Raelians Define Illuminati Agenda- Ex Cult Member

I´ve read Steve Thomas’ articles about the plausible connections between Rael and the NWO. I came to the same conclusions about 4 years ago. I used to be a Raelian guide level 4 and responsible for the country of Sweden.
When I started to see the connections between Raelism and the agenda of the elite, I quit the movement and wrote a book about my experiences.
You can find it here for free.

STOCKHOLM—The term “Illuminati” is spreading like wildfire across the world, and people are gasping and widening their eyes to something that seems so unbelievable that it literally becomes unbelievable!

Youtube is filled with videos claiming that Michael Jacksons´ death was somehow plotted and executed by this super secret elite, and Obamas “Yes we can” speech is reversed and suddenly becomes the salute “Thank you Satan!”.

Now this is the average teenagers’ view of the Illuminati and it makes them paranoid and at the same time give them no choice but to ridicule the whole thing. The curiosity and the search for more information stops there and the global agenda for world domination carries on like nothing ever happened.

I am a high school teacher in Stockholm, Sweden and I can see this kind of information taking hold of our youngsters, leaving them confused. At the same time they ridicule me for believing in UFOs, an experience that haunts me from my days as a cult leader.

Yes, I used to be regionally responsible for the Raelian Movement in my country, and I appeared on national TV, talking about the Raelian vision of a future where everyone will have cloned biological robots for everything, especially sex!

I promoted a world where all religions would be replaced by atheism, where all nations would finally become ONE under a world government.

With dreamlike gaze and frantic conviction, I told the Swedish population that our race is actually a lab-product made by advanced extraterrestrials coming from a distant solar system somewhere in our milky-way galaxy.

I convincingly advocated the view that God is a fantasy and that the human soul is a joke. Eternal life is to be reached through cloning and the true Gods are the E.Ts, who will come to earth to save the just from destruction.

Well, a lot has happened since I made these public appearances. Nowadays I feel sorry for the kids in my school who are growing up in this climate of not knowing what to believe.

Why? Because I know that UFOs are real; I saw one myself when I was in my early teens. And when it comes to the music industry and the political arena, I know it is all corrupt, that it is in reality filled with brainwashing and mind control.

But how are the poor kids today going to understand that this is fact, not fiction. Kids of today cannot, with all of their dysfunctions, read works by Albert Pike, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bertrand Russel, Carroll Quigley or any other author from the elite´s own stock.


I was a Raelian for ten years of my life and I was put on a path coinciding with an agenda that is most commonly known as the “New World Order”.

There is a new day dawning for the world, like Obama chanted in his election campaign, but it is a dawn where God is dead, and man becomes a machine whose soul has been replaced with an implant from the Verichip-corporation.

It is a future controlled by alien technology – yes alien! – it is alien to us, the people. The trinkets that we are given to play with are obsolete. The earth is dotted with underground bases, making it look like Swiss cheese. In these luxurious facilities, black budget money in the trillions is wasted on military projects that would appear as magic to any cashier or university professor.

The agenda of the Raelian Movement is strikingly similar to that of the globalists.
The cult itself might have been created to lead people in a certain direction. If the media is used for propaganda purposes, then why shouldn´t the religious communities be infiltrated and utilized as well?

This is just a theory of mine, and I can´t claim that this is the way things are, but I have gathered some tantalizing information from various sources that makes this claim look plausible.

In my book “The Masonic Messiah”, which is really just a compilation of other peoples materials (the credit is not mine), I try to give some examples of why the Raelian Movement might be a pawn in the game for world control.

It is available online as a free e-book

Source: http://www.henrymakow.com/raelians_define_illuminati_age.html