Our Brilliant and Super-Efficient Intelligence Services of Today

My, how wonderful our security and intelligence services are.

Admittedly they messed up a bit on 9/11 when they were caught out by a gentleman in a cave and his boxcutter-bearing accomplices……but let us admit that it was terribly unlucky for them that the terrorist attacks took place when the entire US military was busy pretending to attack itself.

How unfortunate was that.

……but look at the quick recovery made! They named the ringleader within an hour of the attacks and identified the rest of the gang within a few days.

Well done!….and well done again!

We really don’t deserve you.

Many of us in the U.K. can remember the bad old days when I.R.A. terrorists would blow us up and attack our police and military. In those dark days our ‘Security Services’, whoever they may be, rarely caught the culprits (it’s hard to believe, I know).

Attacks seemed to come out of the blue and usually no one got caught.

After the biggest outrages (Birmingham and Guildford) it turned out that our defenders we so clueless that they felt they had to go out and arrest and frame completely innocent persons, just to save face.

How times have changed! For the last years there has hardly been a terrorist event where the criminal (inevitably to be convicted as charged) has not been caught within a day or two.

……and here we are again. A ‘suspect’ for the Times Square bomb is in custody as we rise from our beds this very morning.

About 36 hours.

……slipping a bit but not bad, not bad.

Has the world ever been a safer place?

Hurrah for our brave heroes I say!

Hurrah! Hurrah!
Source: http://kevboyle.blogspot.com/2010/05/brilliant-and-super-efficient.html