lied to but at a deeper level they don’t believe this is really possible.
Perhaps you have heard about this sleazy mouthpiece from CNN who said something to the effect that there should be international raping of white women. This skell has been around for awhile and CNN took no action concerning his statement. I don’t think I have to state who owns CNN. Perhaps you have heard about the black professor who called for the killing of white people, or the Pakistani intellectual who cried out for the same, or any number of others who have done likewise? No actions are taken against these people who are employed by the media, or academe or other, so called legitimate areas of employment and wide influence. The same people are behind this as well. They wish to orchestrate race wars around the planet. This is not because they believe this will result in wiping white people from the face of the Earth. It is in order to create chaos and disorder so that Draconian laws can be passed that result in a ubiquitous police state and world war. Actually Soros and the Rothschilds, Netanyahu and the AskeNAZI psychopaths and all the other willing and unwilling participants would also qualify as white people, were they still people instead of the empty shells of stolen cars. There is no humanity resident in them anymore. I have no certainty that there ever was but I won’t categorically state that this is true. What I will state is that in the present, they are no longer human. One must behave as a human to deserve that sobriquet.
The truth is that the majority are tools; willing fellow travelers who measure the value of their personal gain over the well being of all others. If anyone needs clarity about the essence and source of all of these terrible ills that are assaulting the well being of humanity, look no further than his Satanic Majesty. In this case, all of the individuals and collectives so engaged, from Soros and sundry to Bilderberger, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Committee of 300 and all the rest of the possessed, including the Vatican and the Crime Nation of Israel are all tools, even when they are conscious and willing participants. Even when they do evil for the sheer joy of their performance of it. Anyone who has the idea that evil will ever prevail in any semblance of totality is a fool and therefore a tool.
The appearance of evil ascendant in unopposed continuance is a lie. It exists as it presently does, in it’s seeming form, as a ubiquitous specter, simply for the purpose of demonstration and that demonstration is for the singular purpose of illustrating not only what we have become in our willing surrender to the command of that specter. It is also what it is to illustrate what happens when one does not submit to the command of their own lower nature. It is the wheat and chaff syndrome spoken of in the Bible. It is a literal demonstration of “but since ye are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I will spew thee out of my mouth.” The quote doesn’t go on to speak of the two singular destinations for the hot and cold but use your imagination.
As disenchanted as I am and have been with organized religious heroin, I believe utterly in the essence of what it misrepresents and have not the slightest doubt in a creator and that is matched only by my certitude in the impossibility of defining who and what that creator is. In order to see God you must be God, or as Bawa put it; “man god god man”. The very fact and observation of someone like Bawa proves there is an ineffable. To see a man who was well over a hundred years old with the face of a young boy and a visible luminous corona around his form is evidence enough; not to mention the power of his discourses and he is not the only one of the kind that I encountered. I met one beyond even his station and- no doubt- there are others even beyond that.
I am not the only one to see holographic Buddhas in the flowers and foliage, as well as various personifications of the goddess in various locations. Such experiences come as affirmations of faith for those with the zeal to pursue the visions and the vibrationary levels of consciousness whereby such manifest expressions appear. Manifest may not seem to be the appropriate term but they were seen by the senses, once the senses had been raised to the level necessary to perceive them. There are those who live in wild places in India and other lands who are capable of such experiences at will. There are mysteries that attend the human expression that are unknown to those submerged in the magnetic force of the Kali Yuga. The understanding of these mysteries leads to an unveiling that impacts upon the heart and mind to the extent that they are never forgotten and also lead not only to initiations but also to enduring relationships with entities which reside on much higher planes than the ones that present day humanity usually inhabits.
One need only the desire and drive toward these ends to generate the experiences necessary to bring the results sought after. One does need persistence and endurance as well because otherwise they will come upon that meadow of which Stephen Crane spoke, where they discover that every blade of grass is a sharp knife and they will say to themselves, “doubtless there is an easier way.” There is not. It is true that at times that an incomprehensible grace descends on some but you may be certain they went through all that was required in some previous time. If one could only get even a slight glimpse of the wonders and joys that are possible for those who persist and will not quit, the heart and mind would be absolutely overcome by the experience of it. One hears of the ecstasy of saints but these are only words in the minds of those who have no idea what this is like.
Therefore what do I care about the evil and appearance of evil done here in these times? What makes this possible is not simply the infernal king and his minions and not only those like Soros and all the other inhuman perversions of the human state. It is amply and powerfully supported by everyone who bends the knee to the darkness out of the desire for profit or under the whip hand of fear. It is the collective mass that makes so much of this possible but the cost of it applies only to those so engaged. Whatever suffering may be endured by the better agents of the ineffable among us is for reasons other than punishment.
Love is a fire and one of the deeper agendas of a higher love is to burn away our dross so that we might dance in that fire rather than burn in the torment of denying the necessity of freeing ourselves from attachment to all the things that keep us here in the first place. We all decide what is important to us and we all realize the value of that, as it is revealed to us in the time we spend here for the purpose of discovering exactly what that means.
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