Final proof? As bone and claw are ‘found on Mars’ UFO hunters declare ‘aliens must exist

Introduction — Jan 4, 2016

Images taken by NASA's Curiosity Rover. Are these bone fragments on the surface of Mars? Click to enlarge

Images taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover. Are these bone fragments on the surface of Mars? Click to enlarge

As we’ve noted before there have long been stories of an ancient human civilisation that existed on Mars. In fact according to GI Gurdjieff, one of the 20th century’s most influential esoteric teachers, Mars had been humanity’s home planet before human civilisation there was destroyed.
Thereafter humanity started to incarnate on Earth because, according to Gurdjieff, Mars had been rendered uninhabitable. And note that he didn’t say humanity had been transported here by space ships but that humanity began to INCARNATE here. There is a difference: one is a physical-mechanical process, the other is a spiritual process.
Moreover, the destruction of the Martian civilisation wasn’t the result of an “alien” attack. Rather it was a combination of humanity’s own mistakes and wrongdoing, coupled with the workings of higher powers, which ultimately led to planet wide disaster on Mars.
We reserve judgement on whether these objects offer proof of this. However we suspect that many more such anomalies will be found on the surface of Mars in the coming years. Meaning that if we ever do get round to launching manned missions to Mars a treasure trove of anomalies could be found, prompting a dramatic reappraisal of humanity’s origins. Ed.

Final proof? As bone and claw are ‘found on Mars’ UFO hunters declare ‘aliens must exist

Jon Austin — The Daily Express Jan 4, 2016

Separate videos posted to YouTube by Martian investigators have laid claim to the discovery of proof of alien life in images taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover – a space probe currently exploring the surface of the Red Planet.

YouTube channel Martian Archaeology is claiming the credit for the bone-like object, which could realistically also be an odd-shaped rock.

But Scott C Waring, who promoted the video on website UFO Sightings Daily, is convinced it is the bone of a once-living being.

He said: “This bone was found by Martian Archaeology.

“It is an extraordinary find and near a lot of half-melted artefacts.”

He went on to suggest he could see parts of weapons such as bows and arrows and an axe.

Mr Waring is convinced a vicious war between Martians and other lifeforms once raged on the Red Planet before a nuclear-type bomb finished everyone off – hence is current barren status.

The self-styled alien investigator, whose New Year message was that his brand of science was finally being taken seriously an full alien disclosure should soon follow, has found a host of “other items” himself in different NASA rover pictures.

An alien claw? Click to enlarge

An alien claw? Click to enlarge

Most notable are an alleged alien claw photo bombing one of the rover’s pictures, and an ancient temple like structure.

So what is actually going on here?

Ask Mr Waring and any of his cohorts and they will swear blind all these items are as they appear – especially if you squint.

More sceptical folk point out the array of weapons, temples, bones and living beings all seem to be an identical colour to the rocks next to them, and there are similar strange-shaped objects around that do not resemble anything on Earth.

Put plainly, the scientists say this is one giant case of pareidolia – when the brain tricks they eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes in patterns or textures such as rock surfaces.

Despite this, we are expecting more of these finds into 2016.