How we Weave our Spider’s Web

We’ve talked a little about sexual force and its applications in recent days. All the force in the universe is a modification of the sex force, from the magnetism of the planets in their passage to the programmed operations of ants as they go about their business. It’s one force in our world that can express itself both as freedom and bondage and produce clarity or confusion. It can propagate a species and is a medium for both mortality and immortality. It can make you stupid and weak or it can make you wise and powerful. It’s all in the intentions and what it gets turned to.

Everything we have in this dream world is a representation of what we have in the real world; our parents, our family, our lovers and our friends all exist there. What we are here, we will be there. No one goes anywhere and suddenly becomes enlightened and free of all concerns. You go as you are when you leave and you go to the place that best represents what you are in environment and company. If you don’t get it done here you won’t be getting it done there. It’s the sex force that can elevate you into the real world or thicken the density of your dream.

The major problem with nearly every major religion is that they present God as something apart from you; above you, beyond you and not possible to be understood by you. This puts the priest class into the position of being required to interpret it all for you to the financial benefit of the church and its representatives. As a result, scripture has been rewritten in such a way that it conceals instead of reveals and renders the most important and telling truths into forbidden zones and corridors of evil. Number one on the deliberately misinterpreted list is the sexual force.

I have to get a little autobiographical again because it is from personal experience that we are best positioned to speak on something. I’ve read a lot of books and I’ve found things in my life that reflect what I have read in books but personal experience has proven to be something more than I got from books.

On the night when my kundalini awakened at a cabin in the Virginia woods, I had no idea of what was happening to me. I thought it was witchcraft at the time; not that I knew anything about witchcraft either. I could fill a book with what happened that night so I’m going to stay within the parameters of the sexual side of the equation.

The first thing I noticed was that the force was female. I also noticed that my entire body was silhouetted by a green electric aura. Was this just the color of Nature manifesting or was it the visible evidence of my particular ray? I don’t know. The power of this energy was astounding. I could tell some fantastic tales in this regard and there were witnesses there but I don’t think that serves a purpose in respect of our subject matter, except to say that we generally have no idea of the amount of force that is contained in the kundalini.

For the next three years my body was clenched in a state of dynamic tension in order to contain this wild energy. It made me very strong and it made me very strange. This female energy is raw Shakti; the energetic side of the Shiva/Shakti interplay. It is a devouring force. It is a consuming force and you can think of the serpent swallowing its tale in this regard. It is the source of the power exercised in certain forms of magical practice. It is the fire of immortality. It is a Hell bitch if you can’t ride it, which is why it has to be performed under the control of a master.

On the manifest plane, if it is not properly channeled it will look to express itself sexually and there’s not much it won’t do, given the opportunity. It will certainly drive you mad and that is a necessary feature. It will consume your former identity and everything you were and knew will be gone. There wasn’t any me after this happened and… there never had been. After this I noticed that whoever I was around, it was their features that I felt in my face. Telepathy came as an automatic accessory.

One either learns to control this force or one is in a whole lot of trouble. Individual destinies are just that so there is no predicting what will happen to anyone in such a situation. You might say that one of the most identifying features of this force is its unpredictability.

This force can go in two directions and each direction is composed of levels. Expressed outward it manifests as progeny and also as the forms of magic that create and manipulate the illusion side of existence. It often goes in both directions and that accounts for people with power from one direction employing it in another. This is what you see in operation with world leaders and powerful public figures but more potently so in those who are controlling them.

When we are sexually attracted to someone on the manifest plane we are actually being attracted to the divine. There is a Hindu teaching which has to do with the inability to see Rama because Sita is walking between the observer and the god. One cannot see Krishna because Radha is walking between. One of the biggest dangers of the world is glamour and it is in a defense against this that causes certain elements of Islam to carry things too far; Christianity as well. Balance is always the key. Passion is of critical importance in gaining the attention of the lover but passion is also the key problem in maintaining balance. It’s confusing and this essay may not be helping (grin).

Basically it comes down to this. Everything- absolutely everything- is composed of the divine and therefore everything has divine qualities but they cannot be seen unless one has the power of the eye of the eagle. Otherwise the scorpion will simply sting itself to death. Every living being is an expression of the divine. Everything that is and is not is composed of the divine who also interpenetrates it and is apart from it but still connected to it.

Everything that is manifest or which can be perceived as something apart from something else is a lie and a form of bondage and all of this is engineered by the sexual force. Liberation is achieved when one can focus their attention only upon the divine as everything and concealed in everything. You must think of god as your lover because what else will you do with your physical passion? All your energies have to be drawn up. The world will surely draw them out and that is why one should marry if you can’t send the whole thing top side and why you must see and celebrate the presence of the divine in every one; even in the seemingly most evil among us. The point of this is that you are then contacting the divine within them and their power to perform evil upon you is removed. The idea that you must love everyone has connotations to it which are other than what is generally implied and usually misunderstood. It’s actually a form of spiritual self defense.

Sexual fluid can be considered as having the same composition as a spider’s web and with the same efficacy. Things like prayer, chanting and various austerities are mechanisms by which the energy is drawn up to illuminate the higher centers. The material world is the alternative magnet for this force and in certain times (like now) of omnipresent materialism is can be a rough go to swim against the prevailing tide.

One thing I notice whenever I am eating around other people is that I never see anyone saying Grace. I always say Grace and not just because I am grateful. The reasons that we do things and the reasons we have been lead to believe are the reasons that we do things can often be something different than we think they are. Especially in these times, we are not motivated or inclined to look deeper. We’re more likely to be engaged in a masturbation extension with our cellphones. It’s all sex.

Look at the practice of sex in the insect and animal kingdoms. Observe it in the human kingdom and notice that the sex force refined expresses itself in more and more articulate forms of love. Art is a good example. Service to ones fellows is another. Take it to the next step and imagine what this means in the higher realms above this one.

I Don’t Love you Anymore


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